The Kelley/Kelly Family of West Virginia.

      Kelley Family History. By Martha Dague Compiled by Martha Kelley Dague Moundsville, West Virginia. By word of mouth handed down from generation to generation we believe our ancestors came to America from Cork, Ireland. The Kelley Brothers [Francis and John] came to this area from across the mountains from Hampshire County in 1838. Francis Kelley settled on Fish Creek near Slippery Fork. John Kelley also settled on Fish Creek near Meighen in Marshall County. John only lived two weeks after their arrival and his widow, Eleanor Arnold Kelley, married Andrew Jenney, from Wetzel County. The Kelley's brought their slaves with them. When they were freed, Dennis and Minerva McGruder, brother and sister, did not want to leave the family, so the Kelley's set them up to housekeeping on the farm and they lived there until Dennis died and they sent Minerva to live with her son in Pennsylvania. Henry Holmes came with the Kelley's too. He was sixteen years old. My great- grandfather was Hamilton Kelley. He was born December, 1834. His wife was Hannah Parsons, born in 1838. I do not know who their parents were. A relative who did much research on the family tells me she believes Hamilton to be a son of Francis and Mary Francis Vandever Kelley although he was not named in the list of their children that she has. Their children were: [1] Charles Kelley - married Tena Carney. [I believe her name was Christina] [2] Theodore Kelley - married Rebecca Ann Young. [3] Emilie Kelley - married ___________ Johnson. [4] Mary Kelley - married Colbert Travis. [5] Anna Kelley - married John Goff. [6] Nellie Kelley - married Eugene Workman. [7] Evaline Kelley. Note: A son of Anna and John Goff, named John, was raised by his aunt and uncle, Charlie and Tena Kelley on Fish Creek. Our family always visited with them when I was a small child. Young John's parents had died and that is why they raised him. John married Olive Miller from Bentleyville, Pa., and had two children: Eva Christine and John. Eva married my oldest son, Howard Daniel Dague. They live at Washington Lands, south of Moundsville. Hamilton and Hannah lived on Fish Creek but evidently in Marshall County [where their children were born]. Hamilton served in the Civil War with a unit from Cameron, W.Va., Company L, 4th Regiment. In December, 1985, I obtained his discharge medal from the Civil War as it had been unclaimed. I used census records obtained from microfilm at our Library in Moundsville, to prove our relationship. I don't know when Hamilton's family moved to Silver Hill, Wetzel County but I believe it to have been between 1870 and 1880. They were on the Wetzel County Census records in the 1880 census. Hamilton's oldest son, my grandfather, Alonzo Newton Kelley married Martha Pyles in Wetzel County and their children were born there. [Sallie Carney, a sister to Tena Kelley, was the mid-wife that attended the birth of Martha's children. She also cared for Alonzo and Martha in their old age and during their last illnesses and stayed on with their two single sons until their deaths]. Sallie was loved like one of our family. Alonzo's family moved to Wayman's Ridge, Washington District, Marshall Co., W.Va., in the spring of 1905. My father, Brice, was 11 years old at that time and he remembered moving day very well and often spoke of it. Alonzo, his father, Hamilton, his oldest son Clyde and a teenage relative, Ed Pyles had gone to Marshall County and purchased a farm from William Cain. They had put some firewood inside the house so it would be dry on moving day. On moving day they loaded all their family belongings into the family wagon with the mother, Martha, and her youngest son Doyle, riding in the wagon. The chickens were in crates tied on the back of the wagon. The three older sons and Ed Pyles on foot drove the cows and pigs. They left Silver Hill, Wetzel County at 4:00 a.m. Near noon as they approached the farm of friends near Cameron, W.Va., they were stopped, invited to eat lunch [then called "dinner"] and to rest, feed and water the animals. Martha had prepared a basket of food but it could be used later. They arrived at their new home on Wayman's Ridge at 11:00 p.m. There was enough snow on the ground that they had to shovel it away from the gate to get in. While the mother built a fire in the fireplace the father and the boys made beds on the floor of that room with feather ticks, straw ticks, and homemade quilts. They all remained on this farm until their deaths except for my father, Brice. He married and bought a farm 2 miles away where he lived on until his death, December 1984 at the age of 90 years. I. Hamilton Kelley born December, 1834 - m. Hannah Parsons born 1838 [Both are buried at Silver Hill, Wetzel County, W.Va.] Their children: II. Alonzo Newton Kelley born Sept. 29, 1861 - died December 15, 1941. m. Martha Pyles born May 11, 1857 - died Feb. 7, 1937. [Both are buried at Limestone, Marshall Co., W.Va.] II. Grant Kelley born 1863. Never married. Died at the old folks home in Marshall County in the late 1930's or 1940's. II. Minna Ola Kelley born 1867. II. Effa Kelley born 1873. [Minna Ola and Effa were both fairly old when they married - likely in their early 30's. They married cousins, Thomas and George Church. But I don't know which married which. Thomas was a prosperous man and my father thinks they had two or three children. George was lazy and seldom worked. They lived in with her parents. George often beat his wife. One time my father told me about how Hamilton shot George in the hip after one of these beatings. Someone took George to theWetzel County Hospital at New Martinsville, W.Va. There the shooting was reported to the Sheriff who came with a warrant for Hamiltons' arrest. When he arrived the neighbors were all gathered at Hamilton's home. The Sheriff stated that he had come to take Hamilton Kelley to jail for shooting George Church. A spokesman came forward and said that Hamilton Kelley was a good citizen, a good father and a good neighbor while George Church was constantly beating his wife and would not work and only caused trouble, so if the Sheriff arrested and attempted to take Hamilton to jail they would assure him that they would see to it that they'd never get to New Martinsville. The Sheriff admitted that he must have made a mistake and left alone! We have had no contact with any of the Church's for at least 60 years. We know nothing about them.] The A.N. Kelley Family I. Alonzo Newton Kelley - b. Sept. 29, 1861 - d. Dec. 15, 1941. m. Martha Pyles - b. May 11, 1857 - d. Feb. 7, 1937 [Buried at Limestone Cemetery, Marshall Co., W.Va.] II. Clyde Stanley Kelley - b. Jan. 6, 1891 - d. Nov. 6, 1920 [Never married. Served in World War I overseas. Taught school in Marshall County, W.Va. Worked as an accountant for Jebbie-Metz Co., Wheeling, W.Va.] II. Ivan Denster Kelley - b. Feb. 25, 1893 - Feb. 19, 1949 [Never married. Served in World War I overseas. Occupation: Farmer.] II. Brice Dover Kelley - b. Oct. 28, 1894 - d. Feb. 19, 1949 m. Nov. 17, 1926 to Mary Virginia Hill - b. March 18, 1908. Occupation: Farmer.] II. Doyle Desmond Kelley - b. Dec. 25, 1899 - d. April 28, 1956 [Never married. Served in service World War II. Occupation: Farmer. They are all buried at the Limestone Church Cemetery, Marshall County, W.Va. They raised two of Martha's nieces after their mothers died.] [A] Helen Higgins - lived many years in Charleston, W.Va., where she worked in a department store. Died in 1980's. [Am not sure of year] [B] Effie Miller - was a nurse at Glen Dale Hospital. Served as a nurse in World War I. Died 1982.
      Brice D. Kelley Family I. Brice Dover Kelley - b. Oct. 28, 1894 - d. Dec. 27, 1984 m. on November 17, 1926 to Mary Virginia Hill - b. March 18, 1908 They had four children: [1] Martha Virginia Kelley - b. June 12, 1927 [2] Edna Una Kelley - b. Sept. 23, 1928 - d. Jan. 12, 1957 She was born with a heart condition and had to live a restricted life. She was an honor student in school. She moved to Washington, D.C. in 1949 where she worked in Insurance. She never married. She died at Doctors Hospital, Washington, D.C., and is buried at Limestone Cemetery, Marshall County. [3] Clyde Edward Kelley - b. Oct. 28, 1894 - d. Dec.27, 1984 [4] Brice Leroy Kelley - b. April 3, 1938
      [I] Brice Dover Kelley - b. Oct. 28, 1894 - d. Dec. 27, 1984 m. Nov. 17, 1926 to Mary Virginia Hill - b. March 18, 1908 [II] Martha Virginia Kelley - b. June 12, 1927 m. on January 18, 1945 to George William Dague - b. Nov. 30, 1923 [II] Edna Una Kelley - b. Sept. 23, 1928 - d. Jan. 12, 1955 [II] Clyde Edward Kelley - b. May 31, 1932 - d. June 20, 1932 [II] Brice Leroy Kelley - b. April 13, 1938

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