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This first article submitted by my cousin, Deb. Thank you, Deb. 23 August 1927
   The 50th Anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Frye was 
observed at their home on the McNinch farm in West Finley Township, 
Thursday, Aug. 23rd. The home was nicely decorated in yellow and white for 
the event. There were present about twenty-five including Wesley Frye and 
family, Will Frye and wife of West Alex. section, Clyde Frye, daughter and 
wife, Rev. and Mrs. C. R. Wick and son David and Miss Emma Taylor. 
There was a fine big Wedding cake on the table. Mrs. Frye who- is a daughter 
of Abijah and Mary Tustin Cole descendent of a line 
of German ancestry and noted for their cooking, prepared the dinner. One diner 
said of it, the viands served were quite appetizing and indicated that the 
high type of culinery art of the old pioneer settlers of Green County had not 
been lost by the posterity. Mr. and Mrs. Frye had resided thirty years at Fairmont
WV and the past fourteen years in West Finley, he having followed the 
occupation of farmer. Rev. Wick asked the blessing and the most interesting feature 
was the historical sketch given the assembly off hand by Miss Emma Taylor. 
The facts had been handed down to succeeding generations and the excellent memory 
of Miss Taylor, relative of Mr. Frye aided in the presentation in well chosen 
words.  Harvey is a son of Henry Frye whose father Peter Frye is also grandfather 
of Miss Taylor. Peter Frye was married twice, there being twelve children by each 
union. Of him there was written this couplet: Some are the father of one. 
And some the father of more, But here is the father of twenty-four. And Henry 
Frye was the 24th child. Elizabeth Taylor was the second wife of Peter Frye 
who hired a Substitute to take his place in the war of 1812, and after Elizabeth 
became a widow who was provided with a pension. Peter's father, Robert Frye, and 
his grandfather, John Frye both served through the Revolutionary War. The fireside 
stories told of both of them having furnished their own guns and ammunition when 
entering the service and having fought with the Green Mountain Boys and having 
had the Father of our country shake hands with them when the war was won and in this 
farewell speech to the group there assembled, George Washington said, "All of you deserve 
shoulder straps for the fine service you have performed for an unestablished 
government unable to pay for your services but must send you home as tattered 
denalions." A British soldier stole the last cow and pig of one of these ancestors. 
The great grandmother of Harvey Frye, Elizabeth Winters came over 
from England starting as a stowaway at the age of 19, on the 
same vessel on which the British General Cruikshank sailed for America. 
Their vessel struck on a reef and was badly damaged. There were carpenters among 
the soldiers aboard, they managed to build a new craft on which to continue 
their adventuresome voyage. A large shark that followed them was stopped when a 
red hot metal was dropped into his open mouth by a soldier. The next serious 
matter was when a swordfish thrust his sword through the bottom of their craft 
causing it to leak. They were at their wits end to figure a way to stop the 
leak. Elizabeth Winters solved the question by the use of part of her clothing, 
and the men on bended knee thanked the Lord for being saved. These historical 
facts pertain to pioneers of Center Township, Green County 
and were listened to with eagerness by the assembly.

WRIGHT-FRYE WEDDING Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Frye of West Alexander, R.D. 1., announce the marriage of their daughter, Gladys to Gaylord
Wright, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Wright of West Alexander R.D. 1. The marriage took place Saturday, July 2, 1955 in the Methodist parsonage at 2 p.m. Rev. Bland performing the ceremony. The bride choose a gown of deep pink with navy accessories and wore a corsage of blue and white carnations. As brides maid Miss Ruth Kimmins of Dallas wore a pale blue dress with white accessories and a corsage of pink and white carnations. John Allen Frye, brother of the bride was best man. The bridegroom is employed at the Wellsburg Paper Mill at Wellsburg. After a short wedding trip to Buckeye Lake and other points of interest in Ohio, the couple will make their home with the brides parents for the present. The Morning Observer, Wednesday, January 25, 1939 EMMETT S. WRIGHT Emmett S. Wright of Independence, died in the Washington Hospital, Tuesday, January 24, 1939 at 3 o'clock. He was admitted to the hospital one week ago, suffering from a carbuncle on his neck, which he had had for two or three weeks. There were also other complications, and pnuemonia developed yesterday morning causing death. He was born April 18, 1879, in East Finley Township and was a son of Henry C. and Rachel (Rockey) Wright. He spent his early life in the West Finley section and for 24 years was employed by the Pure Oil Pipe Company. He married Annie Fields, of West Finley in February 1900. She died several years ago. He moved to Independence in March 1928 and purchased part of what was known as the J.S. Liggett farm. He sold that farm and purchased a small tract of land in Independence. Since going to Independence Township he had driven the school bus hauling school children and also engaged in the trucking business. Surviving are the following children: Howard, Harley, Daunice, Gaylord, Eloise, all of Independence; Mrs. D.W. McCoy, Greenville; Mrs. Guy Campbell, Pittsburgh; Mrs. E.W. Yoders, Uniontown; and four grandchildren. The following brothers and sisters also survive: Mrs. Laura Sprowls, East Finley Township; James Wright, of Washington; Mrs. P.L. Blair, of Waynesburg; Miss Jennie Wright of Houston, Mrs. James Iams, of Detroit. Short funeral services will be held, Thursday at 11 a.m. in the Lower Buffalo Presbyterian Church at Independence, of which he was a member. Further services will be held at Windy Gap Presbyterian Church near West Finley at 2 o'clock, in charge of the Rev. Robert Paxton, of the Independence Presbyterian Church assisted by the Rev. J.W. Shrader of the Independence M.E. Church. Burial will be in the West Finley Cemetery. The Washington Observer, Tuesday Morning, November 17, 1936
Departments Work to Save Gymnasium, 20 Feet Away--Basketball Player is Slightly Injured. CHURCHES WILL BE USED WEST ALEXANDER, Nov., 16,-- West Alexander's school building which housed both the high and grade schools, was destroyed today by a spectacular fire, which started about 45 minutes after school was dismis-sed for the afternoon. The origin was unknown. All pupils had been dismissed and the only persons in the building were the janitor Arthur
Kennedy, who was in the basement, and Ruth Marsh, Inis Fry and Mary McCammon, high school girls who were working on an NYA project and were cleaning the rooms on the second floor. These girls had noticed smoke, but presumed some one was burning waist paper, until Ruth Marsh looked out a window and noticed the outer walls of the building on fire. They rushed to the gynmasium, where Coach Clyde S. Porter was holding backetball practice. They also called the janitor, who notified the West Alexander fire department. Coach Porter and the basketball squad, composed of Elmer Majors, Howard Chambers, Marvin Main, Edward Clemens, Extell Clemens, Charles Lyons, Kenneth McMurray, Daniel Moss, Wilbur Strawn, William Vensel, Charles Taylor and Donald Davis, rushed to the burning building. They found the ceiling of the office already on fire, and were unable to save anything from that room. All records in the principal's office were burned, but two desks were removed from downstairs rooms, a few books, were taken from the second floor, typewriters were removed from the commercial department and some books were taken from first floor. All other equipment and supplies were destroyed. School directors estimated the loss at $35,000, including almost $3,000 in science equipment. The entire library considered a very good one for a small school, was lost, and all music books and the piano were likewise distroyed. The loss was partially covered by about $17,000 insurance. The board carried a total of $27,000 insurance, but $10,000 of this was reported to cover the gymnasium. West Alexander fireman were at the scene in a few minutes, and within a short time both Claysville and Wheeling fire departments were there. They were unable to do anything to save the building, however, and directed strenuous efforts to saving the gymnasium, only 20 feet from the burning building. The fire broke out at 4:15 o'clock and by 6 o'clock all walls had fallen in. Wheeling firemen said they had never seen a building burn so rapidly. Tonight, however, the fire was burning away in what had been the basement, and a coal supply of 1,000 bushels was expected to burn for several days unless water could be secured to flood the excavation. No known supply of water sufficient for this purpose was available. Claysville and West Alexander firemen pumped water from the large cistern at the school and from cisterns of neighboring houses, and the Wheeling department soon pumped two cisterns dry. Then they began pumping from the large cistern at the United Presbyterian Church, maintained for fire protection, and were still pumping from it when the building collapsed. The burned building was a two-story frame structure with ten rooms. One two-room section, the original building, was said to be at least 75 years old, but other two-room sections had been added until there were 10 rooms. The last two rooms were added four years ago. The gymnasium, thoough only 20 feet away, sustained little damage. This building of tile and stucco, became so hot that water thrown on it turned to steam, and at times it looked as though it could not be saved. Once a burning wall collapsed against this building, but the flames were extinguished in time to save the gymnasium. The only damage was to the paint which was scorched off the outside woodwork. Supervising Principal Charles R. Tripp and the other teachers, who had gone home, all returned to the school, but could do little. The cause of the fire was a mystery. The girls who discovered the fire had noticed smoke for some time, and one of the directors reported that the children had noticed a peculiar odor as is something burning for most of the afternoon. Coach Porter said he did not believe the fire was due to a defect in the wiring, as the lights in the building burned up to the time the entire structure caved in. The fire was discovered burning in the eastern wall, on the back of the building. Only one injury was reported, and that was not serious. Extell Clemens, a member of the basketball squad, in carrying some books, tripped and fell, sustaining painful bruises about his chest. He was treated by a physcian. The building housed about 250 pupils, of whom 65 were high school students. There are four high school teachers and four grade school teachers, besides Supervising Principal Charles R. Tripp. The board of directors tonight met and made arrangements to continue the school work. All pupils will report Wednesday, and classes will be held in the American Legion rooms, the United Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church and the gymnasium. The principal will assign rooms to the various classes and departments. Plans for a permanent building were not discussed tonight. [More to follow-at a laterdate--H.S.D.] The AdvertiserWedding Announced Sopiak-Frye Hilary Lynn Sopiak and Jeff Frye were married July 18, in a double ring ceremony at West Alexander Methodist Church. The bride is the daughter of Beverly Sopiak of Eighty Four. The groom is the son of John and Ruth Frye of West Alexander. Jennifer Frye, sister of the groom, was the maid of honor. Renete Peters was the bridesmaid. John Sopiak, brother of the bride, was the best man. Michael Snyder, cousin of the groom, was the usher. Rev. Franklin Provance officiated at the ceremony. Martha Riggs was the organist. A reception followed the ceremony at the American Legion Hall in Claysville for 100 guests. The bride, a 1980 graduate of Canon McMillan High School, is employed by Golden Dawn Foods in Canonsburg. The groom, a 1978 graduate of McGuffey High School, is employed by Joy Manufacturing Company.
TWO SISTERS MARRY BALTIMORE VETERANS Ruth and Margaret Frye Of West Alexander, Pa., Take Nuptial Vows
Announcement has been received in
Waynesburg by Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Orndoff, of 505 North Richhill street, of the marriage of their grand-daughters, Miss Ruth Frye and Miss Margaret Frye, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Frye, of West Alexander. Both of the young brides were married at informal single-ring wedding ceremonies performed in Baltimore, Md. The marriage of Miss Ruth Frye to Kenneth Snyder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Snyder, 3531 Northgate road, Baltimore, Md. was solemnized Sunday afternoon, March 16, 1947, in St. Vincent's Rectory, at four o'clock by the Rev. Father Martin. The bride wore a pale blue street-length dress with black accessories and corsage of orchids in carrying out the wedding traditions in her outfit she wore a watch for "something old," she borrowed a three-strand pearl necklace from a girlfriend, Joan Bennett, and wore a penny in her right shoe. Her sister, Margaret, as her only attendant, was wearing a pink dress with black accessories and a pink rosebud corsage. Robert Snyder, twin brother of the bridegroom, served as best man. The bridegroom served 32 months in the Army Air Corps and saw service overseas for six months before being honorably discharged. Following their marriage a wedding dinner was held for the bridal group at the Lawrence Night Club. The young couple is now residing at 801 North Linwood avenue, Baltimore, 5, Md. Miss Margaret Frye, and Anthony Russo, son of John Russo, 519 Port street, Baltimore, Md., were united in marriage Sunday afternoon, May 4, 1947, at four o'clock, in St. Andrew's Rectory, 2012 East Monument street, Baltimore, by Rev. Father Peacock. The bride chose a pale pink street- length dress with an off-the-face white half-hat and navy blue accessories for her ensemble and wore a corsage of orchids. For "something old" she wore a diamond clustered ring, which had belonged to her mother and which had been a gift brought from Burma, India, by her father. She borrowed a watch from her matron of honor, and for luck wore a penny in her right shoe. Mrs. Kenneth Snyder, sister of the bride, as matron of honor, was attired in a pale blue dress with black accessories and a corsage of red rosebuds. Paul Wiedorfer, the only living winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor in the state of Maryland, serves as Mr. Russo's best man. The bride's mother was dressed in a black ensemble with white accessories and a corsage of red rosebuds. Pictures of the bridal party were taken at Kirkness Studio after the ceremony and then they returned to Workman's Hall where a reception and dance were held for more than 300 invited guests. A five-tiered wedding cake topped by the miniature bridal couple was cut and served to the guests as they marched in pairs around the hall. The only out of town guests at the wedding were the bride's mother, Mrs. Frye, and a sister, Mrs. Mabel Durbin, of West Alexander. Both Mrs. Russo and her sister, Mrs. Kenneth Snyder, graduated from West Alexander High School in the class of 1941. During the war they were employed at the Glenn L. Martin Airplane Factory and since the end of the war have been employed at Epstein's department store, in Baltimore, the former as cashier and the latter as clerk. Mr. Russo, who was assigned to an infantry unit during the war, served 20 months overseas duty, and is now associated in [rest is gone] MARRIAGES ARE MADE KNOWN OF WEST ALEXANDER SISTERS Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Frye, of West Alexander, announce the recent marriages of their daughters, Ruth Frye and Margaret Frye, both of Baltimore, Md. Both weddings were informal events with the sisters serving as each other's attendants. Snyder-Frye Miss Ruth Frye became the bride of Kenneth Snyder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Snyder, 1531 Northgate Road, Baltimore, Sunday afternoon, March 16, with the Rev. Father Martin performing the single ring ceremony in the St. Vincent's Rectory, Baltimore, Md. Miss Margaret Frye became the bride of Anthony Russo, son of John Russo, 519 Port street, Baltimore. at a single ring ceremony, performed Sunday, May 4, in the St. Andrew Rectory, 2012 East Monument street, Baltimore, with the Rev. Father Peacock officiating. Miss Margaret Frye, now Mrs. Anthony Russo, served as her sister, Ruth's bridesmaid, and Robert Snyder, was his twin brother's best man. The bride wore a pale blue street-lenght dress with black accessories and a corsage of ordhids. Wedding traditions carried out to her costume included her watch which was "something old", a three strand pearl necklace of a friend, Joan Bennett, which was "something borrowed", her dress was "something blue", and in her right shoe she had a penny. Her sister wore a pink dress with black accessories with corsage of pink rosebuds. Supplementine the ceremony, the bridal group went to Lawrence's Night Club for the wedding supper. Mrs. Snyder is a graduate of the West Alexander High School class of '41 and during the war was employed at the Glenn L. Martin Airplane Factory, Baltimore. Since V-J Day she has served as a clerk at Epstein's Department store, Baltimore. Mr. Snyder served 22 months in the U.S. Army Air Corps, with six months overseas duty. The couple have taken up residence at 601 Linwood avenue, Baltimore, Md. The bride is a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Orndoff, 505 North Richhill street, Waynesburg, Pa. Russo-Frye When Margaret Frye became the bride of Anthony Russo, her attendant was her sister, Mrs. Kenneth Snyder. Paul Wiedorter, only living winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor in the state of Maryland, serves as Mr. Russo's best man. The bride wore a pale pink street-lenght dress with white off-the-face half hat, navy accessories, and a corsage of double orchids. Wedding traditions was carried out in her costume. The "something old" was a diamond clustered ring, belonging to the bride's mother and which had been a gift brought from Burma, India, by her father. The "something borrowed" was a watch belonging to her sister, Mrs. Snyder; and the "something blue" was supplied in her accessories; and she had a penny in her right shoe. Mrs. Snyder, matron of honor, wore a pale blue street-lenght dress with black accessories and a corsage of red rosebuds. Following the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Russo and their attendants were photographed, afterward going to Workman's hall, Maidson street for a reception which was attended by 300 invited guests. Music was furnished by an orchestra, and at 10:30 the two couples led the grand march when the five tiered wedding cake topped with miniture bridal couple was distributed to all guests. Only out-of-town guests were the bride's mother, Mrs. Frye, and her sister, Mrs. Mabel Durbin, both of West Alexander. The bride was graduated from West Alexander High School class of 1941, and during the war was employed at the Glenn L. Martin Airplane Factory. Since she has been employed as cashier at Epstein's Department Store, Baltimore. Mr. Russo is in business with his father, since his discharge from service in the infantry with a record of 20 months overseas duty. After the reception, Mr. and Mrs. Russo took up residence in their newly furnished apartment at 720 North Kenwood avenue, Baltimore, Md. J. WESLEY FRYE J. Wesley Frye, 73, of West Alexander, R.D. 1, died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage ay 10:30 a.m. Sunday, May 17, 1959 while visiting in Morgantown, W.Va. Mr. Frye was born August 5, 1885, in Greene County, a son of the late Harvey and Rebecca (Cole) Frye. He had been a farmer in the West Alexander area. He was a member of the West Alexander Methodist Church and Modern Woodmen of America, Farmington, W.Va. He was married August 5, 1916, to Eliza Orndoff, who survives. Also surviving are the following children: Opal, wife of David Kennedy, Burgettstown; Inis, wife of Jack Clutter, Claysville; Helen, wife of Harold Richey, West Alexander; Margaret, wife of Anthony Russo and Ruth, wife of Kenneth Snyder, both of Baltimore, Md.; Mabel, wife of Harold Durbin, West Alexander; Gladys, wife of Gaylord Wright, West Alexander, R.D. 1; Charles, Triadelphia, W.Va.; and John Allen Frye, at home; one brother, Clyde, West Alexander; 24 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Two sisters and one brother are deceased. MRS. ELIZA O. FRYE WEST ALEXANDER RESIDENT Eliza O. Frye, 77, of West Alexander died Thursday, October 10, 1972, in Washington hospital following a serious illness. She was born June 10, 1895 in Waynesburg, a daughter of Charles S. and Etta Huffman Orndoff, and lived in West Alexander the past 55 years. Mrs. Frye was a member of the West Alexander United Methodist Church. On August 6, 1916 she married John Wesley Frye, who died May 17, 1959. Surviving are seven daughters: Mrs. David (Opal) Kennedy and Mrs. Jack (Inis) Clutter, both of Claysville; Mrs. Harold (Helen) Richey and Mrs. Mabel Durbin, both of West Alexander; Mrs. Anthony (Margaret) Russo and Mrs. Kenneth (Ruth) Snyder, both of Baltimore, Md. and Mrs. Gaylord (Gladys) Wright, Bethelehem; two sons: Charles, of Triadelphia, W.Va. and John of West Alexander; two brothers, Delbert and Robert Orndoff, both of Pine Bank; three sisters, Mrs. Carrie Grimes of Holbrook, Mrs. Mary Forshey of Oak Forest, and Mrs. Edna Spragg, of Latrobe and several nieces and nephews. One sister, Marie Huffman is deceased. FRYE--Friends will be received at the Fanning Funeral Home, WestAlexander, Pa. from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, today, where funeral services will be held Friday, October 13, 1972 at 1 p.m., in charge of Rev. Robert Hopson, pastor of the West Alexander United Methodist Church. Interment will follow in the West Alexander Cemetery. SERVICES CONDUCTED FOR MIMA J. FRYE WEST ALEXANDER-- RD1: Mina J. Frye, 79, a resident, died in Wheeling Hospital after a brief illness, at 5:20 a.m., on Monday, December 15, 1980. Services were held in the Ferrell Funeral Home, at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 17, by the Rev. Kenneth Polen. Burial took place in West Alexander Cemetery. She was born June 1, 1901, in Marshall County, W.Va., a daughter of Newton and Iona Johnson Creighton. Mrs. Frye had been a resident on the West Alexander area for the past 30 years. She attended the West Alexander United Methodist Church. On June 15, 1921, she married Clyde R. Frye, Sr., who died March 8, 1970. Surviving are one daughter, Mrs. Floyd (Betty) Carmichael of Shreve, Ohio; two sons, R. Gene Frye of Shreve, Ohio, and Clyde R. Frye, Jr. of West Alexander R.D.1; seven grandchildren; 11 great-grand-children; three sisters, Mrs. Margaret Holmes of Wheeling, and Mrs. Myrtle Rudolph and Mrs. Minnie Boldman, both of Wooster, Ohio; and one brother, Wilbur Creighton of Lodi, Ohio. One sister and six brothers are deceased. CLYDE R. FRYE Clyde R. Frye, 72, of West Alexander, R.D. 1, died at 2:40 a.m. Sunday, March 8, 1970, in Washington Hospital after an illness of two weeks. He was born Suptember 2, 1898, in Marion County, West Virginia, a son of Harvey and Rebecca Cole Frye. Mr. Frye spent most of his live in the West Alexander and Claysville communities where he followed farming. He was a member of the United Methodist Church. He was married June 15, 1921, to the former Mima Creighton, who survives. Surviving in addition to his wife are one daughter, Betty, wife of Floyd Carmichael, of Shreve, Ohio; two sons: Gene, of Shreve, Ohio, and Clyde Robert, of West Alexander; seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Two brothers and one sister are deceased.FRYE--Friends of Clyde R. Frye, of West Alexander, R.D. 1, who died Sunday, March 8, 1970, will be received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Monday in the Ferrell Funeral Home, West Alexander, where services will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday, conducted by Rev. John H. Debolt, pastor of the West Alexander United Methodist Church. Burial in West Alexander Cemetery. Washington Observer paper under Greene County News NEAR LATROBE FORMER AREA MAN DIES IN MOBILE HOME FIRE A former Waynesburg man died Tuesday night, July 24, of smoke inhalation when his mobile home near Latrobe caught fire and was destroyed. The victim was Thomas Allen (Bill) Spragg, 63, of Latrobe, R.D. 2. His wife, Edna Mae Orndoff Spragg, died on July 18 of this year and he was alone in the mobile home when fire broke out about 7 p.m. He was pronounced dead at 7:45 p.m. at the Latrobe Hospital. Firefighting authorities from Latrobe and Greensburg said that fireman found the victim lying on the floor in a back bedroom. Although the cause of the blaze was not immediately determined, authorities said they felt that a burning cigarette could have been responsible for the fire. Two neighbors turned in the alarm about 7 p.m. and then attempted to rescue Mr. Spragg, but were driven back by the flames and intense heat. They were identified as George Baughman and Paul Berger. Firemen said the blaze burned through a telephone trunk line and disrupted service in the area for some time. The mobile home was valued at $10,000, and Bell Telephone Company officials estimated their damages at several thousand dollars. Mr. Spragg, a son of Pearl B. Spragg of Waynesburg, R.D. 4 (Oak Forest) and the late James Ira Spragg, was born September 22, 1909 in Center Township, and resided most of his life in Oak Forest and Waynesburg. He had resided for the past eight years at Latrobe, where he was a construction worker. He was a member of the Pursley Baptist Church. Surviving in addition to his mother are a daughter, Mrs. Kenneth (Arlene) Brown of Moundsville, W.Va.; four grandchildren, Allen, Cynthia, Charles, and Christina, all of Moundsville; two sisters, Miss Edna Lee Spragg, Waynesburg, R.D. 4, and Mrs. Charles Riggs, Anthony, Fla., and two brothers, Robert Earl Spragg, Waynesburg, R.D. 5, and Charles Franklin Spragg, Richmond, Ohio. MRS. MARIE B. HUFFMAN Mrs. Marie B. Huffman, 67, of 224 Second Avenue, Waynesburg, died at 2:50 a.m. Thursday, April 11, 1971, in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Harold Stockdale, of Rogersville. She had been ill for the past year and a half. She was the wife of Russell Huffman, who survives and to whom she was married December 12, 1922. Mrs. Huffman was born April 11, 1903, at Pine Bank, a daughter of the late Charles Stilwell Orndoff and Mary Etta Huffman Orndoff. Her early life was spent in the Oak Forest vicinity and her later life at Waynesburg. She was a member of the Washington Street United Methodist Church at Waynesburg. In addition to her husband, she is survived by three daughters: Mrs. Charles (Pearle) Katchmark, of Waynesburg; Mrs. Ralph (Iva) Henderson, of Jackson, Michigan; and Mrs. Harold (Norma) Stockdale, of Rogersville; nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren; four sisters: Mrs. Eliza Frye, of West Alexander; Mrs. Carrie Grimes, of Holbrook; Mrs. Mary Forshey, of Waynesburg, R.D. 5, and Mrs. Edna Spragg, of Latrobe and two brothers, Delbert and Robert Orndoff, both of Pine Bank. FORSHEY Mary O. Forshey, 73, Waynesburg R.D.5, (Oak Forest), died after a long illness at 3:15 a.m. Tuesday, August 1, 1978, in Presby-terian University Hospital, Pittsburgh. A daughter of Charles S. and Etta Huffman Orndoff, she was born January 27, 1905, in Jackson Township and has resided most of her life in the Oak Forest community. She was a member of the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. Surviving are her husband, Frank M. Forshey, who she married May 10, 1922; two sons, Charles Forshey of Sycamore R.D. 1 and Donald Forshey of Tempe, Arizona; a granddaughter, Mrs. Sharon Pogue, and a great-granddaughter, Jennifer Pogue, both of Arizona; a foster son, Robert Rogers, all of Waynesburg R.D.5, a sister, Mrs. Carrie Grimes of Holbrook, and a brother, Delbert Orndoff of Lima, Ohio. Three sisters and a brother are deceased.FORSHEY--Friends of Mary O. Forshey of Waynesburg, R.D. 5, (Oak Forest), who died Tuesday, August 1, 1978, will be received from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, and from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday in the Robert L. Lantz Funeral Home, Rogersville, where services will be conducted at 1 p.m. Friday, August 4, by the Rev. William Ryan and the Rev. Andrew Hobbs. Interment in Greene County Memorial Park. MABEL DURBIN DURBIN, Mabel R., 58, North Liberty Street, West Alexander, died at home. She was a retired self-employed beautician, and was a member of the United Presbyterian Church, West Alexander. Surviving are two foster daughters, Mrs. Jerry (Helen) Reynolds of West Alexander, and Mrs. Ray (Sharon) Hamilton of Prosperity, Pa.; four sisters, Mrs. David (Opal) Kennedy of Claysville; Mrs. Kenneth (Ruth) Snyder and Margaret Russo, both of Baltimore, and Mrs. Gaylord (Gladys) Wright of Wheeling; two brothers, John "Sam" Frye of West Alexander and Charles Frye of Triadelphia; six foster grandchildren. DURBIN--Friends received at the Ferrell Funeral Home Inc., Main Street, West Alexander 7-9 p.m. today and 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Friday, where services will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday. Interment in West Alexander Cemetery. HELEN L. RICHEY RICHEY, Helen L., 52, of North Liberty Street, West Alexander, Pa., died Wednesday at Washington Hospital, Washington, Pa. She was born in West Finley Township, Pa., September 18, 1920, daughter of the late John Westley and Eliza Orndoff Frye. She was a member of the West Alexander United Methodist Church, the WSCS of the church; American Legion Auxiliary Post 656; State Line Saddle Club. She was preceeded in death by one son, Wade Richey. Surviving are her husband, Harold S. Richey; three daughters, Mrs. Courtney (Ruby Jean) Hicks of Euclid, O., Mrs. Gerald (Betty Jo) Lucas of Pittsburgh, Pa. and Mrs. Edward (Louise) Roberts of Washington, Pa.; two sons, Donald of Enfield, Conn. and James at home; six sisters, Mrs. David (Opal) Kennedy, Mrs. Jack (Inis) Clutter, both of Claysville, Pa., Mrs. Mabel Durbin of West Alexander, Pa., Mrs. Anthony (Margaret) Russo and Mrs. Kenneth (Ruth) Snyder, both of Baltimore, Md. and Mrs. Gaylord (Gladys) Wright of Bethlehem, W.Va.; two brothers, Charles Frye of Triadelphia, W.Va. and John (Sam) Frye of West Alexander, Pa.; two grand-children. Friends received at Fanning Funeral Home, West Alexander, Pa., 7-9 p.m. Thursday, and 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Friday, where services will be held Saturday at 1 p.m. with the Rev. R. Dawson Hobson of the West Alexander United Methodist Church, officiating. Interment in West Alexander Cemetery.RICHEY--Friends of Helen L. Richey, of North Liberty Street, West Alexander, who died Wednesday, March 21, 1973, will be received from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday and 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday at the Fanning Funeral Home, West Alexander, where services will be held Satrurday, March 24 at 1 p.m. by the Rev. R. Dawson Hopson. Burial in West Alexander Cemetery. ROBERT C. ORNDOFF Pine Bank--Robert C. Orndoff, 75, of Pine Bank R.D. 2, died Saturday at 3:30 p.m. in Washington Hospital. Born February 3, 1900 in Jackson township near Pine Bank, he was the son of the late Charles S. and Mary Etta Huffman Orndoff. He lived in the Pine Bank area all his life where he was a stock-raiser and where he was in the lumber business. He was a member of the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. He is survived by his wife, Neva Morris Orndoff, of Pine Bank R.D. 2. One son Robert D. Orndoff, of Pine Bank R.D. 1, one daughter, Mrs. Robert B. (Marjorie) Robinson of Washington; one brother, Delbert Orndoff of Cameron Star Route, Waynesburg; two sisters, Mrs. Carrie Grimes of Holbrook and Mrs. Frank (Mary) Forshey of Waynesburg R.D. 5; eight grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. ORNDOFF--Friends of Robert C. Orndoff, 75, of Pine Bank, R.D. 2, who died Saturday at 3:30 p.m. in Washington Hospital, will be received at Samuel P. Weaver Funeral Home, Waynesburg, on Monday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. and on Tuesday until 1:30 p.m. the time of services. The Rev. I.W. Lofgren officiating. Interment will be in the Greene County Memorial Cemetery. ROBERT D. ORNDOFF PINE BANK--Robert D. Orndoff, 55, of R.D. 2, Pine Bank died at 10:55 p.m. Friday, June 7, 1985, at Monongahela General Hospital, in Morgantown, W.Va., after an illness of 8 months. Born September 12, 1929 at Pine Bank, he was the son of the late Robert C. and Neva Morris Orndoff of Pine Bank, who survives. On April 24, 1948, he married Dixie Parson Orndoff, who survives. He was a 1942 graduate of Waynesburg High School. He owned and operated Orndoff's Grocery in Holbook and also worked as a farmer and stock rancher. He attended the Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Bluff, and was a member of the Knights of Pythias Lodge. A lifelong resident of Pine Bank, he was an active supporter of Little League Sports. In addition to his wife, and mother, he is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Kevin (Kathy) Guthrie of R.D. 1, Graysville, Mrs. Jim (Debbie) Inman of Graysville, and Mrs. Leroy (Robin) Colembresaski, of Holbrook, a son Scott of Washington; a nephew, Harry Allen Clayton, of Waco, Texas, and six grand children. He was preceeded in death by a sister, Marjorie Robinson. ORNDOFF--Friends of Robert D. Orndoff, 55, of R.D. 2, who died Friday, June 7, 1985, will be received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m., Monday at the Behm Funeral Home Inc., 182 W. High St., Waynesburg, where services will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, June 11, with the Rev. Rich Hartman officiating. Burial will follow at the Greene County Memorial Park. ORVILLE O. GRIMES Orville O. Grimes, 77, of Holbrook, died Tuesday, January 5, 1973 at 4:30 a.m. at his residence of an apparent heart attack. He was born September 22, 1896 at Jackson township in the same house where he died. He was the son of the late George W. & Ella Roberts Grimes. His wife, Carrie Orndoff, whom he married on March 11, 1916, survives. Surviving in addition to his wife are 5 sons, LeRoy E., West Chester, George O., and William D., both of R.D. 4, Waynesburg, Halfred B., Star Route, Forrest O., Baltimore, Md., and Charles A., New Freeport, 17 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. He attended the Willim Bank School, was a carpenter for Penn-Dot for 15 years, serving as a road supervisor in Jackson township for 5 years, ane was a farmer and stock-raiser. He was a member of the Valley Chapel United Methodist Church. Three brothers preceeded him in death. GRIMES--Friends of Orville O. Grimes, of Holbrook, who died Tuesday June 5, 1973 are being received at Robert L. Lantz Funeral Home,Rogersville, where services will be conducted at 2 p.m., Thursday with the Rev. Harold I. Zook officiating. Burial will be at Rosemont Cemetery. CARRIE O. GRIMES Carrie O. Grimes, 80, of Holbrook Star Route, died at 5:15 a.m. Friday, September 7, 1979, at Greene County Memorial Hospital. Although she was not in the best of health, death was unexpected. Born July 17, 1897, in Jackson township, the daughter of the late Charles S. and Etta Huffman Orndoff, she married Orville O. Grimes, on March 11, 1916. Her husband died June 5, 1973. She spent most of her life, in Jackson township and was a member of the United Methodist Women of Valley Chapel Church. She is survived by 5 sons, LeRoy, of West Chester, George C., of R.D. 4, Waynesburg, Forrest O., of Baltimore, Md., Charles A., of New Freeport, and William D. of R.D. 4, Waynesburg. She is also survived by a brother Delbert Orndoff, of Lima, Ohio. 17 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandchild. One son Halfred Grimes, 4 sisters and 1 brother also preceeded her in death. GRIMES--Friends of Carrie O. Grimes, 82, of Holbrook Star Route, who died Friday, September 7, 1979, will be received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday at the Robert L. Lantz Funeral Home in Rogersville. Services will be held 4 p.m. Sunday at the Funeral Home with Rev. Harold Zook and Mary Elizabeth Zook officiating. Burial will be in Rosemont Cemetery. HALFRED B. GRIMES Halfred B. Grimes, 55, of Star Route, Holbrook died on Saturday at 3:30 a.m. at the University Hospital, Morgantown, WV. Born August 24, 1928 at Jackson township, he was the son of Carrie Orndoff Grimes and the late Orville O. Grimes. He graduated in 1937, from Center Township High School and was a mechanic for the Inghram and Puglis Buick Garage for 30 years. He served in the Army during WWII and spent his entire life in Jackson township. He was a School director in the West Greene School District and was a member of the Valley United Methodist Church and the board of Administration of the Church. Surviving in addition to his mother are his wife, Faye Stockdale Grimes, who he married on July 3, 1941; three sons, Terry of Washington, and Charles Leroy and Roger of Holbrook; six grandchildren and five brothers, Leroy E. of West Chester; George and William D., of Waynesburg R.D. 4, Forrest of Baltimore, MD., and Charles A., of New Freeport. One sister preceeded him in death. GRIMES--Friends of Halfred B. Grimes, 55, Star Route, Holbrook, who died on Saturday, are being received at the Robert L. Lantz Funeral Home in Rogersville today from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m., where services will be held tomorrow at 11 a.m. with the Rev. George Lyford and the Rev. Kathryn Lyford officiating. Burial will follow in the Rosemont Cemetery. Grimes-Orndoff Rites Held In Brock Church (picture) The Valley Chapel Methodist Church at Brock, was the setting for a wedding ceremony at 4 p.m. Saturday, June 6, 1959, uniting in marriage Miss Bonnie Orndoff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reed Orndoff, of Sycamore R.D. 1, and Halfred Terry Grimes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Halfred Grimes of Holbrook. The single ring ceremony was performed by Rev. W.P. Blackhurst before an alter decorated with fern and spring flowers. Traditional nuptial selections were played by Mrs. Sandra Cheek, of Holbrook. The bride was given in marriage by her father. She wore a waltz-length gown of white nylon. Her ensemble included a double strand of pearls, a gift of the bridegroom, and she carried a white Bible topped with an orchid. Miss Connie Orndoff, of Cameron Star Route, Waynesburg, served her cousin as bridesmaid. She chose a blue nylon dress and a corsage of red carnations. The bride's mother wore a medium blue flowered dress, while the mother of the bridegroom chose a navy blue dress. Each wore a corsage of pink rosebuds. Gary Gray, of New Freeport served as bestman. Following the ceremony a reception for members of the immediate families was held at Rohanna's Restaurant. Out-of-town guests were from Pittsburgh, Moundsville, Aleppo, Claysville, Wind Ridge, and Waynesburg. The couple later left for a wedding trip of undisclosed destination. Both are students at West Greene High School and the bride-groom is also employed at Puglia's garage, Waynesburg. They will reside at Holbrook. LEROY E. GRIMES West Chester--Leroy E. Grimes, 58, of 542, Hightop Road, West Chester, died Sunday, March 17, 1985 at 4:35 p.m. at the Chester Co. Hospital from an apparent heart attack. Born July 22, 1916 in Holbrook, he was a son of the late Orville O. and Carrie Orndoff Grimes. He was married to Mary Francis Barnett, who survives. He was a graduate of Center township High School. He was employed at Texas Eastern for 32 years and retired in 1979, as a mechanical supervisor. He was a veteran of WWII. In addition to his wife he is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Ben (Carol Lee) Buckley of Fairfax, Va. and Mrs. Price (Sandra Sue) Cheek of Mifflin; four brothers, George and William of RD4, Waynesburg, Forest of Sparkes, Md., and Charles A. of New Freeport; 5 grand-children and 3 great-grandchildren. He was preceeded in death by two sons. Gary Richard and Donald R. and one brother Halfred. GRIMES--Friends of LeRoy E. Grimes, 68, of West Chester, who died Sunday, March 17, 1985, will be received from noon to 2 p.m. Thursday, the hour of service at the Robert L. Lantz Funeral Home, Rogersville, with the Rev. Jack Elder officiating. Burial will follow at Greene County Memorial Park. In Pine Bank Church Mr. and Mrs. Roland W. Orndoff In a lovely candellight service performed at 7 p.m. Saturday, January 2, 1960, in the Pine Bank Methodist Church, Miss Helen Stoneking, of Pine Bank, and Roland W. Orndoff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Orndoff, of Pine Bank, were united in marriage. Rev. W.O. Blackhurst, officiated at the double ring ceremony before an altar banked with ferns and candelabra. Nuptial selections, played by Mrs. Edna Spragg, Oak Forest, included: "Always", "Because", and "I love You Truly." Miss Bonnie Baker of Pine Bank was maid of honor. Best man was Robert Cooke of Waynesburg, cousins of the bridegroom, Robert Orndoff Jr. and Terry Grimes, were ushers. Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore an every beige sheath dress with matching bolero, white accessories and a pink and white carnation corsage. For her daughter's wedding, Mrs. Stoneking wore a black crepe dress with white accessories. Mrs. Orndoff, mother of the bridegroom chose a black velvet dress with white accessories. They both wore a corsage of pink and white carnations. A reception in the basement of the church supplemented the ceremony. Out- of-town guests were from Waynesburg, Washington, Alliance, O., Cameron, W.Va., Wadestown, W.Va., Burton, W.Va., Wana, W.Va., and West Alexander, Pa. The bride is a senior at the West Greene Junior-Senior High School. Mr. Orndoff attended West Greene High School, served 6 months in active duty, at Fort Knox, Ky., and is a member of Co. C. Waynesburg. He is employed by McKee's Service Station, Waynesburg. They will reside in Pine Bank at the home of the bridegroom's parents for the present.
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