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Some trips to Berkely County!! Still have a couple of more days to spend in the 
Courthouse but donít know when I can get back. Will also have to spend a few days in 
Jerfferson Co. Some of this stuff is really hard to find. 

Additionally, some of the deed books have been missing since the war. I share this 
information in case it rings a bell.


The following is arranged chronologically with appropriate notes on succeeding transactions 
and/or how property was acquired.

April 11, 1781, George Huffman and his wife Ann bought property from John Boswell.

December 18, 1781, George Huffman buys land from Philip Chrisman

On June 17, 1782, a George Huffman sold property to James Ramsey. George had 
acquired it from Philip Chrisman after Philip received his Patent September 5, 
1780. Donít know why Ann is not mentioned unless this is another George???

On January 14, 1786, George and Ann Huffman sell property to Robert Throckmorton, 

June 8, 1788, George and Ann Huffman buy land on the Potomac.

On April 10, 1790, George and Ann Huffman sell land to Henry Huffman. George got 
the land from Thomas Lord Fairfax, Proprietor of the Northern Neck of VA., through 
assignment, by two individuals. This property is sold again on February 22, 1805.

October 23, 1792, Jacob Huffman buys property from James Glenn.

October 29, 1792, Jacob Huffman buys property from James Glenn

December 14, 1792, John Huffman buys Lot #39 in Mecklenburg (now Sherpherdstown) from 
William Spalding.

December 1, 1795, John Huffman buys Lot # 173 in Mecklenburg (now Shepherdstown) 
from Daniel Van Meter.

March 1, 1799, Jacob Hoffman buys land and Grist Mill from Edward Ramsey and 
Sarah. This property is transferred to one of the heirs February 10, 1802.  

July 15, 1799, John Huffman buys land on the Potomac from Robert Gregg of Ross Co., 

September 20, 1799, George Huffman buys property from Josiah Reynolds.

September 29, 1799, George Huffman buys property from Thomas Hood.

January 10, 1802, Henry Hoofman buys land from John Leonard and Ann of the West 
Territory, VA.

February 10, 1802, Nicholas Huffman and Rachel, of Washington Co., MD.; John Huffman 
and Catherine; Henry Siebert and Susannah (Huffman) as heirs of Jacob Huffman sell 
land to Michael Huffman.

July 23, 1803, Frederick Sybert and Eve sell 2 pieces of property to Michael 

July 23, 1803, John Huffman and Catherine sell land to Frederick Sybert.

July 23, 1804, John Huffman and Catherine sell land to Michael Huffman.

September 29, 1804, Henry Huffman and Catherine sell land to David Curinger.

February 22, 1805, Henry Huffman and Catherine, now in Greene Co. PA sell land to 
Mary Smith.

November 21, 1807, The Dower of Catherine Huffman, widow and relict of Jacob 
Huffman is recorded.

May 13, 1813, John Huffman of Washington Co., MD., buys land from William Bell 
and Emma.

September 18, 1819, John Hoofman buys land from Ephriam Lowman.

January 9, 1820, John Huffman of Jefferson Co. receives a land warrant for property 
on the Potomac.

September 15, 1820, Abraham Huffman buys land from Jeptha Martin and Allia.

July 18, 1826, Jacob Huffman and Christine; Michael Kreps and Mary; John Hoffman and
 Susan; Valentine Hoffman and Elizabeth, heirs of John Huffman deceased, sell 
property to Michael Siebert.

May 10, 1841, Mary Huffman, widow of Abraham, releases right of Dower to Michael 


Jacob Hoffman died about October, 1799. John and Catherine Huffman are 

John Huffman died before October 30, 1804. Catherine Huffman and Jonathan Cushwa 
are administrators. In subsequent entries, it is learned that John left four minor 
children; Mary, of age by May 9 1820; Jacob, probably of age be April 4, 1818; 
Valentine, of age by November 29, 1824; and John, probably of age before May 13, 1822.
Johnís widow, Catherine married John Riner on January 26, 1807 and for a period 
of time he is the guardian of all the children. In an accounting filed April 10, 1813, 
Catherine in no longer one of the Administrators. She is replaced by John 
Riner, her second husband.

Michael Hoffman died before October 27, 1806. Frederick Sybert and Mary Huffman 
alias Mary Roiner are Administrators. Michael is one of the heirs of Jacob because 
the estate has income for rent of the mill. He left minor children because 
records show guardianships for Susannah and Michael, both  probably of age by 
February 12, 1827. Peter Riner was the guardian and records show rent income from 
the farm mill.

Catherine Hoffman died before November 10, 1838. She was probably the widow 
of Jacob.

Abraham Huffman died before November 11, 1839 when his will was admitted to probate. 
Will said wife, Mary keeps property lying partly in Berkely and partly in Jefferson 
Counties. Upon her death, sell all and distribute the cash.  Conrad Billmyer is 
the executor.

Joseph Hoffman died before March 13, 1849 in Pickaway, Ohio (Ross Co.?) His will 
was dated November 4, 1846 and proved March 13, 1849. He was formerly of VA. Leaves 
to children of deceased son George L. Hoffman late of Illinois and the children of 
his daughter, Ellen Augusta Wager or Wages of Harperí Ferry, VA., and $1500.00 
to the children of his nephew George Worthington Huffman of Missouri but not to 
be paid in cash, rather invested in western lands. It appears that all the property 
is in Ohio and Illinois.
There is a codicil dated March 6, 1847 wherein he removes the children of his 
deceased son, George L. Huffman and leaves everything but the $1500.00 to his 
daughterís children.

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