Selected Goshen Baptist Church Minutes, 1773-1857

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Contributed by M. Burns. Thank you, Marty! Goshen Baptist Church Minutes, 1773-1857, Greene Co., Pa. Selections from Minutes of the Goshen Baptist Church, Greene County, Penna, from the nearly 300-page single-spaced typed not-yet-microfilmed and unphotocopiable copy at the DAR Libary, Washington, DC, and excerpts from other sources... Possible list of founding members on flypage Jacob Vanmeter and wife Edward Robins and Rebeck Abraham Vanmeter and wife John Vanmeter and Rebeccah Underwood and wife Eastwood and wife Elias Garard and wife David Henton and Mary his wife At a monthly meeting 11th December 1773 Jacob Vanmeetre chosen Deacon John Vantrees to Praise the Psalm David Henton to Keep the Records The fryday Before the Second Sabbath in Feb'y to Be Church Meeting again The Saturday to be Preparation Day Before Communion February 11, 1774 Then Met according to Appointment and Elias Gerrard was Chose Ruling elder and ______ Communion'd on the Sabbath in general and apointed Church Meeting on the 8th day of April Friday, April 8, 1774 Met according to appointment and proceeded to business as follows, Aconsidered an acusation Brought against Brother Underwood for Drinking to Excess, which we have Cited to a Next Church Meeting on friday Before the 2nd Sabbath in June Sister Ives accus'd of Speaking Rashly and c--- Fryday, 13th January 1775 (No Meetings by Reason of War) Met and agreed that Brother Underwood decline communion till next Monthly Meeting also that Sister Ives is Suspended Till next Communion Fryday 10th March 1775 Then Met according to appointment, and agreed that Brother Underwood still decline communionŠ Also Sister Ives rec'd into our Communion the Church having chose Brother Jno Gerrard Ruling Elder, proceeded to business Brother Gerrard chosen Moderator. A matter relating to Sister Vantrees and Rebeckah Rawlins, brough on ------ as follows ----- Sister Vantrees having contradicted Becky Rawlings in some words which she said, relating to Elias Gerrard. but being convinc'd of that Elias Gerrard said the words though not in her hearing, has so far acknoledged herself in the wrong. But not allowing she spoke in the manner some apprehended her to speak yet undecided church meeting second Sabbath in May. Fryday 12th May 1775 Met according to appointment and rec'd Brother Corbly into our church by a letter of dismision from Mill Creek Church and Chose Moderator Brother Underwood still continued till next meeting A meeting appointed at Goshen for Ordaination Fast held on the same by the church and on Saturday the 10th June 1775 our Brother John Corbley was ordained over us by brother James Sutton and Isaac Sutton rec'd the right hand of Fellowship as our pastor and Brother James Sutton dismissed from us delivering up the charge and pastoral care to our Brother CorblyŠSame time also agreed that our Brother John Corbly go assist Brother Isaac Sutton to constitute a Church at Sand Creek Glades on wednesday the 14th of June and Ordain our Brother Barnet over them if required Met according to the above appointment and constituted the church consisting of Nine Members but no ordination was performed Resolved that as it may tend to the Glory of God and advancement of Our Redeemers Kingdom we have thought proper that Quarterly Meetings be held this side of Laurel Hill and the first to begin on the second Saturday in September at Laurel Hill Meeting House where the ministers in general are to meet Agreed that at Whitely Creek the Last Sunday in June the Ordinancy of Baptism be administered accordingly was performed and the following persons was baptized to wit James Moredock, James Crooks, Moses Taylor and Ann Tylor (Tyler?) Agreed that the last Sabbath in July be our Communion Season and that Friday before church business be done Met according to appointment and rec'd Brother Underwood into Fellowship Next rec'd David Evans and Mary his wife by letter and Brother Evans chosen Deacon September 22 Met and proceeded to business when a letter of dismission was given to--- November 24th Met according to appointment but no business material was transacted January 26, 1776 Met according to appointment and proceeded to business first received Brother James Mundle and Margaret his wife into fellowship by letter March 29th 1776 Met according to appointment and proceeded to business agreed that Sister Mary Wise decline communion May 24th Met according to appointment Brother Corbly and Brother Eastwood appointed to cite Sister Ives to our Next Monthly Meeting July, 1776 Agreed that church meetings be altered holding them for future the Saturday before the preparation for communion Mary Ives (Ivers) excommunicated George Morris and William Crawford baptized and received into Goshen Church about the year 1776 (added later) 9/8/1779 Met according to appointment on Saturday the 18th of September and proceeded to business. First agreed by the voice of the church that Brother Jacob Vanmetre take his seat in the house of God as formerly. Agreed by voice of the majority of the Church that Brother Alexander Briant to be under censure for his not complying with the request of the Church. We gave unto our beloved Brother Jacob Vanmetre, John Garard, John Ventrees, John Eastwood, Joseph Eastwood, John Gated, Isaac Dye, David Henton, Abraham Vanmetre, Jacob Vanmetre Junior, Rebecca Vantrees, Letitia Vanmetre, Hannah Dye, Mary Underwood, Mary Henton, Bambo and Dinah letters of dismission according to their request. We gave unto our beloved Brethren John Corbly and Elizabeth Corbly, his wife, Hannah Eastwood letters of dismission agreeable to their request. 1/29/1780 Met according to appointment January 29, 1780. First agreed by the voice of the Church unanimously that Brother Benjamin Sutton be laid under censure for taking of hogs that was none of his property. Second agreed by the voice of the Church that Brother Alexander Briant take his seat in the house of God as he stood the 24 of July in the year 1779. Third agreed by the majority of the Church that Hannah Garard is laid under censure for her misbehavior namely for committing adultery. 2/26/1780 Met by appointment February 26, 1780. First agreed by the majority of the Church that Hannah Gerrard be excommunicated for the above crime. 30 October 1784 Agreed to send a letter to James Sutton to come down next church meeting to discuss cause whereby he is grieved. 29 November 1784 Agreed to hold our next meeting at Bro Corbly's house. 25 December 1784 Received Bro Abraham Coult (?Covalt) and his wife Lois by letter and cut off J Eastwood for his continual wickedness. 26 March 1785 Agreed to offer Bro Corbly seventy five pounds for one year for three sabbaths a month to attend equal at Whitely and Muddy Creek to be paid one fourth part in money. 24 April 1785 Business respecting Bro Corbly referred to next meeting to send a letter to John Garard respecting Whitely Meeting House. 7 May 1785 Bro Corbly's request was satisfied with his attending two sabbaths a month for the present. Bro Crawford and Bro Clark to raise Psalm and Bro Corbley's attending us to be equally divided in every respect between Muddy Creek and Whitely Meeting House. 25 June 1785 Agreed that Saturday before communion to be held a day of worship. 30 June 1785 Received Henry Jackson and his wife, Justus Garard and Sarah Clark by baptism. 27 August 1785 Received Thomas Bowin, Joseph Martin, Elizabeth Frazey, and Mary Hudson by baptism and Nancy Corbly. 23 September 1785 Received Joseph Fraizey, Rebecca Edwards, Mary Linn, Pleasant Johnson, Mary Gates and Rachel his wife (?) Mary Crosley and Joseph Dunn and his wife Dinah Dunnby letter. 8 September 1785 Received by baptism William Burk, Azariah Daves, Isaac Garard, Margaret Morris, Rachel Garard, and Jemima BurkŠalso agreed a letter of recommendation down to Cain tuck unto Ellek Brian on his request. 29 October 1785 Received John Guthry, John Garard, Jan Jones, and Druzilley Nap/?Knapp by baptism. 26 November 1785 Received Hercules Turner, Henry Johnston, John Nap, Ame Turner, Elizabeth Davis, and Ann Dawson 24 December 1785 Received Bro Daniel Hillman by letter Bro Robert Jones and Brother Jonathan Morris chosen Deacons to assist Bro Mordock in the business of the church. 9/30/1786 Met at Whitely according to appointment and proceeded to business viz. Received Robert McKinney by baptism. Sister Rachel Garard received into fellowship and privileges of the Church again. Elenor Mundle received by baptism. 10/13/1786 Met at Whitely meetinghouse to determine whether Brother Daniel Cleark should be licensed to go out and preach or not. Resolved in the negative. Also proceeded further to business and received seven to baptism viz Abner Mundle, John Heart/Hart, Jonathan Mundle, Andrew Mundle, Paul Hahn, Mary and Micheal Hahn. Received Esther (Easter) McKinney the next day. DAR library copy p 18, black numbers 10/6/1787 Absom Milner suspended communion til the Church see further. Brother Mordock to cite John Hart and Jonathan Mundle for not attending monthly meeting. Hannah Garard restored to her seat again. Brother Robert Jones appointed to cite Micheal Hahn to out next monthly meeting to shew cause for his non attendance likewise Received Sarah Brown for baptism. 10/27/1787 Met at Muddy Creek according to appointment and proceeded to business. Received for baptism Rolin Hughs, Susanna Hughs and Sarah Johnson Dis. Brother Jones reported that Micheal Hahn could not attend this day. Brother Jonathan Mundle appeared and acknowledged his fault. Brother John Heart/Hart appeared and acknowledged he had played fiddle twice. The Church think proper that John Heart/Hart be suspended Communion tomorrow. Brother Price the Church hearing of Brother Price's misconduct think it proper that he should be suspended communion on the morrow. Brother Azariah Davis to cite Joseph Dunn to appear before the Church. 11/10/1787 Met at Whitely according to appointment and proceeded to business viz Considered further the Affair of William Birt and unanimously agreed that he be cut off from the fellowship of this Church. Likewise considered John Naps affair and agreed that he be cut off from the fellowship of this Church. Likewise recd Phebe Masters by Letter from the Scotch plains in New Jersey. 11/1787 Met at Whitely according to appointment and proceeded to business viz Signed subscriptions for making fires and repairing chimneys and graveyard 12/28/1787 Met at Whitely according to appointment and proceeded to business viz Concluded that Brother Clark preach before the Church on Saturday nineteenth of January and they either give him license or to silence him. The Church met according to the appointment of Brother Clark preached and the majority agreed to give him license.
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