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Histories We have researched from Bedford, Fayette, Greene, Somerset and Washington Counties in Pa., from Marshall Co., Wetzel Co., and Ohio Co. in WVa., Loudoun Co., VA.
Most are our Genealogies...direct lines, while others are related to us some way or another.

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This page was created one week before Thanksgiving, 1997.

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Definitions: Relict - A lady who was a widow at the time of her death.
Consort - A wife who died, leaving her husband a widower.

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October 8, 1998
The Duvall Family Page of Maryland and Elsewhere

My Evans Family Page from Maryland.

My George Family of New Jersey and West Virginia

The Kimmons Family of Washington County, Pa.
My Parker Family History from Martinsburg, Berkley County, W.Va.
Wills Abstracts from Ohio and Marshall Counties, West Virginia/Va.

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