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Info obtained from The History of Pleasants County, West Virginia pages 257-9. Sent to me by Linda C. Fluharty.

  The Reynolds family, one of the first families to settle 
in Pleasants County, floated down the Ohio River on a raft from Wheeling, Ohio 
County, with quite a large family. They settled on both sides of the Ohio River 
near St. Mary's, WV...In the year of 1806, Thomas Reynolds came down the Ohio 
River, from Virginia and purchased the lower 40 acres of Middle Island. His son 
Daniel was five years old.
Thomas was a soldier on the War of 1812. The family of Daniel chose to live on the lower part of the Middle Island with fruit and vegetables growing as it's major occupation.
Daniel married Sarah, d/o Jacob LaRue
. Also, Jacob LaRue, married a sister of Daniel.
Daniel took a very active part in the formation of Pleasants County and was a man of strong personality.
Daniel's son, Isaac Reynolds was born in 1827. Isaac's home was on the southeast corner of Second and Lafayette Streets and was used as the Pleasants County Court House from 1851-1854. Isaac Reynolds married Cassandra (Cassie) Bills
and they had eight children, of whom further.
Rodney Reynolds was born in 1828 in what was then
Tyler County, Virginia. He was the son of Daniel and Christina Reynolds. He lived with his parents until 1853, when he married Nancy Benson. They moved to Wyoming County, Ohio, where they lived for two years. They then moved to the farm below St. Mary's. There were two orchards, the apples were packed in wooden barrels and shipped up the river on barges. There were also oil wells on the farm.
Both were charter members of the First Baptist Church in St. Mary's. They had six sons and two daughters.
Robert Reynolds, youngest son of Daniel, was given land in exchange for caring for his grandparents, and father and mother. Robert married Priscilla DeLong
and they had 10 children of whom further.

1801 I. Thomas Reynolds 1887
1A. Daniel Reynolds
m1? Sarah LaRue (d/o Jacob)
m2? Christina
2A. daughter
m. Jacob LaRue

1A. Daniel Reynolds
m1? Sarah LaRue (d/o Jacob)
1827 1B. Isaac Reynolds (8 children)
m. Cassandra (Cassie) Bills
1C. Annie Reynolds
m. Greene Haddox and built Haddox Hotel, Second St.
1827 2C. Daniel W. Reynolds was principal of St. Mary's Schools in 1881 and was sheriff of Pleasants Co. m. in 1885 and 1893, built the three story brick building on the corner of Second and Georges Streets in the spring of 1893 and in May 1873, the post office moved into the first floor where it remained until the new post office was built.
3C. Isaac O. Reynolds who reopened the old Reynolds Inn on the corner of Second and Lafayette and renamed it the Central House.
4C. Joseph Reynolds, the youngest son, who went west to
Brownsville, TX., in 1881, where he founded and was publisher of The Rio Grande Vally newspaper from 1882 until his death.
5C. Franklin M. (Frank) Reynolds continued to operate the family farm on Middle Island Creek and Willow Island Run. He later bought the the H.G. Fellers
farm at Grape island and moved there in 1902, and operated it until his death.
m. Ida Anderson
Riggs and raised 5 children who were:
1D. Ethel D. Reynolds
2D. Philip Isaac Reynolds
3D. Thurman Joseph Reynolds
3-Apr.1890 4D. Lynden Eugene Reynolds
m. Mildred E. Pritchard

1E. Lynden E. Reynolds, Jr. Columbus, O.
2E. Mildred F. Reynolds (lives on the farm).
3E. Charlaine E. Gilpin
(of St. Mary's)
4E. Joseph Isaac Reynolds (Howard Mass.)
5D. Frances E. Reynolds
m2? Christina
1828 2B. Rodney Reynolds was born in then
Tyler Co. VA. s/o Daniel and Christina. He died Jan.1918
m. Nancy Benson in 1853 they have 6 ch. she died 1915
6C. Dora Reynolds youngest
m. Carl Carrier
of Va.
1909 1D. Sara Reynolds m. 1940
m. Paul Harnish
3 dau & 6 grch
1911 2D. Millard Reynolds
1E. Okey Cole Reynolds
m. Eva Smith

13-Jul.1905 1F. Minter Porter Reynolds d. 23-Feb.1980
m. 22-Dec.1943 d/o Joseph and Laura Barnhart Northcraft of Friendly, WV
m. Hilda Mae Northcraft 4 ch.
1G. Minter O'Neil Reynolds Florida
m. Janet Underwood

2G. Ruth Eilene Reynolds (history submitted by her.
m. Gilbert Martin
Sr. (Oxford)
1H. Patricia Martin
2H. Gilbert Martin, Jr.
3G. Jack Eugene Reynolds (single)
4G. William Joseph Reynolds (single)
2F. Nellie Irene Reynolds d. 21-Apr.1970
m. Bradly Higgins

3F. Howard Clinton Reynolds
2A. daughter
m. Jacob LaRue
Reynolds Go West
Just prior to 1900, Iva L. Reynolds, son of Edward C. and great-great-grandson of Thomas Reynolds (1801-1887), traveled west to
South Dakota. He married Flora Arida, and they had eight children: Alfred Rodney Reynolds, Heneretta Cramer, Lucy Cramer, Ida Stengel, Pearl Bong, Florence Eliason, Myrtle Loofgard and Violet Ness.
Alfred and Wilhelmina (Mendt
) had four children: Donald J., Virgins (Mathiesen), Dean A., and Loye (Mattie).
Dean A. and Nola (Kenton
) Reynolds of Sioux Falls, S.D., have 2 children: Vicki (Reynolds) Greene and Bryon K. Reynolds.
Donald J. and Arla (Holbeck
) Reynolds, of El Paso, TX., have 3 children: Dawn (Reynolds) Aumour, Blaine D. Reynolds, and Ardeen (Reynolds) Porter.
Blaine D. and Sue (Stubblefield
) Reynolds, of San Antonio, TX., have 2 girls and 1 son. Blaine D. Reynolds, Jr., to continue the Reynolds name. Submitted by Dean A. Reynolds.

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