Selected Goshen Baptist Church Minutes, 1773-1857

Part 4


Contributed by M. Burns. Thank you, Marty! Goshen Baptist Church Minutes, 1773-1857, Greene Co., Pa. [continued] July 30, 1791 Met at Whitely rec'd Hannah Long for baptism request from John Miller, desirous of becoming a preacher had been dismissed (by letter) from this church appt'd Bro Jos't Gustin to talk with Sarah Luzardo August 27, 1791 Met and rec'd Bro John Miller by return of his letter of dismission granted his request for trial as preacher appointed Bros John Corbly, Robert Jones, Mordock, Chas Anderson, Azaraiah Davis, John Ross, Levi Herrod, Abner Mundle and Joseph Gibbens as messengers to ass'n at the Speerses meeting house Bro Price to prepare letter September 10, 1791 Met at Whitely to unite again on former order and not to admit any member by any other order and no member to commune with any other order rec'd Peter Myers for baptism October 8, 1791 Met at Muddy Creek heard Bro Miller not satisfactory agreed to give letters of dismission to William Knight, David and Susannah Price. October, last Saturday and Sunday, 1791 Rec'd eleven names for baptism: Jer'h Long, Mary Long, David Long, Mirian Flowers, Eliz. Caton, Aron Hibs, Sarah Hibs, Timothy Prior, Obedeah Camble, Abigail Camble at Whitely Creek November 2, 1791 Met at Whitely Creek Rec'd and baptised Jonathan Garard and John Porter, rec'd by letter John Taylor and Jean his wife, Absolam Scritzfield and his wife being communion November, last Saturday, 1791 Met at Muddy Creek Rec'd Elizabeth Stewart, Wm Caton, Hannah Caton, and Mary Fox Met at Whitely after singing rec'd Jane McKhoy for baptism February, 1792 last Saturday Met at Whitely Joseph Sexton was granted a letter upon request March, 1792 last Saturday Met at Muddy Creek William Brown and Anna his wife rec'd for baptism Bro Travis granted a letter upon request Bro Harrod requested to cite Sears daughter to attend at Whitely in April 19 May 1792 Met at Whitely rec'd Henry Crosly by letter and heard request by Bro Crosley to constitute a branch of this church at Rufs Creek left for consideration rec'd Mrs Pugh for baptism and Elizabeth Maple by letter. June 23, 1792 Met at Muddy Creek chose Bros Fordyce and Azaraiah Davis as Deacons. September 4, 1792 Met at Whitely Charles Monrow and Elizabeth Cox offered to church and rec'd for baptism Ruth Sears (?Sayers), alias Evens formerly rec'd into this church and since entered into marriage while she still has a husband alive agreed to cut her off from the Church Thomas Mingo also cut off from the church Bro Screechfield and wife suspended for breach of Sabeth for this communion Bros Corbly, Crossley, Harrod, Jonathan Morris, Jones, George Morris, William Brown and Fordyce appt'd messengers to ass'n at George Creek Bro Corbly to write letter December 29, 1792 Met at Muddy Creek Benjamin Stites formerly a member of this church has married while still having a wife cut off from fellowship January 19, 1793 Met at Whitely Black Jesse rec'd for baptism March, 1793 4th Saturday Bros Morris, Gibbins and Mirs appointed to talk with Bro Screechfield and wife April, 1793 last Saturday Sister Sarah Hibbs made complaint against Bro Myers Bros Jones, Gibbens, Campel, and Brown to talk with them 1793 Met at Muddy Creek trouble between Bro Myers and Jonathan Morris letter granted to Bro Andrus Gray upon request Bros Henry Crosley, Herrod, Jones, Davis and Charles Anderson heard matter between Myers and Morris September, 1793 Met at Whitely letter granted to Elizabeth Stephens upon request Bros Corbly, Crosley, Jones, Az'th Davis, Harrod and Fordyce appt'd messengers November, 1793 1st Saturday Met at Muddy Creek Bro Gustin and Banajah Gustin cited Bro Peter Myers worth of censure. December 27, 1793 Laid Bro Benj'm Gustin under censure Bro Az'th Davis to cite Jesse Vanmeter to attend next meeting Bro Jones to cite Thomas Bowen, Bro Monroe to cite Eli Mundle Bro Camble to cite Bro Schritchfield and wife. January 25, 1794 accusations against Bro Jeriah Guther Bros Corbly and Jones to inquire. February, 1794 Laid Bro Jer Gustins under censure Bro Screechfield restore March 29, 1794 Met at Muddy Creek Bro Morris requested a letter refused April 26, 1794 Met at Whitely Creek May 17, 1794 Met at Muddy Creek June 29, 1794 Met at Whitely Creek June 19, 1794 Met at Muddy Creek appt'd John McIntash to cite Bro Andrew Mundle to attend next meeting appt'd Justus Garard to cite Bro Jno Miller August 30, 1794 Met at Whitely Creek Bro Mundel appeared Bro John Miller appeared and was cut off by church Bros Corbly, Crosley, Harrod, Jones, Fordice, Jonathan Morris, Davis and Abner Mundel appt'd messengers for ass'n Bro Corbly to write letter January, 1795 Met at Whitely Creek February 21, 1795 Met at Whitely Creek March/1795 Met at Whitely the last Saturday in March and singing and prayers proceeded to business. The result of the Association being brought before the Church respecting the non-laying on of hands being honor of communion was generally agreed to. Margaret Hart formerly being in fellowship with this church but has committed an act of adultery. The Church therefore unanimously agree to cut her off. [continues from Part 3] Saturday 10/24/1807 Met at Whitely after singing and prayer by Brother Hersey proceeded to business. 1) Resolved that this Church do withhold their fellowship from Sister Mary Hudson and suspend her from the ordinary privileges of the Church as an acting member until the Church are better satisfied. 2) Resolved that Brother Fordyce and Brother Slack be a Committee to call upon Sister Miers and Sister Right to remind them of the importance of taking speedy and Christian measures to obtain a redress of the grievances with which they may be burdened by any Brother or Sister of this communion and inform them that they are requested to attend our next meeting of business and state their difficulties and attempt in the spirit of meekness to maintain their Christian standing and fellowship with the church and fill their places as professed followers of Christ ought to do. 3) Resolved that whereas Brother Jonathan Morris has affirmed that he heard Brother John Rudolph say that he and Morris had bad luck with their flour that some part of the greater part which they had made for Superfine Flour was condemned to common flour and he said he did not think it was fair for a man that used spectacles to inspect flower for it made the specks appear larger. Brother Rudolph being duly qualified before Jacob Black Esq upon solemn oath Delaveeth that no such conversation ever passed between Jonathan Morris and himself. It is therefore required of him the said Morris to obtain the deposition of Joseph Morris, Robert Ross Esq, and of such other, if any there be, that can prove or confirm in any way the truth of his assertion and present the same to our next meeting of business. Likewise we appoint Brother Hersey to write immediately to Brother Rudolph and inform him the process of the business and cite him to our meeting of business in January next. Skipped ahead Saturday 5/25/1810 Met at Whitely Creek and after singing and prayer by Brother Hanah proceeded to business. 1) Chose Brother Herrod moderator 2) Brother Hannah make report of the conversation that he had with Thomas Dakens and he informed Brother Hannah that he was established in his principles and the Church think it their duty to exclude him on account of his declaring a non-fellowship with the Church. 3) Azariah Davis come before the Church and made concession and was restored to his place and requested a letter. Granted. A letter requested by Sarah Miller. Granted. Jesse Vanmetre refusith to have the Church but declares a non-fellowship for which the Church think proper to exclude him. Brother Ross made report that he called on Brother Jeremiah Long to know the reason why he did not attend our meetings and his answer was such the Church think him worthy of censure. Saturday 6/23/1810 Met at Whitely and after the usual introduction proceeded to business. Brothers Morris and Minor to go and talk with Brother Long concerning the answer he gave Brother Ross which was that his wife was sick and he could not leave his stills neither Saturday nor Sunday Saturday 8/25/1810 Met at Whitely after prayer by Brother Morris and proceed to business. Chose Brother Herod moderator. Brothers Morris and Minor made report of the deseorss they had with Brother Long which was that he had no objection to attending our meeting but that the situation of his family was such it was out of his power until some alteration and the Church think it as well to continue the same until further meeting. Saturday 1/25/1811 Met and after the usual introductions proceeded to business. Took up the business of John Cross and the letter from the Church of New Lisbon. This Church think proper to write to the Church at New Lisbon and let them know there is some difficulty with some of the brethren and Brother Cross. Brother Ross to cite Brother Jeremiah Long to attend our next monthly meeting. Saturday 3/21/1811 Met after singing and prayer by Brother Stone proceeded to business. Took up the business of John Cross and ordered the Clerk to alter the letter that is to be sent to the Church at New Lisbon and present it to the next meeting for examination. The business of Brother Jeremiah Long was investigated himself present and the Church think it proper to suspend him from the privileges of the Church. Saturday 4/25/1811 Met at Whitely after singing and prayer proceeded to business. 1) Resolved communion by statedly once in three months except notice being given to the contrary. 2) Resolved that the business of Sister Hudson before mentioned on the records of our Church be taken up at our next meeting of business 3) Brother John Evins be appointed to cite her to appear at our next meeting of business Saturday 6/15/1811 Met at Whitely after singing and prayer by Brother Stone proceeded to business. 1) The business of Sister Hudson was taken up. She being present the Curch think proper to give her farther indulgence. 2) The Church think it their duty to exclude Jeremiah Long 3) Mary Jones formerly had applied for a letter and it was granted. She did not get it. The Church grant her one at the present. Skipped ahead 5/27/1815 Met according to appointment after singing and prayer proceeded to business. John Van Buskirk and Catherine his wife request letters of dismission. They are granted. Whereas Mary Hudson was suspended from the privilege of this Church in years past and never gave satisfaction and now removing without requesting a letter is excluded from the privilege of this Church. 24 February 1819 John Hart, Margaret Hart, and Jake Mucklery were excommunicated Skipped ahead 10/16/1822 The Church met according to appointment and after singing and prayer by Brother James Seymour proceeded to business. 1) Chose Samuel Hill moderator 2) Received Jeremiah Long into full fellowship in the Church by letter 3) Unanimously received James Seymour and Susannah Seymour by letter into full fellowship in the Church. The notifying of Thomas Culour postponed for some time 6/21/1823 The Church met according to appointment and after the usual introduction of singing and prayer by Brother Jeremiah Long proceeded to business 1) Chose Brother Samuel Hill moderator 2) Heard Brother Jeremiah Long speak and after fully considering of his gifts agreed they were not such as qualified him to go and preach the gospel. But were willing he might make another trial to improve his gifts before the Church at our meeting of business in August next 3) Appointed Brother James Seymour to prepare a letter to send to the next association and to be read at our next meeting skipped ahead 9/27/1823 The Church met and after singing and prayer by Brother Micheal Stierne proceeded to business. 1) Chose Brother Seymour moderator 2) Heard the experience of Jonathan Morris and received him into full fellowship and union in the Church and for baptism the next day 3) Gave liberty to Brother Jeremiah Long to speak and exercise his gifts in the Church where met for attending to business skipped ahead 8/27/1825 The Church met and after an introduction of singing and prayer by Brother Seymour proceeded to business 1) Chose Brother Seymour moderator 2) Septumus Gobe and Anney Gobe were unanimously received by letter 3) The case of Aron Ross was taken into consideration and continued to our March meeting 4) Thomas Culver was requested to give his reason for retaining his letter of dismission so long time and he said he had given it in to the Ruff's Creek Church 5) The case of Jacob Myers was called up for consideration. He did not appear to prove anything and the Church being asked if they believed that James Seymour altered the records entered on the church book on the twenty-fourth day of November 1821, they unanimously voted they did not believe that he altered said records, with the exception of two members, who both of them afterwards and while the Church was in session said they did not believe James Seymour altered said records. And one of them to wit Joseph Hammers said that said records had not be altered since he first saw it to the best of his recollection which was at the meeting in January, 1822, two months after the record was made. 6) The letter to send to the Association was read and approved and appointed as their messenger: James Seymour, Whitfield Chandler, and James Williamson. 7) Sister Rebecca Ross requested letter of dismission and it was granted. 10/21/1826 The Church met and after singing and prayer by Brother James Seymour proceeded to business. 1) Appointed James Seymour moderator 2) Brother Septimus Gabes chosen Deacon in the room of Brother Samuel Hill who is in a declining state and not able to attend 3) Agreed to commune on the fourth Sabbath in November and by order of the church for Brother J Seymour to invite Brother William Brownfeel/?Brownfield to attend 11/25/1826 Sermon preached by Brother James Seymour from James 42 and VLth and after a short discourse by Brother Ezra Degarmo, Brother Seymour proceeded to set apart by ordination Brother Septimus Gabes deacon after which meeting was closed by Brother Barnet Whitlach by singing and prayer. 4/8/1842 Friday evening A meeting of days commenced Saturday 9th and invitation was given and the following named persons came forward and when considered as fit subjects for baptism to wit John Moredock Jr, and his wife, Mrs Ingram Henry Comly. Evening of the same day Phebe Cumpton and Mrs Morris came forward and were received as fit subjects for Baptism. Monday 11th The following named persons were all baptized to wit Phebe Cumpston, Mrs Morris, Mrs Ingrahm Henry Comly, John Dowlin, Elizabeth Dowlin, Martha Dowlin, Corbly Garard Esq, Sarah Garard, William Erwin Jr, also the following named persons were received into full fellowship and privileges of the Church to wit Hyland Varner and Catherine his wife, Emeline Long, Sinthy Antle, Luisa Myers, Clarisa Roberts, Mary Erwin, Sarah Garard, Joseph Garard, Lindsey Garard, John Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Jesse Long, Eliza Gregg, Phebe Cumpston, Mrs Abner Morris 4/24/1842 The Church met according to appointment and after singing and prayer proceeded to business First chose Brother Jeremiah Stewart Moderator. Granted letters to Abner Mundel his wife and two daughters, Sarah and Ann. skipped ahead p199 red ink, 65 typewritten 12/3/1853 3) Whereas John Long is a delinquent member of this Church and Brother Denis Dulaney and Brother John Comley stated that they sean the said John long commune with the Prispurterians Church therefore resolved that the said John Long be excluded from the fellowship of this Church. 12/24/1853 10) Resolved that we take up the case of William Long for imbassidory with a young woman east of the mountains and defer it til our next church meeting. 5/27/1854 Resolved whereas a request has been made by Brother John Long that this Church grant him a letter of dismission. 6/24/1854 Resolved that John Long withdrew the former resolution offered by him and withdrew himself from this Church and did not want the members to call him brother any more for he felt himself too little for to be called brother. Resolved that Susanna Long withdrew herself from this Church. 8/26/1854 6) Resolved that William Long be excluded from the fellowship of this Church for imbassadary. 7) Resolved that Sary Climer be excluded from the fellowship of this Church for imbassadary. 8) Resolved John Long and Susanna Long did not want the Church to recognize them at members of the Church. 9) Resolved that the former conduct and declaring none fellowship of this Church threfore resolve that John Long be excluded from the fellowship of this Church 10) Resolved that we appoint a committee for to visit Susanna Long and report next Church meeting. Namely JP Minor and D Delaney 9/23/1854 1)Resolved that Sister Long says that she is satisfied to retain her membership with this Church. Therefore resolved that we take a vote to know whether the Church is satisfied to retain Sister Long. The Church unanimously agree to retain her in full fellowship with us. 1/24/1857 3) Resolved that John Long be restored to the full fellowship of this Church
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