Bible Records from Somerset County, Pa.

Bible Records from Somerset County, Pa.
Griffith Records, Jenner Township
Copied from an old Griffith Bible, found among the things of Mary Ann Griffith Fleck, a great grand-daughter of William Griffith, Senior. Mary Ann died in March 1927.
William GRIFFITH, Senior was born the 13th day of the 10th month, 1742, died the fifth month, 6th day, 1832.
Sara GRIFFITH, was born the 16th day of the 12th month, 1743, died the first month, the 18th day, 1821.
Thomas GRIFFITH, was born the 12th day of the 9th month, 1767, died 1842.
William GRIFFITH, Junior was born the 15th day of the 3rd month, 1777, died June 29, 1857.
Jesse GRIFFITH, was born the 21st day of the 10th month, 1779, died May 3rd, 1854.
Abner GRIFFITH, was born 22nd day of the first month, 1784, died 12 Feb. 1833. "Came to Somerset (County) Apr. 12, 1812." End of Bible Record.
William GRIFFITH, Sr. was a Revolutionary War soldier from York County, born 13 Oct. 1742, died 6 May 1832, married at Menellen Monthly Meeting (Quaker records) 19 October 1763 to Sarah HAMMONDS born 16 Dec. 1743, died 18 Jan. 1821. Sarah was a daughter of John Hammond and wife Deborah Dix Hammond. William was the son of Thomas Griffith from Wales born 1720, died 1769 and his wife Eva Faulkner born 1722, died 1769 of Frence Huguenot ancestry. Their son Thomas married Rebecca Blackburn. William Jr. married Sarah Owens. Jesse married Lydia Allen Connelly. Abner married 25 June 1806, Mary Owens born 21 Dec. 1781, died 5 Apr. 1858. Most of the above named are buried in the baptist grave yard near jenners, Somerset County. Many descendants still live in the area. Compiled by Marguerite L. Cockley - 1981.

Meyers - Hochstedtler Bible Records Revealed
From an old Bible, originally the property of the late Joseph Meyers of Somerset, Pa. copied by a grand-daughter, Mrs. Augustine For Dr. E.C. Saylor's records ca. 1932.
The Bible was printed and published by H. & E. Phinny, Cooperstown, N.Y., 1828.
Joseph MEYERS and Susanna HOCHSTEDTLER were married 10 Dec. 1826, by Michael Meyers, Bishop of the Baptist Christian and Apostolic Church of Somerset County, Pa.
Joseph MEYERS was born 10 Oct. 1803. Died 12 Mar. 1873.
Susanna HOCHSTEDTLER was born 23 Apr. 1808. Died 19 Oct. 1872 at Somerset.
Names of Children with their respective birthdays and signs (Signs omitted.)
Catherine Matilda born Wed. 11 July 1827; died 15 Apr. 1870 (married Isaac Beam.)
Emelia Charlotte born Sun. 30 Nov. 1828; died 30 Apr. 1876 (married Daniel Hauger.)
Mary Ann born Tues. 17 Aug. 1830; died 1894, wife of William B. Ream.
Alexander Christian born Sat. 10 May. 1832; died 7 July 1865 at Jenners (married Ellen Mosholder.)
Paul Jacob born Easter Monday, 23 Apr. 1834; died 5 Nov. 1902 at (Plattsburg, Mo.)
Sarah Barbara born 28 Jan. 1836; died 19 Oct. 1909 (at Stoystown) married Solomon Simpson.
Dr. David Elias born 24 May 1837; died 3 Mar. 1873, (married Myra Boucher).
Elizabeth Lydia born 11 Apr. 1839; died 9 Sept. 1902 at Somerset, married Samuel Livengood.
Azariah Hiram born 2 June 1841; died 27 Mar. 1902 (at Johnstown, married Mary Meyers).
Susanna Bathsheba born Tues. 16 May 1843.
Rev. John Henry born 17 July 1845; died 11 Aug. 1913 (married Anna R. Barron)
Abigail Miriam born Tues. 13 July 1847; died 21 July 1931 (married George F. Barron).
Anna Keziah born 1 Jan. 1853; died 7 Feb. 1876 (married Wesley A. Adams 13 Sept. 1874)
(Items in parentheses added from "Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler".) Emma P. Hainley, daughter of Emelia Charlotte states that her father was Samuel Hauger, not Daniel.
Susanna HOCHSTEDTLER was a daughter of Jacob Hochstetler (1778-1837) and Mary Schultz, who were married 16 Oct. 1798 by Adam Miller E Jacob (above) was a son of Jacob Hochstetler (ca 1752-1815) and Barbara Miller; he was a son of John Hochstetler (1732-1805) and Catherine Hertzler; who was a son of Jacob Hochstetler (1704-1776) the immigrant to America in 1736.
Joseph Meyers (1803-1873) was a son of Christian Meyers (1761-1843) and Barbara Beighley. Christian a son of Rudolph Meyers (1724-1783) and Anna Light (y?) (1728-1792) Rudolph (above) son of Rudolph I died 1767 and wife Barbara (the I immigrant).
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