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Charles Ray Huffman, aged 17 years, my father, I was raised by Harold Francis and Mabel Rebecca (Frye)Durbin; and my son-in-law, Michael Scott Parker I.

Helen Louise (Skirchak) Huffman, my mother, holding either my sister Sharon or me, we are uncertain as to which.


Sharon and me in West Alexander, I was about 3 and she was about 4 1/2 years old. And Me and Sharon, our graduation picts.

I was raised by back Harold Francis and Mabel Rebecca (Frye) Durbin, who appear below, holding me.

My Dad used to play violin music, this song, Down Younder was one of the ones I loved to hear him play.
A picture of me and my foster mother, Mabel, whom I loved as if she were my real mother.

A picture of me as a baby walking on Main Street, West Alexander, Pa.

Me and Old Junior, out on my Grandpap Frye's farm.

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