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Reynolds of Va. & WVa.

Donald Pierce REYNOLDS (1908-1987)(of Lawrence, of Dr. Samuel, of Jessie & Mariah (BIDDLE), of Dr. Thomas Reynolds) married Bessie (O'NEIL)(1910-1987). She was the d/o Elza Barker & Lavinia (Hawkins) O'Neil, Wetzel, Co. & Pine Grove, WVa., granddaughter of Johnson & Rachel (Hendershot) Yoho O'Neil. Johnson was b. 27-Sep.1848, Marshall Co. WVa., d. 27-Dec.1875, Proctor District, Marshall Co. He married Rachel, 17-Dec.1875 in Wetzel Co., WV. Rachel d. 5-Sep.1936, in New Martinsville, WV. Johnson was the s/o Samuel, b. Ohio Co., WV, 18-Jul.1822, who, was the s/o Joseph Johnson & Elizabeth (Amrstrong) O'Neil. Samuel first married 1-Dec.1844, in Marshall Co., WV. to Rebecca Blake, who was b. Marshall Co., WV., 20-Nov.1821 & d. 7-Apr.1892, Wetzel Co. Samuel m2. Margaret, about 1893. Rebecca's father was Solomon Alva & Mary (__) Blake. Solomon was b. 1801, Marshall Co., WV. and d. ca. 1860 in Wetzel Co., WV. He was the s/o Isaac & Jane (__) Blake. Mary was b. Pa. 1803 and d. ca. 1860/70.

Early Land Records for Thomas Reynolds

Found at Moundsville Courthouse in Early Land Records
#150, May 15, 1845, Robert C. Wood
locate fifty acres of land in Marshall County, in part of an exchange Treasury Warrant for 257 acres No. 2704., issued to sd Wood, Feby 16th 1836, and in part of a Treasury Warrant for 200 acres, No. 10, 527 issued to Thomas Reynolds Febry 19th, 1831, unto a pledge the same to said Woods, situate on the waters of Coore & Simmins ____?, being a strip of land contained between the hills of a survey of 1155 acres made for Friend Cox and that of McMechen Survey, the land s___? being about 25, poles wide bt 450, long.
#151, May 15, 1845,
Thomas Reynolds locates 200 acres of land in Marshall County, in part of a Treasury Warrant for 1500 acres No. 2737. Issued Feby. 12th, 1838 to James Taylor
who assigned to John Parriott, who asigned it to 700 acres thence to Robert C. Woods, who assigned 200 acres thence to said Reynolds, situated near the waters of Hog, ___? beginning at a white walnut thence to a woods, thence S80, E140 poles to an ash and white oak, sapline then S20 W 240 poles to 2 spanish oak, thence W 95 poles to a white oak, thence N 11 one-half E 200 poles to the beginning.

  I spent today going through a box of things brought back from my mother's house 
a few years ago and found an old copy of the Reynolds Family Report for 1922. 
In it, I found an envelope with the following notes in my mother's hand-writing:
Thomas, son of Samuel and Isabel b. Feb. 5, 1784, d. Apr. 6, 1851, aged 67
Thomas & Elizabeth 
1.  Mary 1807 - 23
2.  Ruth - 1809 - 8
3.  Margaret - 1810
4.  James - 1813
5.  Samuel - 1816
6.  Jessy - 1818
7.  Rebeccah - 1819
8.  Sarah Ann - 182
1-2Thomas & Lydia
1.  Elizabeth - 1827
2.  John + Sarah Hornbrook - 1828
3.  Susannah Carter - 1829
4.  Thomas, Jr. + Lydia Wilson  - 1830
5.  Mariah Jane - 1833
6.  Nancy Ann ? - 1834
7.  Lydya - 1836
8.  Isabel - 1837
Info from Joann
His will probated Apr.1851 Pa. 1794 I. Dr. Thomas1 REYNOLDS1 1851 m1. (6 children2) 1A. Margaret2 REYNOLDS 2A. James2 REYNOLDS 3A. Samuel2 REYNOLDS 26-Apr.1819 4A. Jesse2 REYNOLDS 2-Feb.18 m. Mariah Biddle 5A. Rebecca2 REYNOLDS m. 16-Mar.1844-Marshall Co. Marriages m. William Miller 6A. John2 REYNOLDS m2. 4-Jun.1826-Ohio Co. Marriages BK1, pp18 1793 m2. Lydia Parriott3 1820 7A. Wilford Parriott4 1822 m. Mary 1827 8A. Elisabeth2 REYNOLDS m. 3-Oct.1850-Marshall Co. Marriages 1823 m. John Bowman5 9A. Susannah2 REYNOLDS m. 12-Apr.1849-Marshal Co. Marriages m. Dennis Harrison 10A. John 2 REYNOLDS m. 3-Oct.1852-Marshall Co. Marriages m. Sarah Hornbrook 1830/1 11A. Thomas H.2 REYNOLDS m. 1-Jan.1857-Marshall Co. Marriages 1836 m. Lydia Wilson 1836 12A. Lydia E.2 REYNOLDS m. 10-Apr.1860-Marshall Co. Marriages 1837 m. Benjamin Wayne 1837 13A. Isabella2 REYNOLDS (02) 1909 m. age of 29-Marshall Co. Marriages no date ca 1866 1837 m. Ephraim S. Richardson (02) 1916 **************** 26-Apr.1819 4A. Jesse2 REYNOLDS (04) 3-Mar.1890 m. (d/o Reason & Elizabeth (Wykert) Biddle)VA.PA.PA. m. 31-Aug.1843-Marshall Co. d.Pneumonia Burch Ridge 2-Feb.1819 m. Mariah Biddle (04) 28-Apr.1896 He b. VA. Parents b. PA. 1845 1B. Reason3 REYNOLDS m1. Nov.1871 1C. Josephine4 REYNOLDS m2. 20-Oct.1881 1864 m2. Sarah Ann Boles 2-Mar.1887 2C. Willie4 REYNOLDS 1.back He purchased land in Proctor, W.Va. from one Thomas H. List 1-May.1837. His will was written in April of 1851 and was probated by May 1851, in the Marshall County Courthouse. He was in the 1850 Marshall County Census Records taken 18-Oct.1850. listed as house #1372. His age was 66 years. It stated he was born in Pa. Lydia, his wife was also born there. 2.back These six children were listed on his will as his other children and do not appear in the will of Lydia (Parriott) Reynolds. 3. back Her will was probated 3-Mar.1857 4.back He was listed as a farmer in 1850 Marshall Co. Census Records. 5.back This family appears in the 1860 census taken 9-June-Woodland Po. John is listed as a farmer, House #89 farm value $2,500 pp $917 aged 37, born in Maryland. Elisabeth is listed as born in Maryland as are all the children.

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