George Miller Family History

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George Miller of Whiteley Twp., Greene Co., Pa. George served in The Revolutionary War, his record was established by the Rose Family of Fairmont, WV., by Judge Herschel Rose for members of his Family. Attorney Herschel Rose has the D.A.R. Papers, he is the son of Judge Rose. His address is P.o. Box 1307 1st National Bank Building, Fairmont, W.Va. 26554. George Miller married Catherine Wier, a daughter of Harvey and Catherine Stull Wier.
1 - Peter Miller Note:- I think the Eliz. married George's (m) Elizabeth Keener ? brother and not his son. 2 - Margaret Miller (m) ______ Renner 3 - Catherine Miller (m) ______ Haines 4 - Susannah Miller (m) Henry Rose Ref.:-Will Book 2 pp 156 Greene Co Pa. 5 - William Miller b. 2-6-1784 lived in Wetzel Co., WV. (m) Sarah Lemley b. 7-16-1787 d. 1873 d/o John and Barbara Livengood Lemley Ref.:- Alva J.W. Headlee 6 - Elizabeth Miller b. 1-17-1786, m. 3-20-1804 (m) Samuel Shultz b. 8-27-1774 7 - Mary Miller (m) ______ Phillips 8 - Sarah Miller (m) Ewing Calvert a s/o Thomas Calvert 9 - George Miller
1 - Elsie Shutlz b. 7-16-1805 d. 12-19-1893 Buried on top of Brant Hill (m) John Meighen b. 10-5-1802 d. 7-16-1848 2 - Henry Shultz b. 11-21-1806 (m) ______ Tustin ? 3 - Catherine Shultz b. 9-27-1809 (m) Hugh Dillen (had 5 sons in the Union Army) 4 - Elizabeth Shutlz b. 10-16-1812 (no issue) (m) was the 2nd wife of Judge Mark Gordon 5 - Elijah Shultz b. 12-3-1814 (m) Ruth A. Bailey b. d. 1881 6 - Mary Shultz b. 3-15-1817 7 - Susan Shultz b. 3-8-1823 (m) David Headley of Licking Co., Ohio. 8 - Lewis Shultz b. 2-27-1820 (m) 9 - Benjamin Shultz b. 10-27-1830 removed to Hancock Co., Ill. 10 - Samuel Shultz b. 1832 d. 1851 Ref.:- Will Book 2, pp 133, Will Book 4, pp 257, Will Book 5 pp 323, Will Book 3 pp 195 Greene County Courthouse. Waynesburg Republican issue of Thursday Jan. 27, 1893. Page 2. There seem to be two early Miller Families in Greene & Washington Counties that have not been identified as such to this date. I feel that one is German and the other is of English or Irish in origin. There is a statement handed down in my family that may be of significance. It was related in this manner: From Elizabeth Miller Shutlz b. 1-27-1786 to Elizabeth Shultz Gordon b. 10-16-1812 to Lucy Meighen Porter b. 1883 to James B. Meighen b. 4-21-1915 (Elizabeth Miller Shultz says) "My father and three of his brothers fought in the Rev. War." It might be one of these early families together. Four brothers in the Rev. War. Benjamin Miller of Morris Twp., Greene Co., Pa. served in the Rev. War. Ref.:- Penna. Archives 3rd. Edition pp 726, pp 746, pp 807 & pp 275. National D.A.R. Nos. 428725, 432644, 450293. He was a private in Capt. Wilson's Company of Cumberland County, Penna. ____tia. Benjamin Miller's Will is dated 6-7-1799 in Will Book 1, pp 14, Recorded 9-6-1799 in the Greene County Courthouse, Waynesburg, Pa.
Children of Benjamin & Hannah Beatty Miller
1 - William Miller b. 1785 (m) Elizabeth 2 - Mary Miller b. 1787 (m) Samuel Ferguson 3 - Benjamin Miller b. 1-24-1789 m. in 1811 (m) Jane Parkinson b. 1-14-1791 (had son Edward P. Miller) 4 - Joseph Miller b. 2-1-1791 (m) Pamelia Harris 5 - Elizabeth Miller b. 1792 6 - Jane Miller 7 - Hannah Miller William Miller b. _____ d. about 1843 and is buried near the Old Dunkard Meeting House, near the home of Benj. Worthington. William must have lived in Perry or Dunkard Twps., Greene Co., Pa. His Will appears in the Greene County Courthouse, Will Book 2, pp 175. Date of Will 6-24-1841. Recorded 4-13-1843. He makes no mention of his wife.
Children of William Miller b. _____ d. about 1843
1 - Simon Miller 2 - William Miller 3 - Hannah Miller (m)______ Jackson 4 - Isaac Miller 5 - Amos Miller 6 - Rebecca Miller (m) ______ Johnson They had a daughter Orfy Johnson Peter Miller (m. before 1785) to Elizabeth Keener d/o Ulrich Keener Ref.:-The Tenmile Country pp 653 had the following children: Joseph, Tacy, Margaret (m) ______ Sharpless, Ann Miller (m) ______ Hoge, Mary Miller (m) ______ Downs & David Miller. Page 3. The Will of Peter Miller, Greene County Courthouse, Will Book 2, pp 17. Date of Will 2-4-1833. Recorded 2-14-1833 Children named: Peter Miller Elizabeth Miller John Miller of Jefferson Twp., Greene Co., Pa. Daniel Miller, Letters of Administration granted to Adam Wise as of 11-2-1804 Bond with Thomas Hughes NOTE: This Daniel seems to know people of Jefferson Twp., Greene Co., Pa. Will Book 1, pp 46. Abraham Miller, Will Book 1, pp 11, Greene Co. Courthouse. Will Dated 4-1-1798.Recorded 8-25-1798. Named Mary as his wife. Lived in Cumberland Twp., Greene Co., Pa. Children named: David Miller Joseph Miller Daniel Miller Adam Miller (m) 1789 to Sarah Garard b. 1771 Anthony Miller Solomon Miller Elizabeth Miller, Will Book 1,, pp 66, Greene Co. Courthouse Date of Will 10-4-1807, Recorded 10-26-1807 Children named: Jacob Miller Barbary Miller Catherine Miller Mary Miller Christopher Miller, Washington County Courthouse, Will Book 1, pp 209. Date of Will 11-10-1793. Recorded 12-5-1793 names wife as Mary. Children named: Willian Miller Christley Miller John Miller Sarah Miller Elizabeth Miller Rachael Miller Jacob Miller b. about 1765 (m) Dorothy Frankes? Margaret Miller George Miller, Washington County Courthouse, Will Book 1, pp 143. Date of Will 10-6-1790 Recorded 10-2-1791, named wife as Marey. Son George Miller. Oliver Miller, Washington County Courthouse, Will Book 1, pp 2. Date of WIll 2-3-1782. Recorded 3-12-1782 names wife as Mary. Children named: Thomas Miller William Miller Oliver Miller James Miller John Miller Alexander Miller Mary Miller NOTE: This family lived in Peters Twp., Washington County, Pa. Page 4. William Miller b. ______ d. 1808 Morris Twp., Greene Co., Pa., Greene County Courthouse, Will Book 1, pp 72. Letters of Administration granted to James Rush as of 10-20-1808. Bond with Robert Millikin.
Children of William Miller
1 - William Miller Jr. (m) ______ Had a son, Thomas 2 - Thomas Miller b. ______ d. 1840 (m) Lettitia Garard (His Will in Will Book 2. pp 125) Greene Co. Courthouse. Date 11-15-1839. Recorded 6-4-1840. Names the children of his brother Isaac. 3 - Isaac Miller (m) ______ 1 - Joseph Miller 2 - Elizabeth Miller 3 - Thomas Miller 4 - Sarah Ann Miller 5 - Hannah Miller 6 - Phoebe Miller (m) Sam Manderhall NOTE: William Miller also had 3 daughters, who were the wifes of Joseph Watter, James Passmore & ______ Vandroof Isaac Miller Sr., signs petition for new state in about 1880. Ref.:-The Tenmile Country, pp 145 and it looks as though the names that appear after his are his four sons: Isaac Miller Jr. Nicholas Miller Ludwig Miller David Miller Michael Miller Oath of Allegiance to Colony of Virginia in 1777 Freancis Miller Oath of Allegiance to Colony of Virginia in 1777 James Miller Oath of Allegiance to Colony of Virginia in 1777 Cornelious Miller was in the Rev. War in Capt. John Miller's Company. John Miller The Tenmile Country, pp 523. Land Patent in 1787 on Farm near Clarksville, Pa.(m) Ruth Crawford b. about 1777. Children: William Miller Henry Miller (Blacksmith in Greene Twp.) Rye Miller Eli Miller Thomas Miller James Miller (Cooper Trade in Monongahela Twp.) Haddassah Miller Angelia Miller Evalina Miller John Miller Ref.:-Greene Co. Orphan's Court Docket 1, pp 245,/i>. The information contained herein is from the card files of James B. Meighen, 808 Sampson St., Monongahela, Pa. 15063Dated 8-29-1977 Signed ________________ James B. Meighen


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