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Bible Records
Submitted by Susi.

Written records from the bible of George HUFFMAN,  dcd 1814, 
Hanover PA Bible Records in the possession of Ohio Genealogical 
Society Permission from  Bernard Allison NAYLOR.

George HUFFMAN, son of JOHN HUFFMAN  b 1730's- 40's in Hanover
twp. Washington Co. PA. d. pre 14 Mar 1814 
in same place.

Henry Huffman, Sr, s/o George and Anne b 3 April 1786 Hanover 
Twp. Washington Co. PA, d 25 Dec 1826: married Charity FRY b 21
Feb 1790, Bucks Co., PA. d 12 Oct 1846 near Winterset, Madison 
Twp, Guernsey Co., OH buried Winterset Cemetary.
Mary HUFFMAN m (1) James FULLERTON (2) John McClelland 
Rebecca HUFFMAN m Thomas SCOTT
William L HUFFMAN  m Mary ...
Thomas Jefferson HUFFMAN
OGS REPORT 27:1 1987/ LOOKS like page 81.
*Barnard Allison Naylar
, 183 Westwood Rd. Columbus, OH 43214 He was the holder of the records shared with OGS
End of Written records from the bible of George HUFFMAN.

HUFFMAN BIBLE, copied by the Gen. Soc. of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Jan. 9, 1972
at Citizen's Library, Washington, Pa. Bible now in the possession of Mrs. Ruth Huffman Clutter, 970 Gabby Ave., Washington, Pa. 15301 (now deceased)

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Presented by Minnie J. Huffman by her Father and Mother
                                     Jan. 1, 1889.
HOLY BIBLE contains the authorized edition of the New Testament, A.D. 1611
and the Revised version of A.D. 1881 with complete concordance.

Published by Joseph Horner, 129 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.

(Marriage Certificate bound within the pages of the Bible - ) "Joseph HUFFMAN and Minnie F. LIGHTNER
were united by me in Holy Matrimony at the home of A.T. Swains on the 10th day of October in the year of our Lord 1878 in the presence of George LIGHTNER and Melissa M. DAY." Signed A.F. SWAIN, Minister of the Gospel BIRTHS Joseph HUFFMAN Jan. 1, 1855 Minnie J. HUFFMAN Feb. 18, 1856 Clara Myrtle HUFFMAN Jul. 19, 1879 William Cary HUFFMAN Sep. 24, 1880 Fannie Blanche HUFFMAN Apr. 11, 1882 Samuel Cagie HUFFMAN Apr. 8, 1884 Harlie Vernon HUFFMAN Oct. 7, 1885 Jessie May HUFFMAN May 9, 1888 Fanche Ray HUFFMAN Oct. 27, 1890 Joseph Throckmorton HUFFMAN Aug. 5, 1892 MARRIAGES Joseph Huffman and Minnie J. Lightner were married by rev. A.F. SWAIN, October 10th, 1878, witnesses George W. Lightner and Melissa M. Day. Harley V. HUFFMAN and Margaret THOMAS were married Jan. 18, 1908 Charles B. DURBIN and Fany B. HUFFMAN were married Oct. 19, 1909 William C. HUFFMAN and Ocie SMITH were married Sep. 6, 1907 Micajah HUFFMAN and Coral THOMPSON were married (no dates) Donald J. ELY and Jessie May HUFFMAN were married Aug. 15, 1911 Ray HUFFMAN and Olive McGLUMPHY were married Jan. 27, 1917 Joseph HUFFMAN and Nell DUNN were married March 3, 1917 DEATHS M.C. LIGHTNER died Jan. 16, 1906 Mary LIGHTNER died Jan. 5, 1918 Myrtle THOMSPON Aug. 30, 1916 James THOMPSON Dec. 22, 1958 Russell THOMPSON Aug. 9, 1913 Joseph HUFFMAN Nov. 11, 1925 Charles B. DURBIN Nov. 18, 1941 Fannie J. HUFFMAN Dec. 21, 1940 William C. HUFFMAN Jul. 2, 1955 Ralph HUFFMAN Mar. 1941 Coral Thompson HUFFMAN May 13, 1943 Harley HUFFMAN May 10, 1965 Margaret HUFFMAN Sep. 24, 1951 Fred May 11, 1929 Jessie Huffman ELY Nov. 26, 1946 Samuel Cage Dec. 15, 1968 Joseph HUFFMAN Aug. 6, 1969
- END -
Typed by Mrs. Irene P. Lignian
, Monessen, Pa. for the Gen. Soc. of Southwestern Pa.


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