Bernna's Huffman File

	          Direct Descendants of Henry Huffman1
   Henry Huffman b: Abt. 1760	d: Abt. 1825 in Greene Co. PA?
    +Margaret ? b: Abt. 1770 d: Abt. 1835 in Greene Co. PA? m:
         Abt. 1792 in PA
2   Joseph Huffman b: 1797 in PA d: 1857 in Muskingum County 
     +? b: 1800 in PA d: 1865 in Muskingum County, Ohio m:
         1818 in PA
3   Henry H. Huffman (I have a copy of will and marriage cer-
        tificate for Henry) b: July 16, 1821 in Greene Co. PA d:
         March 25, 1883 in Muskingum  Co. Ohio 
    +Elizabeth Shick (Elizabeth Shick connects to a large tree)
          b: November 02, 1821 in Muskingum Co. Ohio d: January 
        11, 1902 in Hartford Indiana m: August 26,1841 in
         Muskingum Co. Ohio d: January 11, 1902 in Hartford 
4   John Riley Huffman(I have a newspaper bio on John Riley
        Huffman) b: September 8, 1842 in Muskingum Co. Ohio d.
          July 24, 1913 in Battle Creek MI 
   *2nd Wife Rebecca Ellen Cooper b: June 25, 1851 in Stark Co.
         OH d: May 11, 1922 in Battle Creek MI m: December 23,
         1869 in Hartford City Indiana
5   John Roland Huffman (my grand father he lived with us for a
        time) b: June 16, 1888 in Charlotte MI d. November 11,
         1967 in Smethport Pa.
    +Margaret Koenig (the women who started this Huffman Family
         Tree for her boys) b: May 22, 1890 in Smethport 
        Pennsylvannia m: January 06, 1911 in Smethport
         Pennsylvannia d: January 28, 1967 in Buffalo, NY
6   Bernard Roland Huffman (Brother James Cooper Huffman took 
        over the Huffman Family Tree in the 50's) b: March 21,
         1922 in Smethport Pennsylvania d: October13, 1978 in
         Lyndon, Cattaraugus County, NY
    +Ruth Edna Okerlund b: January 31, 1921, Smethport
         Pennsylvania m: August 22, 1942 in Smethport
7   Bernna Louise Huffman (I have been involved with this tree 
        since the 60's.) b: May 27, 1944 in Kane

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