Nathaniel Hughes Family

The Tenmile Country and Its Pioneer Families
Howard L. Leckey
pps. 373-375.

     Nathaniel Hughes is thought to have been a descendant of John Hughes, born in Wales, who came to 
America and settled in Maryland. Before the end of the Revolution, Nathaniel Hughes with his brothers,
Joseph, William, and Rolland Hughes, removed to the Tenmile Country, where they preformed service 
in the ranks of the Frontiersmen. Joseph Hughes, while in the Army at Fort Pitt, married Sarah, daughter 
of John and Elizabeth (Lucas) Swan. William Hughes married her sister, Martha Swan. Both families removed 
first to Kentucky and then to Howard County, Missouri, where they were living in 1817, when William wrote 
an informative letter to Colonel Charles Swan, whom he called "Brother." He inquired about his "old 
brother Nate," and tells of his brother, Joseph, also living in Missouri. In April 1834, Joseph Hughes 
obtained a pension in Howard County. 
   The letter also asks about his Brother Tom Hughes, meaning Thomas Hughes of Jefferson, in which case he 
means his brother-in-law. Photostat of this letteris in our possession. Joseph and Roland (also spelled 
Rollin) both served under Captain William Harrod on the Clark Expedition. Records also disclose that 
Rollin Hughes and wife, Susannah, were baptized at Muddy Creek, when Goshen Baptist Church met at that 
place on October 27, 1787. He had warranted a tract of land called "Richmond" on October 17, 1785,
located near the mouth of Coal Lick, next to the land of James Eagon. He and wife, Susannah, sold their 
warrant to Nathaniel Dunham and on February 14, 1789, took letters of dismission from Goshen. Rollin 
Hughes and wife settled in Indiana or Illinois.
     Nathaniel Hughes was living across the Tenmile from his brother Rollin's land, when he served in 
Captain James Archer's Militia Company. He had this tract of land warranted to him, under 
the name of "Mount Pleasant" on February 6, 1788. He appears to have been married twice as a deed 
made in 1795 shows a wife, Leah, then in his will made in Greene County, where it was probated June 19, 
1817, he refers to his wife, Rebecca. The land referred to in the deed of March 5, 1795, was sold 
to Solomon Eagon. The Census of 1790, suggests that he had four sons and three daughters born before 
1790, and since guardians were appointed for some of his children in 1817, there is reason to 
believe he had children by both marriages. (WB. 1, pp. 179.)
     The following record had been reconstructed from Orphan Court and will record and lacks absolute 
confirmation. On the whole we think it is correct in most cases. Without a record of the family of 
Rollin Hughes, there may be a chance for error. We are especially aware of a John Hughes, who died about 
1821, leaving a wife, Phoebe Polk, and two sons, John Hughes, who married Catherine Hunnell, and 
Richard Hughes, who married Margaret Hunnell. His widow then married Isaac Higgins. (WB. 1.pp. 213) This 
family may fit in the family of Nathaniel Hughes, through one of the elder sons.
 Children of Nathaniel Hughes
   1. Richard Hughes, married Mary, daughter of Barnet Rinehart,
     Sr. The name of Richard Hughes is found in the Franklin
     Township tax lists from 1809 until 1826. No certain record
     is found for his family, but it seems most likely he was the
     father of Barnet Hughes, born about 1795, as this man is
     sometimes taxed for the same piece of property as is taxed
     to Richard Hughes.
     Children of Richard and Mary (Rinehart) Hughes?
       1. Barnet Hughes, born 1795-97, died in Knox County, Ohio,
          in 1841, married Sarah Gettys, born June 27, 1798, also
          died in Knox County, Ohio. Barnet Hughes married a
          second time.
          Children of Barnet and Sarah (Gettys) Hughes          
           1. John Hughes.
           2. James Hughes.
           3. Mary Hughes.
           4. Sarah Hughes.
           5. Elizabeth Hughes.
       2. Nathan Hughes, 
          died in Knox County in 1839, married Isabella Grimes. Nathan Hughes was but 27 years of age
          when he died. His widow died in October 1869, aged 61
          Children of Nathan and Isabella (Grimes) Hughes
           1. William G. Hughes.
           2. David H. Hughes.
           3. William N. Hughes.
       3. Thomas Hughes.
       4. Hiram Hughes.
       5. John Hughes.
   2. Joseph Hughes.
   3. Nathan (iel) Hughes, Jr., born 1785, died November 28, 1854,
     married Nancy Shearin, daughter of Henry and Sarah (Miller)
     Shearin, born 1791, died April 17, 1843. Both are buried in
     the old cemetery in East Waynesburg. Nathaniel Hughes, Jr.,
     estate in O.C. Docket 4, pp. 2 December 1854.
     Children of Nathan and Nancy (Shearin) Hughes
       1. Andrew Hughes, born November 1, 1810, married Hannah 
         Crayne, born April 4, 1815.
       2. Nathan Hughes, married Margaret Rinehart, daughter of
          Samuel S. and Mary (Zook) Rinehart. She was born Oct-
          ober 12, 1842. (O.C. Docket 3, pp. 317.)    
      Children of Nathan and Margaret (Rinehart) Hughes
           1. H.H. Hughes.
           2. Frank Hughes.           
           3. Bessie Hughes, married ______ Hoge.
           4. Mary Hughes, married ______ Maxwell.
       3. Sarah Hughes, married Dawson McClelland, son of Asa and
          Catherine (Brown) McClelland.
       4. William Hughes, married Jane _____, died before his
          father. (O.C. Docket 4, pp. 1 December 1854.)
          Minor children of William and Jane Hughes
                  (John Young, Guardian)
           1. John Hughes.
           2. Thomas J. Hughes.
           3. William Porter Hughes.
           4. Elizabeth Hughes.
           5. Rebecca Hughes.
       5. Caleb Hughes.
       6. Hiram Hughes, married Sarah Ann Burke. (O.C. Docket 3,
          pp. 428.)
          Minor children of Hiram and Sarah Ann (Burke) Hughes
                    (Charles Black, Guardian)
           1. James M. Hughes.
           2. Mary C. Hughes.
           3. William S. Hughes.
           4. Nancy Hughes.
       7. Lucy Hughes, married James Connely.
       8. John Hughes, married Bessima ______, (O.C. Docket 3,
          pp. 285 September 1852.)
          children of John and Bessima Hughes
           1. Rebecca Jane Hughes, married _____ Filby.
           2. Sarah Elizabeth Hughes, married James Piatt.
           3. John Thomas Hughes.
           4. William Spencer Hughes.
           5. Arabella Hughes.
           6. Nathan Griffith Hughes.
           7. Lucy F. Hughes, married _______ Babbitt.
           8. Nancy Hughes, married George Connely.
   4. Sarah Hughes.
   5. Elizabeth Hughes, married ____ Bell.
   6. Jemima Hughes, married _____ Harbert. On September 21, 1805,
     Sarah Harbert and Thomas Hughes took out letters in the
      estate of Samuel Harbert.
   7. James Hughes.
   8. John Hughes, a minor child over 14 years of age and under 21
     years at the time of the death of Nathaniel Hughes. Richard
     Ankrom was appointed his guardian in 1817 (O.C. Docket 1,
     pp 1120.) On March 2, 1847, letters were taken out in the
     estate of John Hughes. (Estate No. 1254 Greene County.) His
     wife was Louise Strawn, daughter of Isaiah and Susannah
      (Rinehart) Strawn. John Ankrom and Armstron Pater served as
     guardians for their minor children. (O.C. Docket 3, pp. 27
     September 1847.)
     Children of John and Louisa (Strawn) Hughes.
       1. Elizabeth Hughes.
       2. John R. Hughes.
       3. Mary Hughes.
       4. Ellis Hughes.
       5. Eleanor Hughes.
       6. Isaiah Hughes.
       7. Sarah Hughes.
       8. Susannah Hughes.
   9. William Hughes, minor over 12 years of age in 1817, Richard
     Morris appointed guardian.
 10. Susannah Hughes.

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