The Kelley Newsletter Part 3

Number Eight AUGUST 15, 1939. Free and worth it.
Christine Lucas teaches English in the Uniontown High School.
Harry Victor Lucas is principal of the Rices Landing grade school.
Edward Russell VanKirk is Science teacher in the Bentleyville High School.
Mary Stewart Kelley is teaching first grade in the Prospect School of Brownsville.
Edgar Charles Hastings is principal of the LaFayette Junior High School in Uniontown.
Palmetta Florence Hupp is a teacher in the grad school of Deemston.
Homer Ivan Guesman taught his first year at the Crayne district school near Jefferson. His sister, Beatrice Virginia Guesman, teaches third and fourth grades in Rices Landing.
Clyde Olinger, is a teacher in the Roscoe, Ohio, High School. His brother, Justin Olinger, is a teacher in one of the grade schools of Akron, Ohio.
Betty Jane Conklin, daughter of Alonzo Melvin Conklin & Arlie Evelena (Kelley) Conklin, was a freshman in the Nineveh High School, Morris Township, Greene County, Pa.
Lloyd Munce Kelley, son of Winnett Hughes Kelley and Mary Smith (Munce) Kelley, was a freshman in the Cannonsburg High School.
June Elizabeth Gregg, daughter of Grover Cleveland Gregg and Maud Belle (Sharpnack) Gregg, was a Sophomore in the Beallsville High School.
Jack Martin ehner, son of Anthony Lehner & Mary Isadore (Kelley) Lehner was a junior in the Trinity Hall High School, near Washington, Pa.
Donald Ewdin Crago, son of Daniel Webster Crago and Vera Marie (Dow) Crago, was a sophomore in the Jefferson High School. Martha Fern Loos, daughter of Wiliam Daniel Loos and Minnie Ellen (Rush) Loos graduated in May at the East Pike Run High School in Washington County.
Iva Ruth Christopher, daughter of James Orval Christopher and Isabella Cassie (Evans) Christopher, was a freshman in the Jefferson High School.
Grace Lucille Kelley, daughter of Alvie Earl Kelley and Marian Belle (Martin) Kelley, is attending the Griffith Beauty School in Pittsburgh.
Florence Irene Kelley, daughter of James William Kelley and Rachel B. (Harshaman) Kelley, graduated from Trinity Hall High School, near Washington, Pa.
Virginia Christopher, daughter of Ralph Christopher and Edith (Antram) Christopher, was a sophomore in the Redstone Township High School in Republic.
Gerald Lee Kelley, son of Fred Goodwin Kelley and Daisy Dorinda (Cunningham) Kelley, was a junior in the Uniontown High School. His brother Berwyn Clayton Kelley, was a freshman in the LaFayette Junior High School in Uniontown.
Thomas Stewart Gregg, son of Dr. Walter C. Gregg, was a freshman in the Oakmont Junior High School. He is also a student in the Saturday Art Class of the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh.
Eleanor Lorraine Kelley, daughter of James Reuben Kelley and Margaret Eliza (Gladden) Kelley, graduated last May at the Brownsville High School. Her brother, William Benjamin Kelley, was a student there.
Stanford Donald Waters, son of Isa May (Kelley) Waters and the late Samuel Waters, was a student in the Brownsville High School. His sister, Lila Geraldine Waters, was a student in the Junior High School of Brownsvile.
Claude Eugene Santee, son of James Kelley Santee and Ina Elizabeth (Hensley) Santee, was a freshman in Iowa State Teacher's College in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Joyce Hacke graduated this spring at the Sac City, Iowa, High School. She is a daughter of Charles A. Hacke and Alice (Day) Hacke.
Ruth Vivian Santee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Loraine Santee, graduated last winter at Hills College and Business University, Oklahoma City.
James Eugene Smith, son of James Clyde Smith and Anna Bing (Smith) Smith, attended Wilson College in Washington, D.C.
Arline Watkins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claire Watkins, was a freshman in the North High Scholl of Wichita, Kansas. Her sister, Lois Watkins, graduated there this spring.
Vivian McCloskey, daughter of Edward McCloskey & Amy (Crooker) McCloskey graduated last May at the DeWitt, Iowa High School.
Dorothy Elaine Kelley, daughter of Elga Reppert Kelley and Hattie Lee (Boyles) Kelley, was a freshman in Self-Help College at Mt Lake Pard, Md.
Last year the Cumberland Township High School at Carmichaels had the honor of having ten members of the Kelley Clan as students. Here they are:-
Andrew Arthur Bonnell, son of Minor Johnston Bonnell and Annie May (Rice) Bonnell, was a junior.
Naomi Kathryn Skiles, daughter of Edward Peter Skiles and Frances Marie (Kelley) Skiles, was a sophomore.
Claire Hiram Bowser & Jeanne Marie Bowser, children of Hiram Bowser and Margaret Bernice (Kelley) Bowser were sophomores.
Betty Irene Grimm, daughter of Samuel Estep Grimm and Nellie Belle (Kelley) Grimm, was a sophomore. Her brother Don Sturgis Grimm, was a freshman.
Neysa Doreen Kelley, daughter of Daniel Earl Kelley and Lyndall Corinne (Black) Kelley, was a junior.
George Burson Christopher, son of John Lawson Christopher and Bonnie Belle (Burson) Christopher, was a sophomore.
James Francis Craig, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Asbury Craig, was a sophomore.
Ina Marie Christopher, daughter of Harvey Earl Christopher, and Leona (Gass) Christopher, was a sophomore.
Lyle Estle has moved back to Jefferson from Waynesburg.
Mrs. Laura Nichols has recovered from her recent attack of rheumatism.
On Sunday, April 30, your historian-editor motored to Salem, Ohio, where he attended Quaker Meeting at the meeting house of the Wilburite Friends.
The congregation of the Lone Pine Christian church elected Lester Briggs as one of their elders.
Dr. and Mrs. Edgar C. Hastings of Uniontown gave a garden party June 29, to several children in honor of the sixth birthday of their daughter, Shirley Jean Hastings. The Uniontown Morning Herald on the next day had a picture of the garden party group of children.
In the home of Mrs. Emmor Kelley the Brownsville Reading Circle staged its annual musical in the evening of Monday May 15.
On May 22, Mary Marie Nichols of Jefferson was six years old. Her mother, Mrs. James Neel Nichols, entertained several children at a party in celebration of the birthday.
In April the Jefferson borough council named Mrs. Maude Neel as tax collector to fill a vacancy caused by the death of the previous collector.
The Kelleys who live in or near McDonald are not members of our clan. The historian was investigation there about a year ago.
Number Nine AUGUST 26, 1939. Free and worth it.
James Walter Crago
James Walter Crago died in the Veterans' Hospital at Oteen, N.C. in October of 1937. He had been ill with cancer and complications for a long time, and had been in the South for his health for three and a half years. On April 4, 1918 he enlisted in 313 Field Artillery in France. He was honorably discharged October 1, 1919. He was a member of the Odd Fellows. He married Sarah Elizabeth Robison of near Rices Landing. She died September 4, 1915. They had one son, John Adam Crago, now living at Guys Mills in Crawford County, Penn'a. Mr. Crago was preceded in death by one brother and two sisters who died in childhood. Surviving are the following brothers and sisters:- Brinton Warren Rush Crago of Fairmont, West Va., Daniel Webster Crago and William Winfield Crago of Rices Landing, Joseph Ross Crago of Belle Vernon, Mrs. Joe Crayne of near Jefferson, Mrs. William Hobbs of near Rices Landing, and Mrs. John Mayhue, West Decator, Clearfield County. The burial was in the Military Cemetery at Oteen, N.C. James Walter Crago born Marcy 27, 1887 near Rices Landing on the old William Crago farm where James William Crago now lives. He was a son of James William Crago and Sarah Louise (Rush) Crago. Sarah Louise Rush was a daughter of Jacob Strawn Rush & Charlotte (Kelley) Rush. This Charlotte Kelley was a daughter of William Kelley and Elizabeth (Ewart) Kelley. This William was a son of our ancestor William Kelley, Senior.
Mrs. George Rice
At 5 p.m., Wednesday, May 24, of this year, Mrs. George Rice died at her home near Jacobs Ferry. She was the widow of George Rice who died in September of last year. She was ill for only a few hours. She was a member of teh Hewitt Presbyterian Church. She is survived by three children:-Mrs. Minor Johnston Bonnell of Rices Landing, Arthur Elmer Rice of near Jacobs Ferry, & Mrs. Harry May of of Carmichaels. One son, George Edward Rice, died when he was nine years old. Mrs. Rice was sixty-five on the second of last August. Her maiden name was Mary Mariah Teagarden. Born at Rices Landing, she was a daughter of Martin Teagarden and Sarah Eliza (Anderson) Teagarden. Sarah Eliza Anderson was a daughter of William Anderson and Priscilla (Crago) Anderson. Priscilla Crago was a daughter of Charles Crago and Sarah (Kelley) Crago. Sarah Kelley was a daughter of our ancester William Kelley, Senior.
The 1938 Reunion
Believe it or not but the 1938 reunion at the log cabin in Washington Parl was our largest reunion so far. One hundred forty-nine members of the clan were there. The log cabin was not large enough for the crowd and several ate at the outside tables. The secretary, Mrs. George T. Kelley was busy as a bee handing out membership tags. William Lynn Kelley on the ice cream committee and his wife as chairman of the table committee did wonderfully efficient work. It was their first experience at this kind of work. They did so well that we predict they will be given more work of this kind at our reunions. Mrs. Emmor Kelley also comes in for a word of praise for her able assistance on the table committee. Mrs. Hiram Bowser led the singing and did it well. Conneaut, Ohio, was selected as the place for the 1939 reunion. The following officers were elected for the coming year:-
William Wallace Kelley, President.
George T. Kelley, Treasure.
Mrs. George T. Kelley, Secretary.
Russell Wynne Kelley, V. President.
The 1939 Reunion
The reunion is always held on the Sunday before Labor Day. The date this year is Sunday, September thirs (3rd.) Go to the Township Park, not the City Park, at Conneaut, Ohio. Do not confuse this town with Conneaut Lake in Pennsylvania. The two places are different and far apart. Conneaut, Ohio, is a town of about ten thousand. It is on Lake Erie and is in the extreme north eartern corner of the state. The 1935 reunion at Conneaut was held in a pavilion by the lake. The pavilion had canvas sides which could be lowered in bad weather. It is not like a building with walls and persons who are not robust will do well to be cautious about going, if the weather is cold or rainy. There is a stove for making coffee. I have not learned the arrangements about the dinner but I suppose it will be the usual clan dinner. Bring your own cups, plates and silverware. There is at least one good hotel in Conneaut. The president and vice president live on a farm about three milers from the town. Joseph Y. Kelley, also lives near the town. I believe it will be best to let each member figure out the way to go as members will be going from all directions. Most will do best to go first to Washington, Pa., and then on through Burgettstown to East Liverpool, Ohio, and inquire further.
George Loraine Santee, Mrs. L.B. Zimmerman, Christmas Evans Kelley, Mrs. J. Elmer Smith, Mrs. George Bartges, Mrs. Edward James Lewis, J.Y. Kelley, Mrs. Joe Crayne, and W.W. Kelley have contributed money to help pay the postage on these magazines. A second contribution has been received from Mrs. Martha Anderson, Mrs. Walter and Emmor Kelley. A very generous gift was received from James Cephas Kelley.
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Kelley are announcing a new boy who arrived November 19, 1938. The youngster has been named Marion Neal Kelley.

We will not have tags at this reunion. The issuing of tags throws a lot of work on the secretary and Mrs. KElley will have enough to do in taking care of her baby without bothering with tags.

William Maxiel Craft of Galesburg, Ill. came to the reunion with Mr. and Mrs. Warren S. Lane of Rices landing. Mr. Craft, who is the son of Jackson Craft, is a cousin of Mrs. Lane's mother, the late Mrs. George W. Christopher.

The son born to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Elwood Buckingham in their country home near Fredericktown on June 13 of this year has been named Norman Lee Buckingham. Mrs. Buckingham is the former Miss Hazel Eleanor Christopher of Rices Landing.

Mrs. George Hubler Bartges of near Uffington, West Va., Mrs. Andrew Jackson Dadisman of Morgantown, West Va. and Miss Mattie Hazel Kelley of Charleroi, Pa. are members of the D.A.R. They were eligible to this coveted distinction because they are direct descendants of William Kelley, Senior.

Jack Lehner, Jr. plays an E. flat horn in the orchestra of the Trinity Hall High School, near Washington, Pa.

Betty Jane Kelley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Kelley, was on the honor roll of the Manifold Grade School in St. Strabane Township, Washingotn County, Pa.

Number Ten Christmas 1939. Free and worth it.
About ten o'clock in the morning of July 27th a knock was heard at the front door of the Stewart homestead and your historian was pleased to see James K. Santee, his wife, their youngest son, Claude Eugene Santee, aged twenty, and Claude's young man friend Lowell Janke. They were on their way from Iowa to the World's Fair in New York City. All had been born and raised in Iowa and this was their first trip to the East. Who is James K. Santee? He is a first cousin of your historian as his mother and my mother were sisters. He is exactly one year younger than your historian as he was born March 29, 1879 and I was born March 29, 1878. James Kelley Santee is one of the seven children of Robert Chalfant Santee and Martha Maria (Kelley) Santee, both deceased. Martha Maria Kelley was one of the eight children of James Kelley and Elizabeth (Hewitt) Kelley. This James Kelley was a son of our Ancestor William Kelley, Senior. With great enthusiam I asked my guests to come in and we spent two hours in talking history. They had intended to call for a few minutes and then go on but I made they see that they must stay for at least twenty-four hours to get their visit out.
After lunch we called at the Emmor Kelley home in Brownsville. Out two hours there seemed like ten minutes. After we left, the visitors agreed with me that Emmor is a wonderful person with a fine family. Emmor had shown and explained the electric clocks and the telescope which he made himself. Then we drove to the Bend of the River. The Monongahela river makes a great curve at the western edge of Fayette county and all the land in this curve is called "The Bend of the River." We ernt first to the West Bend Methodist Episcopal Church where the Kelleys went to church most of the time and, after getting the key from the caretaker, went inside. This old fashioned edifice interested the visitors very much. The Kelleys probably belonged to the Cumberland Presbyterian church in Milsboro and went to the West Bend church when the weather was unsuitable for crossing the river. I know my mother belonged to the Millsboro church. In the West Bend cemetery we visited the graves of the Samuel Force Kelley family. Samuel Force Kelley was a brother of my grandfather James Kelley. From the church we went to see Mr. John Horner. He is probably the only person left in the Bend who can remember when the Kelley and Santee people lived there. He was a pupil at the West Bend school when George W. Kelley taught there. Next we went to the brick house where the Kelley family lived. Strangers live there now. When this house was being built my mother, then a young girl, helped to carry the bricks. On the morning of April 14, 1861 grandmother Kelley fell dead in the kitchen while she was getting breakfast. the old blacksmith shop where grandfather worked is now used as a garage and not even a horseshoe nail is to be seen. Mr. Santee could hardly tear himself away from the old home. From there we went to the West Bend school, a one room school. The Kelleys lived equally distant from the West Bend school and the Crawford school and they would go one winter to one school and the next winter to the other school. Mr. Santee found it almost as difficult to get away from the picturesque, stone building where his moither went to school as it was to get away from the old home. Next we went to East Millsborb to see the large stone house where the Santee family lived. This house also is occupied by strangers. Then we crossed the Monongahela to Millsborb. "Monongahela" is an Indian word and means "River of the Falling in Banks." Mr. Santee had never been on a ferry before and he was interested in learning how the boat works. In Millsboro we found a very old man by the name of Milligan who could remember the Kelley and Santee families.
Then we went to that place which is sacred ground to every member of the Kelley clann----the cemetery of the Hewitt church in Rices Landing. Mr. Santee was deeply inpressed as he stood by the graves of his ancestors and as he walked about in the cemetery and learned that he is closely related to many of the people buried there. He was astonished when I said that he has relatives by the wagonload in and near Rices Landing. He had supposed that the Stewarts are his only connections back here. In the church the members of the party admired the stained glass window in memory od Adam Hewitt. He was our great-grandfather as he was the father of our grandmother Kelley. Adam Hewitt's gifts of land and of money made possible the founding of the Hewitt Presbyterian church (originaly Cumberland Presbyterian). As evening came on we made brief calls at some of the Kelley and Hewitt homes. Goodnight was then in order. The morning of the following day was spent at the Stewart homestead and in seeing some of the historic places in Brownsville and at the graves of my parents we said farewell and the visitors left for New York.
My grandfather James Kelley bought the Bend of the River farm from Amos Horner, June 3, 1839. Grandfather sold the farm to Richard Covert, September 23, 1869. It was probably soon after this that he and all of the family except my mother (married by that time) went to Iowa. The Santees did not go then either byt a few years later. Grandfather came back at least once for a visit. Only three or four of my cousins have been here.
Many Thanks
Charles E. Anderson and Daniel Webster Crago have contributed money to help pay the postage on these magazines.

Number Eleven AUGUST 12, 1939. Free and worth it.
At Brown Chapel
Each year, on the fouth Sunday in August, the descendants of Freeman Kelley and Mary (Ailes) Kelley hold a reunion at Browns Chapel, near Halleck, West Va., about twelve miles east fo Morgantown. So many of these Kelleys are married to Smiths or are related to Smiths that the reunion is called the Kelley-Smith reunion. This Freeman Kelley was a son of William Kelley Senior, so these belong to our clan and are entitled to come to the Kelley reunion as members. The rest of the Kelley clan members are not descended from Freeman Kelley and can go to the Brown Chapel reunion only as visitors. In 1939 Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Kelley and James O. Stewart (your historian) were at this reunion as visitors. I got the names of the following members of the Kelley-Smith clan as being present:--
Mrs. Orville Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. H.V. Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. George Hubler Bartges
Adolphus Richard Bartges
Mrs. Martha Anderson
Charles E. Anderson
William A. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. David Watson
Mr. & Mrs. George Duncil
Mr. & Mrs. E. Ray Smith
Frances Marcella Smith
Leona Beatrice Smith
Mancel John Elwood Smith
Florence Eleanor Smith
Mr. & Mrs. J. Elmer Smith
Walter Smith
Lina Smith
James Hardin
Virginia Hardin
Ewart Somerfield Kelley
Charles Edwin Kelley
Betty Doris Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. Elga Reppert Kelley
Dorothy Elaine Kelley
Mrs. C.C. Jones
Forrest Jones
Blake Jones
Hilma Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Johnson
George C. Holmes
Mrs. Fletcher McKinney
Mrs. James Teets
Mr. & Mrs. Dorcy J. Hartsaw
Clayton C. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Evans
Christmas Kelley
Miss Mattie Kelley
Evelyn G Guthrie
Gerald Hardin
Geraldine Hardin
Mrs. Ellen Kelley Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred B. O'Donald
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Scott
Mrs. J.E. Kelley
Miss Virginia Body
Mrs. Evelyn Davis
Mrs. Crawford Thorn
Mrs. G.C. Kelley
Ocie Haigh

At Morgantown I learned that Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Skinner of Lansing, Michigan are parents of a new girl named Shirley Rhey Skinner. Mrs. Skinner is a daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. Freeman Squire Kelley.
Here I combine a wedding and a birth notice. Junior Curtis Kelley, of Morgantown, West Va., was married to Edna Virginia Whetsell, of Kingwood, West Va., December 4, 1937. They have a boy, Roger Curtis Kelley, who was born December 27, 1938. They are living in Kingwood, where Mr. Kelley teaches Wood Carving in the National Youth Administration shop.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward James Lewis of Morgantown are announcing a new boy who arrived Nov. 6, 1937. They have named him James Griffith Lewis.
John Anderson is staying with his brother, George Anderson near Cadiz, Ohio.
James Elmer Smith has finished his third year as a deprtment teacher in the Waitman Barbe Junior High School near Morgantown, He teaches Mathematics and Shop Work.
Richard Bartges is working at Berry's drug store in Morgantown. Stanley Kenneth Bartges came home on April 4, as his year's term expired that day. He was in the medical detachment at Carlisle, Pa., as a first class private. George Edwin Bartges finished his service of twelve years in the medical corps on April 9, and enlisted again on April 16. He is now on maneuvers at Fort Benning, Ga. He is married and lives at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
Charles Herbert King is stenographer at Service Radio and Electric Company in Uniontown, Pa. He is a graduate of the North Union High School, class of 1937. Lucile Delsie King is in training to be a nurse at the Uniontown Hospital. She is a graduate of the North Union High School this fall.
Virginia Elaine Turney will be a sophomore in the Uniontown High School this fall.
Miss Virginia Hardin teaches the Seneca Nursery School in Morgantown.
Gerald Hardin and Geraldine Hardin, twins, graduated from the Morgantown High School this fall.
John Marshall Jacobs, a hardware merchant in Fairmont, West Va., was a guest at the Brown Chapel reunion. He made a speech win which he told about his experiences as a teacher. He died shortly after the reunion.
Mr. Fletcher McKinney of Masontown, West Va., was on the sick list and could not come to the reunion.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Stewart, Florence Kelley Patterson and Mrs. George Hubler Bartges have contributed money to help pay the postage on these magazines.
Arminta Kelley
Mrs. Arminta Kelley, wife of Benjamin Adam Kelley, died at the family home in Fairchance, Pa., in the afternoon of May 30, 1940 after a long illness of a complication of diseases. She was a daughter of John McCullough and Mary (Smith) McCullough of Fairchance. She was aged seventy-one years, two months and thirty days. She was preceded in death by two children:-Mrs. Sylvia (Kelley) Smith and William A. Kelley. She was a member of the Free Methodist Church. Burial was in the old Maple Grove Cemetery of Fairchance. Besides her husband she is survived by the following children:- Joseph Kelley and Benjamin Kelley Jr., of Fairchance; Charles Kelley, at home; John Kelley, of the U.S. Army, stationed in Brooklyn; Henry Clay Kelley of Uniontown, Pa.; Mrs. Joseph Herbert King of Uniontown; Mrs. Cline Albert Turney of Uniontown; Mrs. Nellie Smith of Culver, Pa.; Mrs. Carmen smith of Washington, D.C.; and Mrs. Joe Pavlischeck of Meadowbrook, Pa. There are torty-two grandchildren. Mrs. Keley was a member of our clan through marriage as her husband, Benjamin Adam Kelley, is a son of the late Joseph Kelley and Eliza (Lewis) Kelley. Joseph Kelley was a son of Freeman Kelley and Mary (Ailes) Kelley. This Freeman Kelley was a son of our ancestor William Kelley Sr.
Mrs. Mary Boyd
On November 25, 1938, the day after Thanksgiving, Mrs. Mary Martha Bernadine (Clem) Boyd died at her home near Uffington, West Va. She was buried in the cemetery at Halleck, West Va. She was preceeded in death by her husband, Dewey Boyd, who died Octoer 4, 1932 and by an infant son, George William Boyd. She is survived by the following six children, all young:- Minnie Virginia Boyd, Charles Elmer Boyd, Robert Leslie Boyd, Carl Marvin Boyd, Dorothy Jean Boyd and Harry Davis Boyd. When Mrs. Boyd was born her mother had the small pox and the child was born with the small pox. The doctor said the baby was dead but Emma Kelley worked with it and brought it to. After the death of Mrs. Clem the child was raised by Emma. Mary Bernadine (Clem) Boyd was a daughter of James Clem and Minnie Jane (Kelley) Clem. Minnie Jane Kelley was a daughter of William Kelley and Martha J. (Smith) Kelley. William Kelley was a son of Freeman Kelley and Mary (Ailes) Kelley. This Freeman Kelley was a son of our ancestor William Kelley Sr.

Number Twelve AUGUST 20, 1940. Free and worth it.
The 1939 Reunion
The 1939 reunion of the Kelley Clan was held in the Township Park of Conneaut, Ohio. Fifty members registered. This was one of the smallest but one of our best reunions. The small number present made the assembly seem like a family instead of a picnic. A cool breeze came in from the lake and we could watch the waves breaking on the beach and the streamers going along and the birds circling through the air. After dinner several went wading and swimming and boat riding. At the business session it was decided to hold the 1940 reunion in Washington Park, Washington, Pa. on the Sunday before Labor Day. The following officers were elected for the coming year:-
President, William Lynn Kelley
Vice President, Winnett Kelley
Secretary, Elizabeth Kelley
Treasurer, George T. Kelley
The following fifty persons registered at the 1939 reunion:-
Mrs. Pearle Bridges
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Imas Grimm
Carl Clayton Grimm
Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Kelley
Walter Eugene Kelley
Mrs. Guy Kelley
Veronica Kelley
Mr. & Mr. Clarence Chipps
Clarence Chipps Jr.
Audrey Ruth Chipps
Mrs. Isaac Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. Winnett H. Kelley
Lloyd Kelley
James Cephas Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Moninger
Eugene Moninger
Mr. & Mrs. George Martin
Mrs. George G.C. Kelley
Mrs. Romaine Kelley Gilmore
Wray G. Kelley
Lila Kelley Frazier
Mr. & Mrs. William Lynn Kelley
Ronald Lynn Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. J.Y. Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. W.W. Kelley
Mary Elizabeth Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Webster Crago
Donald Edwin Crago
Rev. Adam R. Rush & wife
Mr. & Mrs. George T. Kelley
Eugene Merle Kelley
Berneda Pearle Kelley
Marion Neal Kelley
Mrs. Thomas W. Chadwick
Miss Mary Chadwick
Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Miller Richards
James O. Stewart
At Jefferson
On October 31, of last year Ernest Hegendeffer, while working on construction work in Carmichaels, fell through the joists to the floor below and broke his left elbw, the bone called the radius. He was taken to Waynesburg hospital where a part of the radius bone was removed. He was in the hospital for eleven days. He will have full use of his arm.
The newest member of the clan in Jefferson is Earl Benjamin Neel who arrived September 11, 1938. He is a son of Norval Rogers Neel and Della (Rush) Neel.
James Neel Nichols and family are living in the Community Building of Jefferson. Mr. Nichols is the caretaker of the Community Building. Their oldest child, James Neal Nichols Jr., is a freshman in the Jefferson Township High school where ihe is taking Vocational Agriculture. The Vocatinal class went to Pittsburgh on December 7 in the school bus.
H.V. Lucas, principal of the Rices Landing grade school, was one of the speakers at the meeting of the Jefferson School District Taxpayers League last May.
Mary Narie Nichols will be in the second year of the Jefferson Grade School. She says her report was two A's, two B's and two C's.
The Mrs. Lon Conklin who comes tovisit relatives in mot the Mrs. Lon Conklin who is a member of our clan. The husbands of these two ladies are cousins.
Martha Jean Neel, daughter of Norval Rogers Neel and Della (Rush) Neel, will be a senior in the Jefferson Township High School.

Mary Elizabeth Kelley graduated with honors last year from Monroe Center School near Conneaut, Ohio. Her ambition is to become a teacher. She is a daughter of William Wallace Kelley and Montie (Reed) Kelley.
Florence Kelley Patterson has sent me a book which tells about the Memorial Day exercises at Amity, Pa. in 1903. The book tells some of her father's experiences in the Civil War. I want to print some extracts from the book some time. Florence writes that her nephew, Dr. Charles Zimmerman, has heart and eye trouble caused by working to hard. Let me tell you, Charles, that it does not pay to work too hard.
I have received a letter from George C. Milligan of Millsboro thanking me for the magazine I sent to him last Christmas. He is the person to whom the magazine refers as the very old man who could remember the Kelley and the Santee families. He writes a good Spencerian hand and flourishes his capitals in the old fashioned way.
In the evening of April 12 about three dozen friends assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Briggs at Chestnut Ridge, in Washington County, and held a surprise party in honor of the thirteenth birthday of Virginia Briggs. The young lady received many nice gifts. (Note. According to my record her birthday is April 10).
Twins were born to Mr. and Mrs. George Wagner Jr., of Burdettstown, in the Washington, Pa. hospital, October 22, 1939. They were named William Carl and Wilma Carol. The little boy died on the evening of his birth. Mrs. Wagner is the former Miss Wilma Christopher of Fredericktown.
Mrs. Walter C. Gregg of Oakmont was hostess recently to the garden department of the Woman's Club of Oakmont.
Shirley Jean Hastings is on the honor roll of the Berkeley grade school in Uniontown, Pa. Stanford Donald Waters is on the honor roll of the Brownsville, Pa. High School.
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