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Courthouse Records on Reynolds Family of Greene Co., Pa.

Court House Records
    Orphan's Court Docket, Waynesburg, Greene County, Pa. Book 2, page 140: June term 1838 REYNOLDS, George, Appointment of guardian, September 18th, 1838, George, (s/o George), minor above age 14. Abraham Milliken appointed. Book 2, page 142: October 29, 1838. REYNOLDS-George-Guardian petition to sell Real Estate. George, minor over age of 14, guardian: Abraham S. Milliken. George was son of the late George Reynolds, Cumberland Township, Greene Co. Pa. Book 2, page 213: March term, 1842. REYNOLDS-George (dec'd.) And now to-wit, March 23 A.D. 1842, John Reynolds, Administrator of the Estate of George REYNOLDS, dec'd., presents his Administration Account for conformation. Same day acceptions filed and account referred to L.L. Manor and C.L. Hager to Audit the same, and report a distribution among the creditors, July 1, 1845. Report of Auditors filed and confirmed by the Court Auditors. Fee $10.00. Book 2, page 218: March term 1846. REYNOLDS-George, Guardian Account of Settlement. And now, to-wit, March 19th, 1846, Abraham S. Milliken, Guardian of George Reynolds, one of the minor children of George Reynolds, deceased parent, presents his guardian account for consideration. By which there appears a balance in the hands of said accountant of ($179.04), One hundred seventy-nine dollars and four cents.Fee paid $1.00 Same day account confirmed. Book 2, page 304: September term 1845. REYNOLDS-George, Rule of Guardian of. And now to-wit October 1st, 1845, on petition an Affidavit, Hon. Asa McClelland, one of the Judges of the Orphan's Court of Greene County, awards a Citation against Abraham Milliken, guardian of said George Reynolds, returnable on 1st Monday, of Nov. next. Same day Executed Rule. Book 2, page 250: June term 1843. REYNOLDS- Mary Jane, Sarah, Malinda, Esther Merium, Letitia Ann and George W. Guardians for. And to-wit June 15, 1843, John Reynolds presents his petition setting forth that Mary Jane, Sarah, Malinda, Esther Merium, Letitia Ann and George W. Reynolds, minor children, under age 14 were left by the will of their grandfather, William Kincaid, dec'd. Real and Personal Estate to the amount of about, One Thousand dollars and praying the Court to appoint some suitable person to take care of their estate. Where upon same day, the Court appointed, John Reynolds and Joseph Davidson, Guardians for such purpose upon their giving bond to be approved by the Court in the sum of ($2000) two thousand dollars. Book 2, page 250: November 13, 1845 REYNOLDS-William E. and Rebecca, Guardians Appointed. And now to-wit, June 15th, 1843, William E. Reynolds and Rebecca Reynolds present their petition, setting forth that William E. and Rebecca Reynolds, they in connection with others were left by the will of their grandfather, William Kincaid, dec'd. Real and Personal Estate to the amount of about $2,000 and praying the court to appoint some suitably person to take care of said estate, where upon the Court do appoint, John Reynolds & Joseph Davidson, Guardians for such purpose, upon their giving bond to be approved by the Court in the some of $2000. Ext. Certf. for guardian, where they give bond. Book 2, page 315: REYNOLDS-William K., Rebecca, Mary Jane, Sarah Malinda, Guardians for. And now to-wit March 17, 1846, the petition for William K., Rebecca, Mary Jane, and Sarah Malinda Reynolds presents their petition setting forth that they are minors above age of 14 and that some time since viz, at June term 1843, Joseph Davidson was appointed Guardian to your petitioners and that he is now deceased and that they have no person lawfully authorized to take care of their persons and estates and praying the Court to appoint some suitable person for their guardian. Where upon the Court appoint William Duvall joint guardian with John Reynolds upon giving Bond to be approved by the Court in $2000. Book 3, page 174/75: Aug. term 1850 REYNOLDS-Jane--Partition of Real Estate, Sept. 19, 1850. Petition of William K. Reynolds presented to the Court: Setting forth that William Kincaid, dec'd. by his Last Will and Testament, dated 8 day, April A.D. 1843 & duly entered of Probate, devised unto the Heirs of Jane Reynolds, wife of John Reynolds, the following described Real Estate to-wit: 2 lots of ground excluded as one, in the town of Jefferson, Situated on Main Street adjoining lots of John Kincaid on the East and an Alley on the south and west: on which lots of ground are erected a frame building and other improvements. Occupied at this time by George Moniger as a tavern stand, three lots adjoining the above mentioned, etc. That the said Jane Reynolds being dec'd., at and before the making of said will left issue: and Heirs: the following named to-wit: William K. petitioner, Rebecca, intermarried with James Benson, Mary Jane, intermarried with Simon Moredock, and Sarah Melinda, Esther Mariane, Letitia Ann & George W., minors, who have for their guardians William Duvall and John Reynolds. Book 3, page 181: August term 1850 (estate settled) REYNOLDS-Thomas. And now, to-wit, September 21, 1850, John Reynolds Esq. Administrator of the Estate of Thos. Reynolds dec'd. presented to the Court his administration account of said estate for Confirmation and Allowance, by which it appears. Same day account confirmed by the Court and referred to James Lindsey Esq., Auditor to report (Exit Certif., to Auditor) Nov. 16, 1850. Account recommitted to same auditor Febry 10, 1850. Rept. Conf. See page 4 for Rect. of Account. Book 4, page 226: September term 1857. REYNOLDS-Katharine. And now, October 5, 1857, the petition of Katharine Thomas (formerly, Reynolds), who was intermarried with Peter Morris dec'd. eldest daughter of and heir at law of Katharine Reynolds dec'd. presented to this Court, setting forth that the said Katharine Reynolds d. intestate, about 1 year ago leaving issue the above named petitioner, John Reynolds, who resides in Noble Co., Ohio, Mary Tuxbury, intermarried with Reuben Tuxbury, who resides in Greene County, Pa. Elizabeth A. and Ionah, who is married with Dan Allum, both of whom reside in Greene County, Pa. That the said intestate died seized in demisne, as of fee of and in the following described real estate situate in the Boro of Waynesburg, said county, to-wit: A lot of ground frontage on Greene Street, sixty feet and running back to an alley one hundred and eighty feet, adjoining a lot of Abraham Baltzell and wife on the east, a lot on the west, being the same lot occupied by the said intestate and petitioner for years, with the appurtenances being had, the petitioner prays the Court to award an inquest to make partition of the same to ___ the heirs and legal representative of said intestate according to law. John Reynolds being called makes default, Catherine Thomas, (formerly Reynolds) wid. of Peter Thomas, being allowed elects to take the real estate of the said dec'd. at the valuation. Mary Tuxberry (formerly Reynolds) being called makes default to Ann Ullom (formerly Reynolds), wife of Daniel Ullum, makes default, Elizabeth Reynolds being called makes default. (and continued to another page.) BOOK 7, page 210: April term 1869. REYNOLDS-Jeremiah, dec'd. Widows Inventory. And now, April 1869, the Inventory of the goods taken by the Widow of Jeremiah Reynolds, under $300 law presented and approved by the Court. Book 7, page 333: April term 1870. REYNOLDS-Jeremiah. Proof of Contract. The petition of Uriah Rinehart and Therman Crago, sheweth that Jeremiah Reynolds, late of Greene County, Pa., dec'd., died about the ___ Day of November, 1868, intestate and letters of Administration were granted by the Register of Greene County, on this estate to Uriah Rinehart and Thurman Crago, that said Jeremiah Reynolds, dec'd. seized of certain real estate in Jefferson township, Greene County, and agreed with William D. Willis by agreement dated March 9, 1868, to sell and convey to him and his heirs and assigns out of the said real estate, the following described piece or parcel of land viz: Being a part of the tenant of land conveyed to said Reynolds by Samuel Luce, Esq., lying on the south side of the road from Rices Landing to Jefferson commencing at road at D. Moredock line running parallel with the road to the bend thence straight to a point on the road at Sharpnack's line, thence by Sharpneck's line to Moredock's, thence back to Moredock'sline, the starting point for which the said William D. Willis thence agreed to pay to the said Jeremiah REYNOLDS, etc, the sum of 727.50 with 6 percent interest. Heirs: Harry Reynolds, Samuel Reynolds, Thomas Reynolds, Priscilla Willis, married to William D. Willis, Clementine Rex married William Rex, Jane Rinehart, married to William Rinehart and Nancy Crago, married to Thurman Crago. (2 pages) Book 3, page 353: Jeremiah REYNOLDS estate settled (1 page.) Book 3, page 151: Guardian for Thomas REYNOLDS, John Reynolds appointed. Book 3, page 181: Thomas REYNOLDS, account settled. Book 6, page 77: June term 1865. REYNOLDS-Robert Sale of Real Estate, June 15, 1865, Petition of Michael Reynolds and Joseph W. Parkins, on Adm. Boro of Jefferson. He owned a brick house on Main Street. Book 6, page 154: Inventory and Appraisment, September 18, 1865 of Robert REYNOLDS. Book 6, page 468: Catherine Reynolds March 23, 1867, Petition of Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds, minor child under 14-- Catherine Reynolds. Book 7, page 312: December term 1869. December 22, 1869, REYNOLDS-Isabella, alias Nutt. Settlement of Guardians. Henry S. Sharpneck. Book 7, page 471: December term 1870. REYNOLDS-Robert dec'd. Estate settled. Kate R. Biddle and Elizabeth Reynolds and J.A. Reynolds, an heir of Robert Reynolds, late of Jefferson, Greene Co., Pa. dec'd. signed J.A. Reynolds, March 1, 1894. Milton B. Reynolds mentioned. (2 full pages) Wills and Estates Greene County Courthouse, Waynesburg, Pa. Book 2, page 139: Estate of George REYNOLDS (no. 992) Citation from the Register to John REYNOLDS, administrator, of George Reynolds, dec'd. Issued April 22, 1841, to be and appear at the Registers office in Waynesburg, the 8th day of May ensuing with his account, and vouchers for settlement. Served by R.H. Lindsey, Sheriff. Fee $1.14 Registers .50. Book 2, page 77: Estate of George REYNOLDS dec'd. Fees paid. Letters of Administration granted to John REYNOLDS, March 23, 1837. Bond with William Kincaid and Joseph Ailes, as sureties taken same day, inventory and venue lst filed. Book 3, page 43: (No. 1325) Estate of Thomas REYNOLDS, dec'd. Letters of Administration of John REYNOLDS October 17, 1848. Same day Bond of Administration taken in the sum of $300, with John Lindsey and William McCallister as sureties. November 13, 1848. Inventory filed, December 2, 1848, Venue list filed. Book 3, page 233: (No. 1743) Estate of Catherine Reynolds. And now to-wit, September 15, 1857. Letters of Administration on the estate of Catherine Reynolds, granted to M.W. Denny Esq. Bond taken in the sum of Fifty dollars with I.S. Bayard and G.W. Conner as sureties. Inventory filed October 3, 1857. Book 4, page 95: Estate of Robert REYNOLDS (no. 2132.) And now to-wit. June 6, 1864, Letters of Administration granted to J.W. Parkinson and Michael REYNOLDS. Bond taken in the sum of three thousand dollars with Edward Parkinson and L.R. McMinnas sureties. Bond filed. Letters duly stamped having thereon a one dollar U.S. Rev. Stamo. Widows renunciation filed with bond. And now to-wit, July 5, 1864, Inventory filed duly stamped according to law, having thereon a 5 cent US Rev. Stamp. Book 4, page 250: Estate of Jeremiah REYNOLDS (no. 2438) And now January 12, 1869, Letters of Administration (exempt from stamp duty) granted to Uriah Rinehart and Therman Crago. Bond taken in the sum of One Thousand dollars, with Boldum Weaver and R.W. Downes as sureties. Bond filed, Feby 3d. Inventory and sale list filed also. Widows renunciation filed under the letter "R" with the Administration Bond. Book 6, page 16: Cumberland Twp. September 22, 1885. Letter of Administration for Mary REYNOLDS. Affidavit of Clementine Rex, says Mary Reynolds died 23d July, 1885 at about 4 a.m. Book 13, page 154: Will of W.K. REYNOLDS, Jefferson, Pa. Sarah E., Jane, William F. and Margaret M. to George H. to Albert to John to William F. eight children: Jane; Sarah; George H.; Albert; John; William F.; Margaret; Hannah F. w/o Albert Milliken. Appointed Albert Reynolds and William F. Reynolds, executors. D. 17-Jun.1915 at 4 p.m. (in will book). Book 21, page 151: G.H. REYNOLDS, Feb. 13, 1935. Application for Letter of Administration, Cumberland Twp. Granted to William H. and Clarence E. Reynolds. Affidavit of death G.H. Reynolds d. 28-Jan.1935 at 9:15 p.m. Book 25, page 71: Estate of James A. REYNOLDS. Rices Landing, March 5, 1946, Appointed Letter of Adm. Heirs: Elma Reynolds, widow; E. Allen Reynolds and George L. Reynolds, sons; Mrs. Aldra R. Hartley dau. James A. d. 17-Jan.1946 at 3:20 p.m. Book 26, page 306: Estate of Samuel B. Reynolds, Nov. 22, 1949, Heirs: Evelyn L. Reynolds, wife; Roberta Kay, daug. Robert Ray, a son. Clarksville. Affidavit of death: Evelyn L. He died 17-Mar.1949 at 2:10 p.m. Book 28, page 379: Estate of Sarah E. REYNOLDS October 15, 1952, Petition for Letter of Administration. Heirs: Margaret M., sister; Frank and Albert, brothers; William H., Clarence, Robert and Leslie, nephews; Margaret Ewart, niece; Stephen Reynolds Jr. grandnephew. She died 10-Oct.1952 at 8:45 a.m. aged 97 years. Book 29, page 323: Will of Margaret M. REYNOLDS. 9-Feb.1954. Petition for Letter of Adm. w. 5-Sep.1952. She was from Jefferson, Greene Co., Pa. William A. Reynolds; Less Reynolds; Blanche Reynolds. She died 1-Feb.1954 in Jefferson, at 11:30 a.m. aged 84 years. A brother W.F. Reynolds was incompetent. Book 29, page 436: Estate of W.F. REYNOLDS. Heirs: Leslie, John, William A., William H., Clarence & Robert R., nephews; Elnor L. Carr, grandniece, Allen Swart & Stephen Reynolds Jr. grand nephews.
    Greene County Census Records
    1800 Greene County Census, Pa. Greene Twp. 10 16 26 45 ^ > 10 16 26 45 ^ O S v 10 16 26 45> v 10 16 26 45 REYNOLDS, George 1 - 1 - - - - - 1 - - - - 1755-1774 1m 1790-1800; 1m George- 1f 1755-1774 1810 Greene County Census, Pa. Greene Twp. 10 16 26 45 ^ - 10 16 26 45 ^ O S 88:19 v 10 16 26 45 - v 10 16 26 45 REYNOLDS, George 1 1 - 1 - - 3 - - 1 - - - Morris Twp. 16:9 REYNOLDS, John - - - 1 - - - - 1 - - - - 16:4 REYNOLDS, Thomas 1 1 1 - 1 > 2 1 1 - 1 - - Morgan Twp. 64:13 REYNOLDS, Robert 1 - - 1 1 > 2 - - 1 - - - Richhill Twp. 8:17 REYNOLDS, Thomas - 2 - - 1 > - 1 - - - - - 1820 Greene County, Pa., Census, Cumberland Twp. 10 16 18 26 45 ^ 10 16 26 45 ^ F A C M v 10 16 18 26 45 v 10 16 26 45 REYNOLDS, James 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0100 REYNOLDS, George 2 1 1 2 0 1 3 1 1 1 0 0100 Franklin Twp. Census RENNELS, Robert 2 0 1 1 1 0 1 3 0 1 0 0100 1850 Greene County Census, Cumberland Twp., Pa. 164/169 REYNOLDS George, 25 m. b. Pa. lab. (1825) Phebe 20 " William George " 169/174 REYNOLDS Jeremiah 39 " Cooper 500 1811 Mary Sharpnack 36 " 1814 Nancy 16 " 1834 Harvey 14 " 1836 Samuel 11 " 1839 Priscilla 6 " 1844 Jane 4 " 1846 Thomas 2 " 1848 1850 Jefferson Twp, Greene Co. Pa. Census, 28-Aug.1850 393/400 REYNOLDS, James D. 36 DC tailor 1814 Mary C. 33 DC 1817 Anlista 10 OH Jane Ann 8 OH Anne Mariah 5 VA Randolph R. 3 DC Thomas H. 6/12 PA 445/452 REYNOLDS, Robert 33 PA farmer 1817 Elisabeth 30 " 1820 Jacob 6 " in school Milton 4 " Michael 40 PA farmer 1880 Jefferson Twp., Greene County, Pa. 1-Jun.29-Jun.1880 61/62 REYNOLDS, William K. 54 Pa. Pa. Pa. farmer Margaret 51 wife Pa. Pa. Pa. Jane 29 dau " Sarah E. 25 " George H. 23s son " laborer Albert 19s " "2 laborer John 14 "2 William F. 12 "2 Maggie M. 10 "2 Hannah 8 "2 Charles L. 6 " (gr-son) 70/72 REYNOLDS, Sam'l. 41 f.lab Pa.WV.Pa. 1839 Mary 34 wife Pa.Pa.Pa. 1846 Frank 12 son "2 1868 Sam'l. 10 "2 1870 Harry 4 " 1876 Emma 1 " 1879 121/123 REYNOLDS, Harvey 45 lab Pa.Unk.Pa. 1835 Charlotte 43 wife Pa.Eng.Eng 1833 Samuel 22 s.lab Pa.Pa.Pa. 1858 Mary 21 dau domestic servant 1859 1880 Cumberland Twp., Greene County, Pa. 276/276 REYNOLDS, Mary 66 Pa.Pa.Pa. 3 widow REX, Clementine 28 dau. Pa.Pa.Pa. widow Charles 10 gr-son Pa.Pa.Pa. in school Jennie 8 gr-dau Pa.Pa.Pa.

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