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The Frye Coat Of Arms

 The Coat of Arms shown here was confirmed in England in the time of Edward IV, 1461 
-1483, and is used by all descendants in this country. The history of this illustration 
is as follows:  Miss Love Pickman Frye (158) of the John of Andover line, married for her 
second husband Admiral Sir John Knight, K.C.B., and lived in London, England. 
    She had no children but adopted her niece Sally Frye (352) to whom she left her 
    Miss Sally Frye while living with her aunt in England obtained a copy of the Frye Coat 
of Arms, as registered in Burke's Heraldry. This copy she brought to American 
and gave to her cousin Jedidiah (452). 
    Your historian fortunately obtained the original copy, in a frame made from the wood 
of the famous Frye elm. In handwriting on side Goodspeed 5/29/26  Van Server - 
rest unreadable.
Name and History
The name
Frye means Free and is found in England as early as A.D. 1100. The origin of the name is: when a man became free either from purchase of his freedom or from a grant from his over lord, he started a family of Free, which later on became Fry. The name is spelled many ways, such as ffrie, Frie, Frey, Fry, Frye. The history of the Frye Family is most interesting and there are many famous men and women in it. John Frye was with Drake, the noted Corsair, in the voyage of the Golden Hind in 1577. Francis Fry printed the first Bible translated in English. Elizabeth Fry was the noted prison reformer. Col. Joshua Fry was a senior officer and trusted friend of President Washington, in the French and Indian War. Major Joseph Frie was famous in the Revolution. Senator William Pierce Frye was several times president pro tem of the U. S. Senate and twice acting Vice-President of the United States. So the list goes on of valiant men and women, who became early settlers in America and bore without complaint their full share of the burdens of this Country, loved liberty and their fellowmen and struggled for independence and peace, through every stirring event down to the present day. Several have claimed that the early Frye families in this country were all related but your historian has not, even after diligent search here and in England, found authentic records to this effect, so presents these four lines separately and hopes some day to have a complete record of all lines of all Fryes who ever came to America. This work is based on Town Records and Deeds, Church Records, and Family Records, after exhaustive investigation and study. Where dated and names were uncertain space is given to be filled later by proven facts. Now in order to make and keep the records complete for the future, your historian desires to hear family facts and traditions from all Fry descendants in America, desires a list of names and records of all descendants who were in the World's War, whether by mane of Frye or not, that a complete Roll of Honor may be kept. E. Frye Barker. 15 West 107th Street, New York City. Historian of the Frye Family. Member New England Historic-Genealogical Society.[Unfortunately only the first four pages of his history were photocopied and sent to me in the 80's and the rest is unavailable.Read below the emails from Ed Frye~H.S.D.]

My Grand Pa and Grand Ma Frye's Home
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