The Hughes House was built in 1814 of hand cut stone, quarried by the slaves of Thomas Hughes. An oval stone in the gable facing south bears the date 1814 and the initials T.H. and E.H. for Hughes and his wife Elizabeth. Hughes freed all his slaves prior to the Civil War as he was opposed to slavery. His home became a station on the underground railroad. Slaves were hidden in a coal mine behind the house in warm weather and in the cellar during the winter. An underground tunnel connected the cellar with the mine.

The Hughes House is located in
Jefferson, PA and is being restored by the State of Pennsylvania.

Notice the similarity of all three coats of arms, which further leads me to believe that these Hughes below my section are related to us, because, of the statement that the different sections of each family have crests or coat of arms that are similar, but different, to each other family group!!

Our Hughes Coat of Arms

Our O'Neil Coat of Arms:

Thomas Hughes of Greene Co. Pa. My Family
Thomas Hughes Ancestry line As per "My Family Memoirs", by Thomas Hughes a grandson of my lineage.
Early History of the Hughes Family
Hughes Family Stories
More History of the Hughes Family

Another Coat of Arms for the Hughes Family
Nathaniel Hughes Family
Another Hughes Family of Greene County, Pa.
Barnabas Hughes of Washington Co., Pa.

Descendants of Barnabas Hughes Submitted by Linda Lacich, Thank you Linda!

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Rowland Hughes Family

John Hughes of Fayette County, Pa.

"Trader" Hughes, a Scottish hunter and fur trader written up in: Amherst families trace bloodlines to earliest days of county history in Virginia

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