Goshen Baptist Church Records Greene Co, PA

Part 1


Contributed by M. Burns. Thank you, Marty! mburns@tea-house.com Records of the Goshen Baptist Church, Greene Co/Washington Co, from DAR library copy, 2/15/1998 A Church constituted by Rev Isaac Sutton and Daniel Fristoe on 7th day November 1773 consisting of thirty members men and women which mutually gave themselves to each other by the will of God in covenant. A list of those who were members of Goshen Church prior to the year 1799 p124 red ink number pages DAR edition ALL DEAD Benjamin Underwood Jonah Garard Eli Garard James Mordock, Deacon Moses Lambert Thomas Mingo Daniel Anderson Micheal Hahn Joseph Morris Henry Corbly, a preacher Athaliah Minor Hannah Morris Elizabeth Gibbons Nancy Bowers Jane Taylor Catherin Erwin Alice Davis Mary Heartly Elizabeth Corbly Mary Nicols Mary Evans Rachel Moor Mary Corbly Alice Crofford/Crawford Joseph Drake Jess A Black Rebeka Jinkins Sarah Morris DISMISSED John Garard, elder Jacob Vanmater, deacon John Vantrees, clerk Elias Garard Isaac Dye David Henton John Eastwood Aliscan Drew Abrahan Vanmeter Benjamin Garard Jacob Fraizer Abner Eastwood Sambo A Black Blaiden Asphyby David Evans, Deacon Janes Crooks Edmond Polk Mrses Taylor Henry Hall Benjamin Sutton Jr Benjamin Wood Lewis Williams William Knight Daniel Clark, a preacher Abraham Covalt Joseph Martin Joseph Fraisy Joseph Dunn Isaac Garard John Garard Hercules Turnor Henry Davie Solomon Lions John Porter Elijah Stewart Scurryman Fravis Charles Monroe Joseph Hinkle Roland Hugh Thomas Roach David Price Daniel Pursley Ross Crosly/Crosley William Smauley Daniel Hillman Amos Millor Thomas Millor Robert McKinney William Garard Joseph Lexton Jonathan Garard Andrew Grey Ose Griffy Amy Mills Cateron Miller Elizabeth Stephen Susannah Hughs Rachel Ceals/Seals Jemimah Birt Ani Turnor Elizabeth Davis Rhoda Hutchins Rachel McDole Susannah Price Lydia Hinkle Mary Shipman Elizabeth Birt Sarah Bowman Bethaliah (Miller John) Easter McKenney Margaret Snock Letis/Leticia Vanmeter Rachel Garard Mary Underwood Hannah Garard Hannah Eastwood Rachel Pierceall/Piersol Rebeccah Vantrees EXCOMMUNICATED Joseph Eastwood Benjamin Stitts Andrew Dye William Birt John Nap John Millor John Heart Sarah Hill Rush Sears Mary Ives/Ivers Sarah Luzado/Luzader Jane Muckleroy Hanah Calon Margaret Hart Azariah Davis Lydia Ross Peter Myers Joseph Gibbons Mary Hinton Hanah Dye Diana A Black Martha O Fraizey Lois Covalt Elizabeth O Fraizey Dinah Dunn Rebeka Edwards Elizabeth Cox Timothy Pryor Stephen Woodroof/Woodruff John McIntosh William Masters Mary Masters _____________________________________ GOSHEN BAPTIST CHURCH RECORDS, 1852; did not copy money amounts... Agreeable to a resolution past by the Church on the day of .... it was resolved that the Church Clark and the treasurer should enter on record the names and the amount subscribed and the amount paid for the erection of the Goshen Church at Whiteley. And in compliance of said resolution we did on the 20 day of February 1852 enter saim which will appear in the following list towit Richard Long Esq Jonathan Garard Corbly Garard Joseph Garard John Hamelton Peneas Clawson J P Minor John Long John Moredock Jonathan Morris Abner Morris Jacob Fordyce David Taylor Jeremiah Long Sr Aaron Ross Vincent Long Nathaniel Jones Jesse Long Levi Griffith James Clawson John Comley Hiland Varner Henry Sames Jeremiah Evans Peter Comley Jacob Livengood Joseph Gregg Joseph Gregg Sr Jacob P Lantz Abner Mondle Joseph Vance Jacob Pamer John Myers Benjamin Rose Robert Minor John Love Jemima Ross Disua South John Morris Jemima Long Jr WMS Pratt Jesse John Levi Mondle Samuel Heatfield Hiram Heatfield Jacob Heatfield William Heart Samuel Hamers Joseph Eakebary Kaleb L Paton James H Fordyce Isaia Morris Jacob Cleaner John Taylor Joseph McCarle Benson Fordyce Valentine Nicholas Abner Fordyce John Mordock Jr John Dowlen Isaac Miller John Johnson Josiah Guinn Joseph Guinn Jacop F Richey Josephas Guinn William Erivine Jr Samuel Gore Joab Parley Esq William Gray Benjamin Worthington Peter H Myers Othan Minor Otha W Minor Jesse Dukate Joseph Long Evan Evans William Henderson Jacob Ramer Sr Levi H Bell James B Mordock Joseph Long of Jeremiah James Henderson John Harrey John Herri John D Whitaker John Climer J Hugh Peanen Joseph Jones Thomas Wright Jr John Hufty Joseph Cowell William Neal James McCluer John Minor Jobe South Alexandria Stevenson Henry Lantz Andrew Stewart Esq Mary Mondle Charles H Black Henry Roberts P H Lindsey Samuel Clevenger P W Downey Esq John Phalan Esq John Barnes Esq Silvenas Thompson Jeremiah Long of Richard Given under our hands this 20 day of February 1852 Azariah Stephens Church Clark Corbly Garard Treasurer ends page 246 in red ink, p 112 typed at bottom of page _____________________________________ Goshen Baptist Church members names copyed here from the fourth part of the book (DAR library copy, p237 red ink, black ink p103 typed at bottom) Members by baptism October 25, 1817 1. John Mordock by baptism 4/20/1820 2. Jeremiah Long, deceased 10/1858 by baptism 7/27/1833 3. John Love, Deacon by baptism 10/20/1833 4. Mary Alton deceased, not known when, by baptism 5/1835 5. Isabella Minor by baptism 8/23/1835 6. Jonathan Garard and wife Deacon 7. Ann Garard by baptism 8/24/1835 8. Mary Climer by baptism 8/14/11836 9. Mary Mundall by baptism 10/20/1837 10. Rebecca Clawson (Reives) 11. by baptism 11/2/1841 12. John Comley and wife 13. Nancy Comley deceased 7/1857 14. Maria Garard Dismissed by letter 2/25/1860 by baptism 12/26/1841 15. Nancy Oshell by baptism 12/27/1841 16. John P Minor 17. Mary Worthington by baptism 12/28/1841 18. Kesia Long by baptism 1/27/1841 19. Susanna Long 20. Jeryne Long by baptism January 1842 21. Charlotte Morris by baptism 1/25/1842 22. John Morris by baptism 2/1842 23. Emmaline Long 24. Mary Eastle deceased 1855 25. Lovice Myers deceased 8/12/1859 26. Mary Erven deceased 2/14/1857 by baptism 3/8/1842 27. Sarah Garard 28. Joseph Garard 29. Samuel Taylar 30. Dennus Dulaney 31. Jesse Long by baptism 4/1842 32. Henry Comley excluded 8/22/1857 33. Rachel Morris deceased 9/1851 A. L. Minits 34. John Dowlen 35. Elizabeth Dowlen 36. Corbly Garard y baptism 6/12/1842 37. Sidney Hamilton by letter 7/9/1842 38. William Pratt dismissed by letter 2/24/1855 by baptism 7/10/1842 39. John Hufty and wife 40. Mary Hufty by baptism 8/14/1842 41. Charlotte Long excluded 7/1859 42. Joab Bailey deceased 4/16/1857 43. James Mordock excluded 12/23/1854 by baptism 9/12/1842 44. Pleasant Myers deceased 11/18/1860 45. Nathan Jones dismissed by letter 6/23/1860 by baptism 11/1/1842 46. Thomas Stone Deacon by baptism 11/3/1842 47. Mary Worthington 48. Nancy Long by baptism 1/8/1843 49. Lucinda Evans deceased 4/9/1857 by baptism 3/13/1844 50. John Garard 51. Mary Garard (Myers) by baptism 4/15/1844 52. Stacy Stephens Deceased 10/30/1861 by baptism 4/15/1844 53. Harriet Armstrong by baptism 11/9/1844 54. Mary Ann Seaton a mute by baptism 9/24/1846 55. Maryann Huggins received by baptism 9/27/1846 56. Henry Sammes and wife 57. Hannah Sammes 58. Elizabeth Dakate excluded 8/1859 59. Louisa Long by baptism 10/18/1846 60. Stephenson Garard 61. Jot L Colman 62. Pery Stewart (Herington) 63. Emeline Gregg (Skinner) deceased 7/19/1861 64. Mary Ellen Minor (Barclay) 65. Rebecca Pickering dismissed by letter 12/26/1857 66. Matty Hight by the right hand of fellowship by baptism 10/23/1846 67. Manerva Calvert 68. Mary Ann Long (Hill) 69. Cynttry Huggins (Samms) by baptism 2/26/1848 70. Azariah Stephens and wife 71. Clarissa Stephens 72. Mary Garard 10/21/1850 73. Sary Fordyce dismissed by letter 11/21/1857 74. Mariah Galaway Colard girl deceased not known when 1861 received by baptism 11/20/1848 75. Barbary Stone deceased 1857 76. Eliza Long dismissed by letter 77. Martha Steel (Stephens) by baptism 11/23/1848 78. Elizabeth Huggins by baptism 10/21/1850 79. Joseph Long and wife deceased 8/11/1859 80. Eliza Long by baptism 10/24/1850 81. Debora Right by letter 11/30/1850 82. Hannah McNeely by letters 4/14/1849 a mistake in the Clark of theas names 83. William Elllis dismissed by letter 9/23/1854 84. Mary Ellis dismissed by letter 9/23/1854 received by letter 3/16/1850 85. John Keff by letter 5/18/1850 86. Anna Gabes by letter 5/18/1850 87. Judia Burwell dismissed by letter 3/27/1853 88. Sarah Burwell dismissed by letter 3/27/1853 89. Agness Providence by letter 7/20/1850 90. Maria Pratt dismissed by letter 2/24/1855 91. Anna Mordock 92. June Clond deceased 1851 93. Hannah Burwell by baptism 1850 94. George Limley 95. William Luran 8/22/1857 excluded 96. Cyntha Anderson deceased 10/3/1855 received by baptism 12/14/1851 97. James L Shaffer and wife 98. Elizabeth Shafer deceased 8/4/1858 99. Allen Stephens 100. William Nance excluded 5/22/1858 101. Andrew Myers 102. skipped this number page 240 red ink and 106 typed at bottom 103. Harriet Myers 104. Lucinda Long 105. Susann Herrod 106. Mary Right by baptism 12/10/1851 107. John Climer deceased 12/15/1851 108. Joseph Burwell dismissed by letter 10/27/1855 109. Elizabeth Stephens 110. Ruth Long 111. Lucus by baptism 1/3/1852 112. John Messmart 1/4/1852 113. Elizabeth Messmere by baptism 1/3/1852 114. Hiram Stephens 115. Ard Huggins by baptism 8/3/1852 116. Phillip Wolf by letters 11/6/1852 117. Rev Samuel Kindall dismissed by letter 2/23/1856 118. Phanlina Kindall dismissed by letter 2/23/1856 119. Mary Jane Minor by baptism 12/11/1853 120. Christiann Anderson 121. Agness Wright by baptism 12/14/1853 122. Ann Maria Burwell received by baptism 10/31/1854 123. Israel Stephens 124. James Linn and wife 125. Elizabeth Linn 126. James E Burwell 127. William Smith dismissed by letter 1/27/1855 128. Linza Climer 129. Alfred Hight excluded 3/22/1856 130. Absalom Fetters 131. John Wright 132. William Huderson deceased 10/17/1855 133. Hester Ann Long excluded 5/26/1850 134. Nancy Huggins 135. by baptism 11/5/1854 136. Parkinson Skinner 137. Howell Phillips 138. Elizabeth Hanah dismissed by letter 2/24/1855 139. Phebe Sharpneck excluded 3/22/1856 by letter 2/24/1855 140. Rachel Sharpneck 141. Dellila Huggins 142. Mary Ellen Huggins 143. Sary Ellen Evans dismissed by letter 2/15/1861 144. Louisa Huggins 145. Rebecca Wright 146. Ann Gunp 147. Martha Long 148. Nancy Vance 149. received by the right hand of fellowship 1/27/1855; no number for the following person in this, Louisa Love 12/27/1856 received by letter 150. Jeremiah Stewart 151. Ann Stewart his wife 152. William Smith 1/24/1857 153. John Long restored 154. received by letter 1/24/1857 James Hufty and wife 155. Casander Hufty 156. received by expearience 9/26/1857 Mary Mundle received by letter 2/21/1857 157. Rachellebo wife dismissed by letter 5/21/1859 received by baptism 3/6/1858 158. Marcia Ervin 159. Maria Wright deceased 3/5/1851 160. Solomon Lee Parsel and wife dismissed by letter 3/24/1860 161. Jane Parsel dismissed by letter 3/24/1860 162. Prissilla Molley 163. Catharine Phillips 164. D Edward Sames 165. James Huggins 166. restored 167. Kishiann Huggins 168. Phebe Stanley deceased 8/7/1857 169. William Long received by baptism 12/13/1858 170. Henry J Davis and wife 171. Milla Davis 172. Hellen Davis 173. Martha Shaffer 174. Mary Stephenson dismissed by letter 3/12/1841 175. skipped this number 176. Rebecca Gregg 177. George Seaton 178. John Sitensburgh excluded 3/12/1861 179. Nancy Evans joined here and received at Greensburgh received by baptism 12/15/1858 180. J Chanler Harper and wife dismissed by letter 12/24/1859 181. Rachel Harper dismissed by letter 12/24/1859 182. Hughey Kinnan 183. Samuel Minor 184. John C Wright and wife 185. Ella Line Wright 186. Maria Long 187. Mary Stephens 188. skipped this number 189. Hannah J Preaves 190. Preas Cummins 191. George Sames 192. George Stephenson dismissed by letter 3/12/1851 193. Corby G Evans 194. Alfred Jimison dismissed by letter 2/24/1859 195. Franklin Seaton and wife 196. Lida Seaton 197. Joseph A Shaffer received by baptism 12/18/1858 198. Elizabeth Dowled 199. Elizabeth M Garard 200. Isabella Kinnan 201. Anney Rickey 202. Lucinda Stephens and Minor 203. Anna Waterson 204. Lenza Stephens excluded 3/1862 205. Elizabeth A Richey 206. Saryellen Reaves 207. Thomas Richey 208. Daniel Waycoff 209. William Ingram 210. Henry Long 211. Benjamin Love 212. Mary Long 213. Mary Calvert received by experience 12/18/1858 214. Joseph Tonschell received by baptism 12/1858 215. Jonas Emery and wife 216. Mary A Emery 217. Lucinda Ducate 218. Christian Ryse 219. Harriet Byers 220. Mary Paterson 221. Rachel Gilbert received by baptism 3/2/1859 222. Jackson Waycoff and wife 223. Mary Waycoff 224. Clarinda Long 225. John Waycoff received by experience 9/23/1859 226. Catharin Waycoff received by baptism 6/23/1860 227. George Byards received by baptism 8/19/1860 228. Solomon Masters received by baptism 9/16/1860 229. Mary Ann Mundle received by letter 11/17/1860 230. Hester Downey 231. Elizabeth Rossell received by baptism 12/15/1860 232. John Stephenson 233. John Mundle 234. Jasper Paterson 235. Sarah Hunt 236. Lucretia Stephens 237. Mary Ellen Molley 238. Sarah Reaves received by baptism 12/18/1860 239. Hannah Pratt 240. Roseann Stephens 241. Eli Sames 242. Dr Stephen Hill received by baptism 2/3/1861 243. Marion Minor 244. Elizabeth Hainz 245. Received 4/27/1861 by letter Joseph B Sharp Minister

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