Early Tavern Owners in County

Early Tavern Owners in County
(Laurel Messenger, pages 6, November, 1975.)
Application to operate a tavern had to be secured from the county wherein it was located. On this ancient list are names of tavern owners in Bedford Co. which included present Somerset County. The words "Where he dwells" preceeds the description of each location.
Date: 1771 --
Derry RYAN, at foot of Allegheny Mts. In Bedford Twp. on Great Road to Pittsburgh.
John McGAUGHLY, at the sign of the "King of Prussia" in said town of Bedford.
John DICKEY, on the Great Road from Sidling Hill to Mercersburg.
George RIFE on Great Road from Bedford to the Glades about 10 miles from Bedford.
Peter MORGERT about 11 miles east of town of Bedford on Great Road to Philadelphia.
Abraham MARTIN at place known as "Crossings at Juniata" on State Road.
James JAMISON on State Road at the "Burnt Cabins".
William McDERMIT on Great Road from Bedford to James BLACK's (in Somerset Co.)
Jacob McCLEAN in Dublin Twp. at foot of Sidling Hill on State Road.
Benjamin BURD in Dublin Twp. on State Road at Fort Littleton.
Samuel COYLE on State Road near "Burnt Cabins".
George WILD in Dublin Twp. on State Road at foot of Sidling Hill.
(Editors Note: First road laid out Bedford to Pittsburgh authorized 27 March 1789. Alex McClean, surveyor. From: "Colonial Records").
Michael BARNDOLLAR in Province Twp. at a place called "Bloody Run" (now Everett) on the State Road to Philadelphia.
Duncan McVICKER in Bedford Twp. at foot of the long ridge on the Glade Road leading to the Glades (Somerset Co.)
Thomas PRATHER in Allegheny Twp.
John BONNET in Bedford Twp. 1 mile east of town of Bedford on State Road.
Casper STOLLER in Quemahoning Twp. on the top of Allegheny Mountain.
David PENROD on the State Road about 5 miles above Stoney Creek.
John WEBSTER in Quemahoning Twp., on State Road. At place known by name Stoney Creek (now Stoystown).
John BRIDGES in Quemahoning Twp., about 2 miles beyond place known as Stoney Creek.
John KIMMELL in Brothers Valley in the Town of Berlin.
(In 1790 Phillip SMITH in Turkey Foot Twp. at the Great Crossing on the Great Road leading from Virginia to the Old Fort at Redstone.)
Henry SHAVER in Milford Twp. on the middle road leading through the Glades at the Foot of Laurel hill in the Twp. aforesaid.
Stephen BRUNER in Turkey Foot Twp. on Braddock Road about 1 mile from Great Crossings of the Youghiogheny River.
Arthur McGUGHEY in Town of Bedford.
Henry WERTH in Town of Bedford.
Thos. ANDERSON in Town of Bedford.
William BAUGH in Providence Twp.
George BURKHARD in Town of Berlin.
John DAVIS in Air Twp. in McConnells Town.
Peter DIDIER (Deeter) at place by name Hughes Camp on Road leading from Bedford to the Glades.
Adam KINDER in Brothersvalley on the Glade Road on top of Allegheny Mt. At the sign of "White Horse." (This tavern later kept by Adam MILLER).
Coonrod RUSH in Bethel Twp.
Marcus MEDSCAR (Metzgar) in Bedford Twp. 13 miles above Bedford on Dry Ridge and on Great Road to Pgh.
John SKINNER on Sidling Hill.
Ephriam WALLACE in Pethel Twp.

In 1792 additional names appear:
James GILMORE in Milford Twp. on the Glade Road from Bedford to Pittsburgh.
Peter BARNET in Town of Berlin.
John MILLER in Stoney Creek Twp. on top of the Allegheny Mt. on Old Pennsylvania Road to Pittsburgh.
Joseph STRAIN in Bruners Town in the Glades.
Valentine WERT in Bedford Twp. at the foot of Long Ride on the Great Road leading to the Glades.
Peter KATZ in Berlin Town in the house lately occupied by George BURKHART.

New names in 1793:
Jacob SNIDER in Milford Twp.
Jacob WEYANT in Brothers Valley on Glade Road from Bedfore to Berlin.
Lewis FLUCK on the Road from Bedford through Woodcock Valley in house formerly occupied by Felix Miller.
Isaac BONNET about 4 miles from Bedford at the Forks of the Old Pennsylvania Road and the Glade Road. (Stone tavern still standing 1975).
John COLEPENNY in Milford Twp. about 4 1/2 miles on this side of Bruners Town (now Somerset) on the Middle Road leading from Bedford to Pittsburgh.
Joseph COVANHOVER (Coughenour) in London Derry Twp.
ABOUT 3 MILES FROM Bedford on Great Road from Bedford to Berlin. Somerset County was erected in 1795 and no more requests from this county are found in Bedford County records. Copied by Helen S. Hill in 1932.
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