More History of the Hughes Family

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Subject: HUGHES: Greene Co, PA to Belmont Co, OH
I am looking for any information on:
, m. ________, State of Ohio listed below.
Felix Hughes, b. 1723
Ireland, d. 1805 Greene Co, Pa. Served in the Revolutionary War. Married Cinthia Kaighn.
James Hughes, b. 1750, d. 1807. First Commissioner of Greene Co in 1796. Married Cassandra Dunn
, of Scotch parentage.
Felix Hughes, b. 1774 in Greene Co, Pa, d. 1828. He married Mary Donnely
and lived near Carmichaelstown in Cumberland Twp, Greene Co. They had 8 children (order unknown):
1. JAMES HUGHES, m. ________, State of Ohio. As a young man he was accused of killing an Indian that passed through Greene Co, who was a member of the tribe from Louisville where his father's uncle was killed by Indians. James was acquitted. His mother attending the trial, died on the day he was acquitted - "a death of excessive joy and maternal affection."
2. Thomas Hughes, m. ________, State of Ohio.
3. Mary Hughes, m. William Horner
, Carmichaelstown.
4. Francis Hughes, b. March 20, 1808, d. April 2, 1882, at
Parkersburg, West Virginia. He married Elizabeth Hemstead.
She was born on November 20, 1804, died July 1873.
5. Ibby Hughes, m. ________, Carmichaels.
6. Cassandra Hughes, b. 1800, d. 1891. She married Thomas Crago
He was born in 1801, died in 1884. He was the son of John Crago and Ann Hiller
7. John Hughes, m. Elizabeth Crago, Carmichaels, sister of Thomas above.
8. Jennie (Jessie) Hughes.
I believe this 1. JAMES HUGHES b Pa m. ___ Ohio is the same James as the one in
Belmont Co, Ohio listed below. The time period
for his siblings seems right. I just am not able to connect
him. I need any information on this James, such as when
was he born and when the trial was. A birth year and year
of the trial (when his mom died) would back up or rule out my
Belmont Co, Ohio side:
James moved to Belmont Co., Ohio and married Sarah Ann Lucas

on Dec 17, 1837. She was born on Oct 31, 1818 in Belmont Co,
Ohio and is of the Lucas line from
Montgomery Co, Md. This
is the same line of Lucas' of the book "Lucas Family"
by Anabel Kemp
. James is listed on the 1840 and 1850
Belmont Co, Ohio Census's. 1850 has him as born app 1812/15
and in Pa.
The Hughes family listed at the top is of the Greene Co,
Pa. Hughes of the book "Tenmile Country and Pioneer Families"
by Howard L. Leckey
. The book was sponsored by the Greene
County Historical Society,
Waynesburg, Pa. The
book "My Family Memoirs" by Thomas Hughes, published
in Baltimore, Md also lists this Hughes lineage, but goes
further by listing the incident with the Indians.
I appreciate any and all help. Thank you.
Eric Johnson

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