Wills: O Surname Will Abstracts, Bedford County, PA
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, CHRISTIANNA 1887 of Monroe Twp.
to Henry S. OšNeal my beloved husband all goods. . . to trustees of the Frame or White Church, (Reformed) situated in Monroe Township, Co. of Bedford
Henry S. OšNeal executor
signed 8 Oct 1887
witness: Leo Wears
, John G. Cobber, Henry Snider
probated 1 Feb 1888
died 27 January 1888 at 4 a.m.
msc@juno.com (Michael S. Caldwell)
OšNEAL, EVE of Monroe Twp.
buried according to rites of Lutheran church
my daughter Sarah A. Hess
children of my deceased daughter Rachel Fletcher
$6 ($1
my daughter Susan Fletcher $6
my daughter Julianšs children $6 being $1 each
my deceased son Philipšs children $2 being $1 each
my son Henry OšNeal the rest
Dr. J. A. Mann
signed 11 May 1875
witness: Jacob D. Fetter
& Willi Sipes
proved 23 Sep 1882
died Sep 9, 1882 5 a.m.
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OšNEAL, HEZEKIAH of Southampton Twp.
my beloved wife Susan all my lands situate in Cheneysville
and adjacent thereto that lies South of the Sweet Root Creek
(also other lands)
mentions "my blacksmith tools"
my two sons Joseph and Clay OšNeal and my daughter Sarah
my daughter Delilah now intermarried with George M. Cooper
my daughter Amanda now intermarried with Jacob Gardner
("Gordon"written above this)
to her children Jacob Gardner (Gordon)
my son Joseph a lot of ground situate in Cheneysville on the
North Side of Sweet Root Creek on which there is a blacksmith shop erected also all my blacksmith tools complete
my son Joseph executor
signed 17 Nov 1880
witnesses: Alfred Steckman
& W. Pardew
proved 10 Oct 1887
died Thursday September 28, 1887 at 3 a.m.
msc@juno.com (Michael S. Caldwell)
recorded in Will Book 4, page 605:
of West Providence Twp.
my son John Harvey OšNeal and my two daughters Sarah OšNeal and Ann Elizabeth OšNeal so long as they all remain single the rest of my heirs Samuel OšNeal, Henry OšNeal and Rebeckah Morgert
my son Samuel OšNeal, my son Henry OšNeal, my daughter Rebeckah Morgret
signed 20 April 1859
witnesses: William OšNeal, David Calhoun

8 November 1869 letters testamentary issued to John Sparks

OšNEAL, PETER 1832 v. 3 p. 20
Providence Twp.
my wife Sarah
Solomon OšNeal my son, I give him nothing, as he has been
otherwise provided for
my son Joseph OšNeal an equal share with the rest of my children of the tract of land I now live on and any of my personal estate, but any of my other lands I give him no part
My two sons David and Samuel OšNeal $50 more than any of my
other children, as they have continued to live with me
As I have sold a tract of land to my son William
appoint executors my two sons John and James OšNeal.
signed 11 April 1832
witnesses Charles Ashcom
and William Barton
5 October 1832 letters testamentary granted to John OšNeal and James OšNeal executors
msc@juno.com (Michael S. Caldwell)
OšNEAL, PRISCILLA of Monroe Twp.
my body to be buried in the Grave Yard at the Bur ground at David Mortimore

Edward OšNeal, my husband
my daughter Charlotte, wife of Daniel [or David?] Steckman
my daughter in law Rachel OšNeal, wife of my son Job
my esteemed friend James Carwell
signed 29 March 1862
witnesses: John C. Hawman
& Samuel Snively
proved 20 Dec 1869
msc@juno.com (Michael S. Caldwell)
OšNEAL, SARAH of West Providence Twp.
to my son William Helmet
[later mentions "if he lives to the age of 21"
by the will of my father dated Apl. 20, 1850 and recorded in
Will Book 4, page 605
my sister Ann Elizabeth OšNeal
Wilson McDaniel
signed 23 Sep 1871
witness: William H. Avy
[?] & Jas. A. Mann
proved 13 Oct 1871
msc@juno.com (Michael S. Caldwell)
OšNEAL, WILLIAM 1881 v. 5 p. 519
of Monroe Twp.
to James R. OšNeal $200 that I paid as bail to Thomas Richey
and $100 that he received from James Weimer that was coming to me and $64 that he received from Job OšNeal. Build him a house in
to Reuben P. OšNeal, my second son
to William R. OšNeal, my third son
to John E. OšNeal, my fourth son
to my daughter Rachel Sarah Grubb

my friend B. F. Mann and my son William R. OšNeal executors
signed 1 March 1878
witnesses: Michael Gillam
& A. J. Steckman
decedent died March 24, 1881 at 3 ošclock pm
msc@juno.com (Michael S. Caldwell)

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