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The Neel's Melting Pot

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Neel History
Neil is a medieval given name which means "Champion" and evolved into an Irish, Scottish, and English surname. It is derived from the given name of Irish origin --Niall-- and was brought toEngland by the Scandinavians. Neill, Neild, Neele, Neel, Neeld, Niall, Niell, Nield, Niel, Nihell, Nihill are variations. Neal is an English patronymic name, a variant of the name Neil. This is the way it is usually spelled in Southern and Central England, and is taken from the Middle English form of the name Neel. Neale and Neall are variations. I'm hoping to do a complete one name study on the Neel families. I have been told that, regardless of the surname spelling, all of the Neel's are related. If this is true then I have my work cut out for me. I have reason to believe that the Neel families in America descended from the O'Neill Royal Family of Ulster, Ireland; I have yet to find a strong link to the O'Neill Clan. Nonetheless, one can still dream of having "blue blood" running through their veins.

To see the old genealogy of the O'Neil name from the beginning of the O'Neil name
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To check out the legend of the Bloody Hand of Ulster Try this

For more on the story of the Red Hand
For another story of Red Hand
New Link found Dec. 5, 2002: The Ancient and Royal Family of O'Neill.
with their main page where the CD is for sale: Order CD
More on the Red Hand Red Hand of Ulster
The tale of red hand O'niel. Poem
For a wee bit o' the history of Ireland The Annals of Ulster
Celtic Folklore
Heraldry in Ireland
The Clan O'Neill
The Annals of Ireland
(Mc)Neely, Neeley, Nealy, Nealey, Neilly, Neilley, Aneely a related family.

Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland II. Gaelic Society

Register of Orders of Chivalry Report of the International Commission for Orders of Chivalry

The Chief's Coat of Arms for the McNeill and showing the plaid colors.

A Wee Bit O' The Aulde Sod

More O'Neill history: Old Ireland - History: Red Hugh

The “Lost Tribes” of Israel

More history on Ireland: The Symbols Of The Provinces Of Ireland.

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