Hickmans of Greene County, Pa.

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The earliest record of Robert Hickman is the 1790 census for Cumberland Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, which is present day Greene County, Pa. Robert lived the remainder of his live near the head of Frosty Creek in Greene County, near the intersection of Whiteley, Jefferson and Greene Townships.
According to his tombstone ("Oct. 29, A.D. 1842, aged 69 years 10 mo."), Robert would have been born in December 1772. However, three census records show him older: 1810 Census born prior to 1765 and 1830 & 1840 Census born prior to 1770. His birthplace is unknown, however two of his children reported in the 1880 Census that their father was born in New Jersey. Extensive research has failed to uncover the names of Robert's parents. Possible ancestors and siblings are discussed in a subsequent section.
Robert Hickman married Mary Magdalena Livengood probably in present day Greene County in the mid 1780's. Church records show that Mary Magdalena was born on December 4, 1756 and baptized on March 20, 1957 at Hanover Lutheran Church, Falkner's Swamp, now Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Peter Livengood and Anna Eva Linderman. Peter was the son of Hans Jacob and Ann Margaretha Lowenguth. Mary Magdalena came with her parents to present day Greene County, Pa, about 1784. She died August 25, 1838 in Greene County.
The only Church record of Robert and Mary's family is the baptism of their first daughter, Elizabeth. It is recorded on May 7, 1793 at Jacob's "Old Dutch" Lutheran Church in German Township, Fayette County, Pa. Many of Mary Magdalena's relatives lived near this church and had their children baptized there.
As most residents of early Greene County, Robert was a farmer, living off the land. In the tax records of 1871-1819, he is also listed as a "carpenter." His skill in carpentry must have been notable, as the occupation of carpentry was passed down through many of his descendants. Robert was successful in his life, as he expanded his homestead, by purchasing property of his adjacent neighbors. He owned a total of 97 acres in 1842.
Greene County Court records show that Robert was a frequent party in lawsuits over the years. In particular 1805-9, he was involved in seven different cases. The reasons for all the lawsuits are unknown, except for two. In August 1805, Robert sued John Renner for assault and battery on his daughter, Nancy. In February 1807, James Corbett sued Robert and three other neighbors for "assaulting, beating, and false imprisoning."
Robert and Mary Hickman had five children. Unlike many families that migrated west from Greene County, their entire family remained in Greene County for two entire generations. A few descendants still live in the County today. The first child, Nancy, married James Vandruff and raised their children in Whiteley Township. The second child, Elizabeth, married Barnet Renner and lived in Perry Township. The fourth child, Samuel, married Elizabeth and divorced and his children grew up in Franklin and Whiteley Townships. The fourth child, Abraham, married Mary Nelson and lived in Whiteley, Perry, Dunkard, and Washington Townships. The fifth child, Cassander, married Hiram Nichols and lived in Wayne Township.
Robert Hickman died on October 29, 1842. He wrote his last will on September 3, 1841. It states in part: "...I give and bequeath to my grandsons Jesse and Morgan Hickman, sons of my son Samuel Hickman, two tracts of land in Franklin Township...My will is that my said son Samuel shall have free access and support of the two tracts...by making use of the means of industry of the same...I direct my Executors...to sell...all the tracts of land where upon I now live...the proceeds to be equally divided amongst my heirs...I also direct that the...value thereof (two tracts of land in Franklin Twp.) to be deducted out of my son Samuel's share, the residue as my other hers, viz: Abraham, nancy, Elizabeth, & Casander...I also order...to deliver to my son Samuel free of cost or charge all my wearing apparel...I order... to have around my wife as wall as my own grave if not sooner done a suitable & sufficient stone wall as well as headstones..." The receipts filed in Robert's estate papers are the following heirs: Hiram Nichols & wife, James Vandruff, Samuel Hickman, Elizabeth Renner, and Aba Hickman. A detailed listing of the items in Robert's estate appraisement appears in a following section.
Robert and Mary are buried on their farm in a small graveyard. See the next section on the Hickman Cemetery.

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Robert Hickman's ancestors are unknown at this time. William Riley Hickman, Robert's great-grandson, told his daughter Willa that "his father's ancestors on the Hickman side came from England to Long Island before the Revolutionary War; there were four brothers who came and settled there, and from there scattered southward, one to Kentucky, one to Pennsylvania, one to Maryland, and one to Virginia." I have been unable to verify this family remembrance. The only clue to Robert Hickman's origin is the 1880 Federal Census, which asked each person for the birthplace of their parents. In 1880, Robert's children still living, Abraham and Cassander, both reported that their father was born in New Jersey.

My research has revealed the following Hickman families living in southwest Pennsylvania, prior to 1800.


A Samuel Hickman lived adjacent to the land of Peter Livengood (Robert Hickman's father-in-law) according to four different land surveys in 1786 and 1787. A subsequent deed transfer in 1800 also refers to Samuel Hickman as an adjacent resident. In a 1826 deed transfer, the adjacent land is recorded as "land of late Nannie Hickman." The land where Samuel Hickman lived is now in Jefferson Twp, Greene County. A land warrant was obtained by Silas Estel for this land on September 17, 1788. I have yet to find a connection between the Estel and Hickman families.
These land deeds are the only reference found of Samuel Hickman in Washington or Greene Counties. He is not listed in any of the annual tax lists or census of that area.
A Samuel Hickman appears in the 1785 tax list of Georges Township, Fayette County, PA. A Samuel Hickman appears on the February and May 1780 tax lists of Chesterfield Twp., Burlington County, New Jersey and the 1774 tax list of New Hanover, Burlington County, New Jersey.
There are records of the births of four unnamed children of the Samuel Hickman of Burlington County: sons born July 26, 1766, December 27, 1770 and "3rd of the week of April 7, 1773", and a daughter born August 28, 1768.
There is a good possibility that the Samuel Hickman of New Jersey is the same one, who migrated to Greene County, via Fayette County. It should be noted that Robert Hickman and William Hickman both named one of their sons "Samuel".
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William Hickman was born about 1765 and was in present day Greene County, PA., by the time of the 1790 Washington County tax list and the 1790 Federal Census. He married Margaret Stewart and died in 1817 in Franklin Twp, Greene County.
William was about the same generation and appeared in Greene County about the same time as Robert Hickman, indicating that they may have brothers. Dorothy Hennan, Past President Emeritus of the Cornerstone Genealogy Society and a descendant of William Hickman, has researched his ancestry without success. In the 1880 census four children of William gave different responses to the birthplace of their father: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Germany, and no information given.
William and Margaret Hickman's children:
(Sources: Greene County Will Book 1, file #303 page 181 and file #267 page 162; 1790,1810, and 1880 Census; Hennen's Choice, by Dorothy T. Hennen.)


Abraham Hickman was born about 1765-75. In 1807, when Robert Hickman sold land, the deed described the land as "upon which Abraham lately lived." He appears in the Greene County tax lists from 1808 until his death in 1823/24, living in Cumberland, Franklin and Center Townships. His wife was Rachel Everingham. They had at least three sons and 2 daughters.
Possible children:
(Sources: 1810 Census. Greene County Deed, Vol 2, p.266 1/2, March 26, 1807; Greene County Appearance Book 9 (1829-30), page 104, dated Aug. 11, 1829; Greene County Orphan Court Records; Greene County Tax Records.)


Charles Hickman received a Virginia land grant in present day Fayette County, PA., in 1773. He was probably born prior to 1752. There are numerous tax, court, and land records which all placed Charles in present day Menallen and German Townships, Fayette County from 1772 until 1803, when he probably died. He was appointed administrator of several estates. His occupation is first listed as carpenter and later as physician. He is reported to be the first physician of the village of New Salem.
Charles served in the Revolutionary War. A descent lineage in the D.A.R. states that Charles emigrated from Holland.
His children: (per a Breckenridge Co, KY Deed)
(Sources: Breckenridge Co, KY, Deed Book D Page 424,
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Abraham was a son of Charles Hickman. He was also a witness to his father's land deed in 1781 and a vendue clerk for an estate that his father administrated in 1779. Abraham was born before 1760, as he was listed in the Washington County tax lists of 1781. He married Magdalena Grable. He spent his entire adult life in Fallowfield Twp, Washington County, PA., dying there in 1841.
Children of Abraham:
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Jonathan was a son of Charles Hickman. He married Elizabeth Dempsey. He lived in Fayette County and later moved to Jefferson County, Ohio.
Children of Jonathan and Elizabeth:
(Sources: Fayette County Orphan Court Record, Vol.1, March term 1804; Fayette Co. tax lists; Jefferson County Will Book 2, p.57, Breckenridge Co, KY,Deed Book D Page 424.)


Solomon was a son of Charles Hickman. Solomon was born Nov. 10, 1770 and first appears in the Fayette County tax records 1802. In the 1798 Federal Direct Tax List, he was living on the land of his father, in a one of the best houses in the area: 26x26 feet two story framed dwelling with 12 windows and 196 lights. Solomon married Elizabeth McCombs June 4, 1795. Elizabeth was born in Delaware Aug. 11, 1771 and died Dec 22, 1870. They moved to Jefferson Twp, Greene County, PA., by 1820. Solomon died June 9, 1845. They are both buried in Green Mount Cemetery, Waynesburg, Greene Co, PA.
Children of Solomon and Elizabeth:
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Ezekiel Hickman was one of the earliest settlers of present day Fayette County, PA., as early as 1768. He was the son of Joshua Hickman (1690-1755) of Frederick County, MD. Ezekiel was born about 1725 and died in 1779. He married Elizabeth Trammel and was a Captain in the Revolutionary War.
Children of Ezekiel and Elizabeth Hickman:
(Sources: The Melleck and Hickman Families, Vol.1, by Franklin Miller, Jr.; 1767 Loudoun County, VA. Court records; 1773 Tyrone Twp, Bedford Co, Tax Roll; Fayette County, PA. tax lists; 1784 Westmoreland County Will Book 1, p.16.; History of Henry Co, IN., by Bowen, pp. 546-7.)


Jacob Hickman was born in the Shenandoah Valley, near Winchester, VA. He married Elsie Way in Chester County, PA., and moved to Fayette County, near New Geneva. Some of his children later moved to Greene County, PA.
Children of Jacob and Elsie Hickman:
(Sources: Fayette County, by John W. Jordan; Greene County tax records; Greene County Cemetery Records.)


Nicholas was born in Germany about 1728 and immigrated about 1750. His two sons, Adam and Peter, came to the Chartiers Valley in Allegheny and Washington Counties, as early as 1772, and were listed in the Cecil Twp., Washington County, PA, tax list of 1781.
Children of Nicholas:
(Source: History of Allegheny County, p.414)


Peter, son of Nicholas Hickman lived in the southern portion of Allegheny County, PA. He married Abigail Fawcett.
Children of Peter and Abigail:
(Sources: History of Allegheny County, p.414; County Estate Records.)


George Hickman is listed in the 1800, 1801, and 1802 tax lists of Greene Twp,Greene County, PA. He was single at that time and his occupation was a tanner. He may have been passing through Greene County, as there is no other record of him in Greene County.


Nathaniel Hickman is listed in the 1808 and 1809 tax lists of Whiteley Twp, Greene County, PA. He may have been passing through Greene County, as there is no other record of him in Greene County.


Hermonius is listed in the 1800 Census of Washington Twp, Fayette County, aged 26-45, with eight other members of the household. He is also listed in the 1798 Federal Direct Tax of Fayette Co. No further information is known.

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