Early Somerset County Estate Records

Some Estates in Somerset County, Pa.

No. 21 of 1805
David Ankeny, Somerset Twp. Admrs. Bond filed Oct. 29, 1805. Admrs. Isaac Husband and Peter Copp. Bondsmen, Peter Kimmel and Christian Ankeny. Widow, Elizabeth. David Ankeny died Oct. 10, 1805. Petition, Feb. 1815, for partition of land. Children named:--Margaret, m. to David Emert, Rosina, John, Michael, David and Elizabeth. Last five are minors. Widow since m. to David White.

No. 22 is missing.

No. 23 of 1805.
Robert Owings. Will dated Feb. 9, 1806. Probated Mar. 21, 1806. Allegheny Twp., Cambria Co. jurisdiction of Somerset Co. His wife, Susanna and infant child are dead and buried in the graveyard of Conewago Church. Wills estate to his father. Witnesses, Hugh Meloy, Henry Cooper and James McGuire. Executor, Richard McGuire.

No. 24 of 1805
Francis McConnell. Petition for appointment of guardian for minor children. Feb. 11, 1805. Susan, between 10 & 11, Sarah, between 7 & 8, Elizabeth, 6 & 7, Frances, 5 & 6, Anna, 4 & 5, Hugh, 1 & 2. Rev. Augustine Smith appointed.

No. 25 of 1805
George Lenhart. Petition of George Lenhart, minor child above the age of 14, Mar 18, 1805, Abraham Cable, guardian.

No. 26 of 1805--missing.

No. 27 of 1805
Richard Prownson, Petition for the partition of land in Huntington Co., now Cambria Co. Dated Sept. 11, 1805. Widow, Mary and children:-- John, Asa, Nathan, Eliza, Abagail and Agnes m. with John Findley and is now deceased. Her children:, Jane, Mary, Rebecca Smith Findley, John Samuel and Elinor Johnson Findly.

No. 28 of 1805
Conrad Lint, Somerset Borough--Admrs. Bond filed Nov. 30, 1805. Admrs. Christian Lint and Christian Kugel. Bondsmen, Alexander Ogle and Killian Lichleberger. Widow, Catherine. Children mentioned but not named.

No. 29 of 1805
William Sarodorus, Quemahoning Twp. Admrs. William Sadorous. Bondsmen, Thomas Kennedy and Michael Waggoner. Widow Catherine. Bond filed Sept. 24, 1805.

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No 30 of 1805
Stephen Reiley. Admrs. Bond filed Aug. 9, 1805. Admr. Daniel Moore. Witnesses:--John Winters and William G. Elder.

Some 1828 Estates in Somerset County
No. 1 of 1828
George May, Somerset Twp. Admrs. Bond filed Jan. 16, 1828. George Chorpenning, of the Borough of Somerset, appointed Admr. Bondsmen, Jacob Neff and Abm. Younkin. William Emrick, gdn. Of George May, a minor. Catharine May, widow, renounces. Joseph Ankeny and Jacob Neff, apprs. Estate $157.51 1/2.

No. 2 of 1828
William Berkebile, Shade Twp. Bond filed Feb. 5, 1828. Admrs.: George Berkepile and John Fry. Bondsmen: Michale Wagner and Philip Cober. Widow, Polly (Mary) renounces. Ch.: Elizabeth, Sally, Mary, Anne, and Matilda, all minors. Peter Berke, Jr. guardian.

No. 3 of 1828
Jonathan Laub, Somerset Twp. Will written Feb. 7, 1828. Filed Feb. 23, 1828. Henry Jackson and John Witt, witnesses. Mother shall have house. Sister, Catharine. Exts.: beloved mother, Magdalena and brother-in-law, Adam Sanner. Apprs.: Philip Anthony and Jacob Neff.

No. 4 of 1828
Adam Fadeley, Elk Lick Twp. Will written Feb. 11, 1828. Filed Feb. 27, 1828. Widow, Mary. Witnesses, Baltzer Meese and Jonathan Miller, Jon. Griffeth of E. Son, John and Widow, Mary, estrs. Ch.: Jacob and Adam, neither mentally sound, John, who died young, (left minor ch.: Alexander, Susanna, Delilah and John) Margaret, Mary m. George Meese, Catherine m. Daniel Meese, Elizabeth m. Christian Meese, Sarah m. Samuel Shook, Susanna M. David Markley. Apprs,: Jonathan Miller and Christian Lichty.

No. 5 of 1828
Benjamin Rush, Turkeyfoot Twp. Will written Dec. 13, 1827. Filed Feb. 29, 1828. John Rush,, Extr. Witnesses: Jacob Rush, Jr.,, Phinehas Skinner and Hulda Rush. Ch.: Jacob, Margaret, Hulday, Gard, Rebeccah, Benjamin, and heirs of dau. Precilla.

No. 6 of 1828
John Imhoff, Allegheny Twp. Bond filed Mar. 6, 1828. Joseph Imhoff, Admr. Bondsmen, Isaac Ankeny and George Meese. Widow, Sarah. Ch.: William, Eliza and Mary Ann, all minors. Estate $356.35.

No. 7 of 1828
Simon McBee. Bond filed Mar. 24, 1828. Admr., Solomon Bare. Bondsmen, George Wigle and John Brubaker. Widow, Sarah, renoucnes. Witnesses: George Wigle and Jonathan Keller. Widow later married Frederick Hersh.

No. 8 of 1828
John Mathias Althouse, Jenner twp. Bond files April 7, 1828. Admrs.: Frederick Althouse and John Schneider. Bondsmen, George Mowry and Peter Friedline. Widow, Catharine, renoucnes and wishes son-in-law, John Schneider, to serve. Seven ch.: Peter, Frederick, Elizabeth m. David Washle,, Barbara m. Jonathan Kimmel, Catherine m. John Snyder, Conrad and Susan. Last two named are minors.

No. 9 of 1828
Casper Ripple, Quemahoning Twp. Admr.: John Ripple. Bondsmen: William Richardson and Robert Kyle.

No. 10 of 1828
Massey Kemp. Bond filed April 5, 1828. Admr.: Edward D. Kemp. Bondsmen: Henry T. Kemp and Isaac Tissue. Ch.: Edward Kemp and Henry Kemp. Appr.: John E. Porter and Daniel Williams.

No. 11, of 1828
John Gebhart, Milford Twp. Will written Oct. 16, 1827. Probated April 8, 1828. Widow, Susana. Extrs.: John Gebhart, Jun. And Frederick Gebhart. Witnesses, John Philippi and Gilion Lint.

No. 12 of 1828
David Livingstone, Jun. Of Christian. Admr.: Joseph Yoder (Stiller). Bond filed May 10, 1828. Bondsmen: George Meese and Henry Ensiminger. Widow, Barbary, renoucnes. Inventory in German.

No. 13 of 1828
James Boyd. Bond filed May 24, 1828. Greenvilld two., Admr.: John Engle. Bondsmen,: John Witt and Joseph Imhoff. Catharine, widow, renoucnes. Ch.: Delila, Isais, Franklin and Chauncey, minors. Also James, Jr., Sally, Edward and Christina.

No. 14 of 1828
Conrad Fresh, Shade Twp. Bond filed May 28, 1828. Admr.: George Fresh. Bondsmen: John Fresh and Thomas Watkins. Christena, widow, renounces in favor of son, George.

No. 15 of 1828
John Wells, Somerset Borough. Will written Feb. 28, 1828. Filed May 30, 1828. Widow, Mary, Son, Musser Wells, insane, who owns land in Illinois. Son-in-law, John Patton, extr. Affectionate reputed son, James Thomas Wells of Ohio, near Bainbridge. Witnesses: Normand M. Bruce and Peter Huston.

No. 16 of 1828
Jacob Brown, Elk Lick Twp. Died on May 14, 1828 at Andrew Brown's dwelling house. Will filed May 30, 1828. Mother, Elizabeth. Peter Miller and Peter Livengood of Christian names as extrs. They renounce and admr. Andrew Brown was appointed June 16, 1828. Bondsmen: Abm. Moyer and Henry Moyer.

No. 17 of 1828
John Elder of Somerset Borough. Will written May 15, 1828. Filed June 12, 1828. George Pile of Somerset Borough appointed Extr. Witnesses: John Witt and Jacob Glessner. He mentions in will that he would like to have brother Thomas Elder to be gdn. of son William, Ann Elder and John Witt witnessed this request.

No. 18 of 1828
George Barnhart. Bond filed June 27, 1828. Admr. Philip Trapp. Bondsmen: John Sander and George Pile. (Only paper)

No. 19 of 1828
Christopher Bean, Sen. Somerset Twp. Will written, June (rest gone)

Some 1829 Estates in Somerset County, Pa.
No. 23 of 1829
John Mitchell. Bond filed Dec. 2, 1829. Admr., John Mitchell and Andrew Mitchell. Bondsmen, William Piper and Robert McClintock.

No. 24 of 1829
Christian Cable. Bond filed Dec. 19, 1829. Admrs., Ludwick Kimmel and John Giesey. Bondsmen, George Chorpenning and Isaac Ankeny.

No. 25 of 1829
Jonathan Rhoads. Bond filed Dec. 29, 1829. Admrs., Jacob Neff and John Kartz. Bondsmen, George Pile and Abraham Morrison. Widow, Barbara, of Somerset Twp., renounces. Abraham Pile and Joseph Bittner witnessed her signature.

No. 26 of 1828
Jonathan Sipe. Bond filed Jan. 12, 1830. Admrs., George Sipe and Michael Sanner. Bondsmen, Michae Wilson and John Webster.

1830 Estates in Somerset County, Pa.
No. 1 of 1830
Nancy Vought, admrs. Bond filed Feb. 8, 1830. Admr. Jacob Vought. Bondsman, Samuel Rugg.

No. 2 of 1830
William Rifener. Admrs. Bond filed Feb. 22, 1830. Admr. Mahlen Refdener. Bonsdman, Jacob Baker.

No. 3 of 1830
Catharina Hoover. Admrs. Bond filed March 13, 1830. Admr, Frederick Hoover. Bondsmanm Alexander B. Flemming.

No. 4 of 1830
Philip Ogline, Somerset Township, farmer. Will filed March 27, 1830. Written,Marcy 9, 1830. Widow, Catherine. Wife's father, Yost Miller, deceased. Seven ch.: Joseph, Jacob, Philip, Mary M. John Croner, Catherine m. John Ankeny. Magdalena and the youngest child, Susan. Estrs. David Simpson. Witness to will, Joseph Miller and William Coleman.

No. 5 of 1830
Christian Knee, Stoystown Borough. Will written Feb. 9, 1830. Filed April 6, 1830. Dear wife, Matilda. Wife and Samuel Sills of Bedford County, estrs. Samuel renounces because he lives so far away. Witnesses, D.J.H. Keeffer and Henry Fisher.

No. 6 of 1830
Henry Moyer, Elk lick Two. Admrs. Bond filed April 10, 1830. Admrs. Peter Miller, Sr. and John C. Leichty. Bondsmen, George Pile and Divid Levan. Magdaline, widow, renoucnes. Michael Dively witnessed her signature.

No. 7 of 1830
William C. Dorsey, Esq. Admrs. Bond filed May 5, 1830. Admrs. Jacob Kimmel and William Dorsey. Bondsmen, Isaac Ankeny, Henry Black and James Piatt.

No. 8 of 1830
Rudolph Sutter. Admrs. Bond filed jan. 27, 1830. Admrs. George Ross and John Cobaugh. Bondsmen, James Connelly and Charles Heffle.

No. 9 of 1830
Peter Brubaker. Admrs. Bond filed May 29, 1830. Admrs. Joseph P. Brubaker, Jr. and John P. Brubaker, Sr. and George Walker. Widow, Rosina, renouocnes. John Croner and Henry Landis, witnesses to her signature.

No. 10 of 1830
Christian Blough, Quemahoning Twp. Bond filed Jan. 2, 1830. Admrs. Peter Spiker and Joseph Blough. Bondsmen, Jacob Blough and Benjamin Blough.

No. 11 of 1830
William Albert. Bond filed July 5, 1830. Admr. David Chorpenning. Bondsman, Isaac Friedline.

No. 12 of 1830
Abraham Horner. Bond filed July 7, 1830. Admr. Henry Hauger and William Horner. Bondsmen, John Barclay and Abraham Miller.

No. 13 of 1830
Christian Sturtz. Bond filed July 26, 1830. Admr. John Sturtz and Adam Sturtz. Bondsmen, John Baker and Benjamin Troutman. Margaret, widow, renounces. Daniel Sturtz witnessed her signature.

No. 14 of 1830
John Sutton. Bond filed June 18, 1830. Admr. Louisa Sutton. Bondsman, George Pike.

No. 15 of 1830
Jacob Blocher. Bond filed July 27, 1830. Admr. John Morrow. Bondsman, Horatio Nelson Weigley. Widow, Margaret, renounces. Witness, J.S. Black.

No. 16 1830
Peter Pile. Bond filed Aug. 14, 1830. Admr. John Pile and Martin Shank. Bondsmen, John Kimmel and John B. Miller.

No. 17 of 1830
Phillip Houghman (Hoffman), Sheaid Twp. (Shade Twp.) Will written, March 13, 1827. Filed Aug. 16, 1830. Widow, Barbara. Son, John. Dau. Elizabeth m. John Hetzal. Extrs. Christian Miller and son, John Houghman. Witnesses, John Sees and Emaniel Sees.

No. 18 of 1830
Andrew Bosh. Bond filed Sept. 6, 1830. Admrs, John Bosh and Reuel Peterson. Bondsmen, Daniel Zimmerman and H. Updegraff. Widow, Susanna, renoucnes. Henry Peterson, witnesses.

No. 19 of 1830
Samuel Wilt. Will handwritten in German. Filed Sept. 17, 1830. Widow, Margarett. Ch. John George, Jeremiah, John, Jacob, Adam, Michael, Daniel, Henry, Peter, Elizabeth, Barbary, and Susan, and Samuel. Witnesses, Michael Spangler and Jacob Goode. Admrs. Michael Wilt and Elias Grissy. Bondsmen, Jacob Snyder and Peter Bender.

No. 20 of 1830
George Fry, Sheade Twp. Will written Sept. 7, 1830. Filed Sept. 28, 1830. Widow, Mary. Named in the will were Polly Fry, a dau. of Cristel Fry, and son, George Fry, Jr. and his dau. Lesey. Estrs. G. Hartzel and John Weigeal. Witnesses, Samuel Clark and Jacob Peterman.

No. 21 of 1830
Nicholas Kime, Elk Lick Township. Bond filed Nov. 1, 1830. Admrs. John Kime and Jonas Kime. Bondsmen, John Livengood and Jacob Kime. Widow, Catherine, renounces.

No. 22 of 1830
Michael Mowry. Bond filed Nov. 25, 1830. Admr. Frenerick Walker. Bondsman, Peter Mowry.

No. 23 of 1830
Michael Ringer. Bond filed Nov. 30, 1830. Admr. James Boardman. Bondsman, William Silbaugh. Widow, Rebecca, renounces. David Robinson, witness.

No. 34 of 1830(?)
James Moon. Bond filed Dec. 2, 1830. Admr. Michael Sanner, Jr. Bondsman, Jacob King.

No. 25 of 1830
James Shields. Bond filed Dec. 2, 1830. Admrs. Thomas Gallagher and Mary Brogan. Bondsmen, Jacob Ankeny and George Shaver.

No. 26 of 1830
Michael Wagoner. Bond filed Dec. 24, 1830. Admrs. Jacob Stoner and George Hartzel. Bondsmen, Isaac Ankeny and Henry Landis. Widow renounces.

No. 27 of 1830
Michael Lowry. Bond filed Dec. 20, 1830. Admrs. George Walker and Jacob Lowry. Bondsmen, Joseph Inhoff and Isaac Ankeny. Widow, Sally of Brothersvalley Twp., renounces.

No. 28 of 1830
Rachael Kemp. Bond filed Dec. 28, 1830. Admr. Isaac Tishue. Bondsman, Henry Hoover.

No. 29 of 1830
Jacob Saylor, Elk Lick Twp., Will written, Nov. 5, 1830. Widow, Mary. Ch: David, Samuel, Jacob, Peter, John, Christian, Catharine, Elizabeth, and Christena. Estr. Son, John and son-in-law, Jacob Kime. Witnesses, Peter Miller and Peter Livengood. -- Helen Beal

Some 1831 Estates in Somerset County, Pa.
No. 1 of 1831
Michael Walter, Milford Twp. bond filed Jan. 24, 1831. Admr. Jacob Knable and George Pile. Bondsmen, George Ross and Jacob Neff. Appr. Peter Putman and George Chorpenning. Estate $955.84.

No. 2 of 1831
Peter Parnet, (Barnt), Greenville Twp. Will filed Feb. 1, 1831. Widow, Gertraut. Ch.: Peter, Christian, Jacob, Henry, Mary, and Deborah. Son-in-law, Christian Moyer named estr. Will written Dec. 3, 1830. Witnesses, Peter Myers, Daniel Beachley and Peter Braucher. Apprs. Levi Shockey, Samuel Finley and Peter Shultz. Est. $311.16.

No. 3 of 1831
Thomas B. Wirsing, (Worsing). Bond filed Feb. 17, 1831. Admr. James W. Black. Bondsman, Henry Wirsing.

No. 4 of 1831
John Coher, (Kocher) (Cocher). Quemahoning Twp. Bond filed Mar. 4, 1831. Admr. Philip Coher. Bondsman, Daniel Koontz. Widow, Catherine. Ch.: George and Martha of full age, John Keiser of Jenner Twp. gdn. Barbara a minor, John Keiser, gdn. Apprs. Peter Berkey and Daniel Berkey. Est. $343.13.

No. 5 of 1831
Peter Fox, Somerset Twp. Bond filed Maar. 5, 1831. Admrs. Henry Fox and Christena Fox. Bondsmen, William Fox, Jonathan Fox and John Patton. Appr. Jacob Neff and George Chorpenning. Auditors, George Ross, George Pile and William Postlethwaite. Est. $399.50 1/2.

No. 6 of 1831
Annie Rummel. Bond filed March 9, 1831. Quemahoning Twp. Admr. Jacob Blough. Bondsmen, Peter Bowman and Peter Blough. Apprs. Peter Bowman and Daniel Kuntz. Est. $205.71.

No. 7 of 1831
Matthew Pinkerton, Turkeyfoot Twp. Bond filed Mar. 15, 1831. Admrs. Jacob Knable and Samuel Hinebaugh. Bondsmen, Alexander Hanna and Daniel Hinebaugh. Heirs: Rachael m. Samuel Hinebaugh of Somerset Co.; Margaret, now deceased, m. James McMillen. 7 or 8 ch. Residing Knox Co., Ohio.; Charity m. B. Rhoads, both deceased, one child, Joseph Rhoades, a minor in Somerset Co.; Sarah m. Robert Cummingham, in Somerset Co.; Jane m. Rudolph Moyer, Somerset Co.; Nancy, deceased, m. Christian Livengood. No children. Somerset Co.; Catharine of Allegheny Co., Md.; Mathew and James, the latter a minor in Wayne Co., Ohio.

No. 8 of 1831
John Gohn, Sr. (Goon), Jenner Twp. Will written April 30, 1828 and filed Mar. 22, 1831. Widow, Cathrine. Ch.: John Jr., Jacob, Cathrine, deceased, Christiana Hair, Lodey Berkey. Witness, John Hair. Appr. Abner Griffith and Edward Hair. Est. $63.81.

No. 9 of 1831
Henry Hess, Stoneycreek Twp. Will written Jan. 29, 1827 and filed April 3, 1831. Estrs. Christian Miller and Tobias Musser. Witnesses, Abraham Musser and Peter Musser. Wife, Magualana. Ch.: Magualana, Polly m. Jacob Zigler, (ch.: Elizzabeth, Polly, Catharina, Peggy and Henry) Catherina, (ch.: Sarah Zigler, John and Jacob), Isaac, John, Jacob, Elizabeth and Mary m. Gabriel Hull. Appr. John B. Miller and Ludwig Kimmel. Est. $2819.62 1/2.

No. 9 of 1831
Peter Friedline of George, Jenner Twp. Bond filed April 6, 1831. Admrs. David Sampson and John Rushebarger. Bondsmen, Isaac Ankeny and George Shavor. Widow, Catharine, renounces, Abraham (incomplete at this time).

Some 1833 Estates in Somerset County, Pa.
(pg. 37 of Laurel Messenger May, 1983.)
(continued from page 75)
but renounced. Witnesses, John Griffith of E. and Isaac Dwire. Estate $94.83. Land to go to Henry S. Miller, who is ill and confined to bed, and Philip Hufferd, son of Barbara. Grandson, Abraham S. Miller, son of Barbara's daughter who is deceased and was m. to Henry S. Miller. Grand-daughters, Charine Maust and Polly S. Miller. Witnesses to various documents, Isaac Dwire, John Griffith of E. and John Christopher.

No. 21 of 1833
Adam S. Miller, Elk Lick Twp. Bond filed April 17, 1833. Samuel C. Pile and George Folk. Barbara Miller also deceased. Henry S. Miller, renounced.

No. 22 of 1833
Alexander Ogle, Somerset Borough. Bond filed April 22, 1833. Mary Ogle, Admrs. Bondsmen, Charles Ogle and William H. Postlethwaite. Petition for gdn by Alexander Ogle, Jr. who is over 14 yrs. Charles Ogle appointed. Apprs. A.B. Flemming and Alex. Hanna.

No. 23 of 1833
Eleanor McLean, Widow-Addison twp. Will written Mar. 10, 1833. Filed April 24, 1833. Ch.: Elener, Ann, Elizabeth, Alexander, Newlon and William. $15.00 to Mary Welch, wifow of Jacob. $15.00 to Mary Ann McLean, dau. of Moses McLean. Estrs. Robert Hunter, Addison twp. Witnesses, Zalmon Ludingron. Apprs. James Connelly and Andrew Mitchell. Estate $251.12 1/2.

No. 24 of 1833
John Wagner, Addison Twp. Bond filed May 4, 1833. Admrs. Elijah Wagner and Jost Stutzman. Bondsmen, Jonas Keim and Joshua F. Cox. Apprs. John Livengood and Abraham Ringer. Calico quilts appraosed at $1.00, blue and white Coverlet, hand woven, $2.00, black and white hand woven coverlet, $1.50, 1 leghorn bonnet, $1.00, and dough tray, 50c. Estate $251.08.

No. 25 of 1833
Joseph Goughenour, a-k-a Coughenour, Allegheny Twp. Will written April 13, 1831. Filed May 7, 1833. Ch.: Abraham, David, William, Elizabeth m. Joseph Thomas, (who is of unsound mind), Mary Anne m. Benjamin Blough, Delila m. Valentine Bridagam, Cordilla m. Andrew Poorbaugh and Jacob. David and Mary Ann reside in Westmoreland Co., Jacob resides in Bedford Co. All of the rest live in Somerset Co. Samuel Gochnauer is extr. Joseph mentions he "is 77 yrs. of age when I wrote my will having been born April 18, 1754". Will written in German. Witnesses, Jacob Burket and Peter Shaffer. Appr. Noah Tipton and Peter Shafer. Estate $231.44.

No. 26 of 1833
Jacob Clitz, a-k-a Glitz, Southampton Twp. Will written April 29, 1833. Filed May 10, 1833. Jacob was yoeman and weaver. His present wife, Eve, to be given $1.50. Ch.: Jacob, Godfrey, Frederic, Phillip, Catherine m. Ralph Blubaugh and Mary m. Phillip Rus. Extrs. Phillip Glitz and Jacob Glitz. Jacob renounces. Witnesses, John Hutzell and Henry Hetherington. Appr. Samuel Comp and Joseph Emrick. Estate $112.65.

No. 27 of 1833
John Imoff. Bond filed May 13, 1833. Admr. Jacob Kimmel. Bondsmen, Joseph Imhoff and Solomon Bare. (Only paper in estate).

No. 28 of 1833
Samuel J. Walker, Quemahoning Tqp. Bond filed May 23, 1833. Admrs. Absolam Casebeer and Frederick Walker. Bondsmen, George Parker and Samuel Kimmel. Petition of Absolam Casebeer, grandfather of Benjamin Frederick Walker, son and heir at law of Samyel Walker, for a gdn. Absolam appointed. Appr. Jacob Snyder and Jacob Mowery.

No. 29 of 1833
Jacob Friedline, Somerset Two. Will written March 19, 1832. Filed June 1, 1833. Filed June 1, 1833. Wife, Catharina and friend, George Corpenning, extrs. Witnesses, Andrew Denison and Benedick Dick. Mentions, John Smith, a boy Jacob raised and also Hety Switzer, a girl that he raised. Appr. Daniel Stall and Christian Ankeny. Estate, $3821.72 1/2.

No. 30 of 1833

No. 31 of 1833
Gillian or Killian Lichtenberger, Somerset Twp. Bond filed June 4, 1833. Admrs. George Lichtenberger and George Flick. Bondsmen, Jacob Neff and Andrew Stewart. Eleven heirs, Christian Lint, George Flick, I.A. Lichtenberger, George Lichtenberger, Killian Lichtenberger, John (deceased), Conrad Lichtenberger, Henry Friedline, George Friedline, Mrs. Tiedman, Adam Lichtenberger. Apprs. Conrad Shcultz and Jacob Neff. Estate, $2320.79 1/2.

No. 32 of 1833
George Folk, Jr. Elk Lick Twp. Bond filed July 15, 1833. Admr. Catharine Folk and Jacob Keim. Bondsmen, John Saylor of Jacob and C.C. Livengood. Estate $840.44.

No. 33 of 1833
Henry Imhoff, Alleghaney Twp. Will written June 26, 1833. Filed July 19, 1833. Widow, Catherin. Estrs. George Flickinger and Peter Rough. Witnesses, Henry Poorbaugh and Jacob Burket. Appr. Noah Tipton and Samuel Cochenour. Estate $292.01.
No. 34 of 1833
Conrad Beal, Greenville Twp. Bond filed Aug. 5, 1833. Admr. Jacob Cook, Jun. Bondsmen, John Hardin and Thomas Gallagher. Conrad Beal, son over 14 years. George Walker appointed gdn. Widow, Sarah, Ch.: Sarah m. Jacob Cook, John, Owen, Mary, Drucilla, (end at this time)

Some 1834 Estates in Somerset County, Pa.
(Laurel Messenger, pg. 94 November, 1983)
No. 18 of 1834
John Gloss, filed July 3, 1834. Admr. Christian Miller and David Ross. Bondsmen, John Patton and Isaac Ankeny.

No. 19 of 1834
John Young, filed July 8, 1834. Admr. Henry Baker and Catharine Young. Bondsmen, Christian Barkley and Charles Ogle.

No. 20 of 1834
Joshua Rhoads, filed July 9, 1834. Admr. Joseph Miller. Bondsmen, George Pile and George Ross.

No. 21 of 1834
Jacob Beighley, Brothersvalley Twp. Will filed July 11, 1834. Written, Sept 22, 1832. Estrs. Son-in-law, Christian File. Plantation in Quemahoning Twp., to son, Joseph. Plantation and mill site to son, Jacob. Plantation in Allegheny Co., Md. To dau. Eve m. to Henry Peck. Plantation in Brothersvalley Twp., to dau. Barbara m. John Bauser. Son, Benjamin, to have $300.00. Dau. Susanna m. to Christian Fike to have $300.00. Daughter. Cahterine m. Abraham Flickinger to have $300.00 and dau. Mary to have $300.00. Witnesses to will, George Walker and William F. Walker. Son, Jacob, to have all of the keellers and sugar kettles.

No. 22 of 1834
Adam Hepp, Petersburg. Will filed July, 1834. Written Aug. 14, 1831. Extr. Andrew Mitchell, who resigned. John Hanna appointed Admr. Witnesses to will, Samuel Miller and John Wirsing, Sr. Wife, Elizabeth, to have house and lot, laying beside National Turnpike. Ch.: Elizaneth, Louisa and Henry. A third daughter not named.

No. 23 of 1834
Christian Evil, Brothersvalley Twp. Filed Aug. 4, 1834. Admr. Alexander H. Philson and Solomon Bare. Bondsmen, John Brubaker and Martin Diveley.

No. 24 of 1834
Nicholas Barrone, Milford Twp. Filed Aug. 9, 1834. Admr. Joseph Morrison and Peter Will. Bondsmen, William Morrison and Emanuel Beechley.

No. 25 of 1834
Nicholas Snyder Somerset Township. Filed Aug. 26, 1834. Admrs. Jacob Snyder and Jeremiah Snyder. Bondsmen, Emanuel Smith and Frederick Walker.

No. 26 of 1834
William Dailey, Jenner Twp. Filed Aug. 28, 1834. Admr. Mary Dailey. Bondsmen, John Gohn and Joseph W. Slick.

No. 27 of 1834
Daniel VonBreman, Conemaugh. Filed Sept. 1, 1834. Admr. Goerge Masters. Bondsmen, Tobias Barns and John Cupp.

No. 28 of 1834
James Farrel, Brothersvalley Twp. Filed Sept. 3, 1834. Admr. Alexander H. Philson. Bondsmen, Jacob Kimmel and Jacob Flickinger.

No. 29 of 1834
George Raymen, Stoneycreek Twp. Filed Sept 22, 1834. Admr. David Woy and John N. Coleman. Bondsmen, Jacob Snyder and Abraham Rhoads.

No. 30 of 1834
Philip Auman, Berlin Boro. Will filed Oct. 6, 1834. Written, Sept. 17, 1834. Extrs. Friend and neighbor, Alexander H. Philson and my wife, Margaret. To "my daughter, Elizabeth, child of my first wife, who resides in Centre County, Pa., $3.50." To his beloved wife, Margaret, all that is left. Witnesses to will, John W. Smith and Henry Knepper.

No. 31 of 1834
Christian Gindlesperger, Stoneycreek Twp. Will filed Sept. 1834. Written, Sept. 5, 1834. Extrs. Daniel miller and John Spiker. Witnesses to will, Abraham Miller and Tobias Musser. Wife, Magtalena and ch.: Christian, David, Daniel and Catherina.

No. 32 of 1834
Rudolph Zebley. Filed Oct. 16, 1834. Admr. Rachel Zebley. Bondsmen, Joseph Imhoff and Samuel Zebley.

No. 33 of 1834
Thomas Gallagher, Somerset Borough. Will filed Oct. 25, 1834. Written, June 15, 1831. Extr. Wife, Mary Ann & John Kurtz. Witnesses, A. B. Fleming, Adam Lichteberger and Sarah Garman. The property is to be sold with wife, Mary Ann, to receive 1/3 of the proceeds and daughters, Mary Ann, Margaret and Eliza to receive the rest. Oliver McGlaughlin to receive $20.00.

No. 34 of 1834
Joseph Hauger, Somerset Township. Filed Nov. 18, 1834. Admrs. Jacob Shallis and Peter Herring. Widow, Ann, was named admr., but she died before she could serve. Bondsmen, George Flick and David Ankeny.

No. 35 of 1834
Henry Boucher, filed Nov. 28, 1834. Will written in German. Witnesses, John Witt and John Kurtz. Estrs. Solomon Boucher and John Boucher.

No. 36 of 1834
Ann Hauger, Somerset Twp. Filed Dec. 10, 1834. Admrs. Peter Herring and Jacob (rest gone, did not get copied)

Some 1837 Estates in Somerset County, Pa.
(continued from page 129 of Laurel Messenger, page 130, August, 1984.)
No. 17 of 1837
Henry Younkin. Bond filed June 23, 1837. Admrs. Elizabeth Younkin and Harman husband. Bondsmen, I.L. Snyder and F. Gebhart.

No. 18 of 1837
Benedict Miller. Bond files June 24, 1837. Admrs. Jeremiah Miller and Joel Miller. Bondsmen, Jacob Neff and John P. Walker.

No. 19 of 1837
Danniel Brubaker. Bond filed July 4, 1837. Admr. John Fry. Bondsmen, John Bell and Ezra Dunham.

No. 20 of 1837

No. 21 of 1837
Sarah German, Quemahoning Twp. Bond filed Aug. 3, 1837. Admrs. Joseph Miller and John Snyder. Bondsmen, M. Hampton and C. Ogle.

No. 22 of 1837
William McGowen. Bond filed Aug. 9, 1837. Admr. Samuel Philson and John McGowen. Bondsmen, John Bell and Daniel Weyand.

No. 23 of 1837
Michael Miller, Shade Twp. Bond filed, Sept. 7, 1837. Admr. James Burns. Bondsmen, Moses Hampton and William Philson.

No. 24 of 1837
George Shanefelt. Bond filed Oct. 6, 1837. Admr. Jacob Barndt and George Parker.

No. 25 of 1837
Henry Hershberger. Bond filed Oct. 9, 1837. Admrs. Samuel Miller and Isaac Yoder. Bondsmen, John P. Walker and Frederick Gebhart.

No. 26 of 1837
John Risheberger, Jenner Twp. Will written, Sept. 29, 1837. Filed Oct. 16, 1837. Wife, Mary. Ch.: Elizabeth, John, Lydia, Rebecca, Aaron, Jesse, William, Estrs. Wife, Mary and son, William. Witnesses, John Hoffman and Jacob Flack.

No. 27 0f 1837
William Saddoris, Quemahoning Twp. Will written July 31, 1837. Filed Oct. 18, 1837. Wife, Catharine. Grandchildren, Susannah Berkey, Jacob Berkey, Mary Berkey, Daniel Berkey, William Berkey, Louisa Berkey. Son-in-law, Jacob Berkey. Dau. Elizabeth Berkey to have shares of stock in Bedford and Stoystown Turnpike. Witnesses R. Marshall and George Kocher.

No. 28 of 1837
Christian Livengood. Bond filed Oct. 19 of 1837. Admrs. Christian C. Livengood. Bondsmen, Fred Gebhart and Jacob Lichty.

No. 29 of 1837
John Graham. Bond filed Nov. 16 of 1837. Admrs. Roger Marshall and John G. Tentlinger. Bondsmen, Samuel Kimmel and George Graham.

No. 30 of 1837
Casper Ginder. Bond filed Dec. 2, 1837. Admr. John Ginder. Bondsmen, William Philson and Daniel Weyand.

No. 31 of 1837
George Lambert. Bond filed Dec. 6, 1837. Admrs. Samuel Statler, Jr. and Jacob Lambert. Bondsmen, John L. Snyder and Joseph Imhoff.

(end of 1837 Estates)
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