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This page made possible by my cousin, Thanks, Bessie!!!

My father, Charles Ray Huffman, aged 19 years, < > Charles Ray Huffman, aged 17 years

Bessie May (Granlee) Huffman, my Grandmother, standing beside her home in Prosperity, Washington Co., Pa.

The Huffman family photo are left to right:
Our Grandpa Ray, Roy, Aunt Josie Wilbert, Charlie, Harry, and Great Grandma, Ellen (Eleanor) Neel Huffman.

    Allie           Neal
    Frances     Evelyn
    Grampa      Gramma

This is Aunt Ann and Uncle Allie

Deedie Hazlett     Herb Hazlett    Dolores Hazlett

Melvin Hazlett     Bessie Hazlett     Sharon Huffman

               Debbie Hazlett

Uncle Neal Huffman in 1944.

This is my Aunt Frances, Bessie's Mom, ca 1939

This picture is believed to be Aunt Frances and Uncle Herb at Martins Mill Log Cabin in 1939 where they lived for some time.

Aunt Frances and Uncle Herb sitting on the steps in front of the log house with their two daughters.

> <

This is Bessie aged about 2 years< >Bessie age about 6 years

Bessie and brother Herb at Ten Mile Bridge near Marianna, Pa.

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