Claysville Recorder Abstracts.

FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 1914.
  M. J. Flynn, the well known real estate man, met with an accident on Wednesday, which caused 
painful injury.
  He was picking cherries in a treeat his home east of town.  He had a bucket witrh about 3 gallons in it 
when a limb broke, and he fell to the bucket.
  The right side of his face was scratched and cut about the eye, and his left collar bone was broken.
  The bucket and cherries were smashed by his fall.
  It was fortunate the injuries were not more serious.

   The marriage of Miss Margaret Miller, daughter of Alexander Miller, to Mr. Clifford Shaler, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. M. L. Shaler, a well known young couple of Donegal township, took place in Washington on 
Wednesday, June 17, 1914. They returned to his home the same evening.
  They have the good wished of many friends.

FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 1914.
    Mrs. N.E. McMillian left on the 11:37 train, Monday, for Bellaire, Ohio, called by the death 
of her father, William Booth Armstrong, at his home, on 22d street about 7 a.m., June 22d, 1914, 
aged near 82 years, from gangrene following an abcess.
   He had been an invalid for more than a year, from softening of the brain.
  The funeral service was held at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, conducted by his pastor, Rev. 
Lawther, of the First Presbyterian church.
  Interment in Rose Hill cemetery. The deceased was born on the Day farm near the Greene County 
line, south of Prosperity, son of Charles and Patty Sanders Armstrong.
  He followed farming and resided near Graysville.
  He was married November 22, 1860, to Harriett Murray of Ryerson Station, who, like her father, 
was a school teacher.
  She died on her wedding day 12 years later.
  By this union there are two children--Warren Armstrong, near Cameron, W.Va., and Mrs. McMillen.
  Mr. Armstrong later married Matilda Allum of Graysville.
  About 30 or 35 years ago he moved to Bellaire, where he was for a long time engaged in the enamel works.
  About 60 years ago, he joined the old Unity Presbyterian church of Bellaire.
  He served in a Pa. regiment in the Civil War.
  There is one daughter by the second marriage Mrs. Etta Groathouse, who lives with her mother.
  There are six grand children--Herman, Will and Thomas Armstrong. Mrs. Ethel Bristor, Lawrence 
and Edna Smith.

   Mr. Herbie Durbin, proprietor of the flouring mill at Bristoria, Pa. committed suicide Friday 
by drinking the contents of a bottle of carbolic acid that he procured from a near by store with the 
laughing remark that he was going to kill himself.
  Shortly after he called a friend telling him what he had done and saying that he had better call
the doctor, but before the arrival of the physcian, he had passed beyond medical aid.
  No reason is given for the rash act.

FRIDAY, JULY 3, 1914.
  This, so far as known, the 150th year of the Snodgrass family in America, was celebrated in a family 
reunion on Wednesday.
  It was planned to spend the day in Campsey's Grove in Donegal, which township, has been the abiding 
place of family connections for at least 110 years.
  The grove is ample for the children to sport and play in and for the grown ups to indulge in their 
more sober exercises reminiscent chats and renewal of friendships.
  About 100 members of the connection gathered at the grave.  It is a pity that Jupe Plume behaved so 
badly for them just at the time after some had come many hundreds of miles to attend the 
family gathering.
  First there was a long period of ample sprinkle.
  It was decided to go elsewhere for shelter, and the basement of the Presbyterian church was chosen.
  The rain increased in downpour and did not cease until the reunion broke up.
  The basement was pretty well filled.
  Dinner was partaken there.
  It was a fine dinner too! More circumspect conduct was required of the children, 
however, and you know how it is to deny romping to active youngsters. 
  However, all felt it was good to be together again and the occasion was one of real pleasure. 
  Among those present: Oscar McMillan and wife, Benwood, W.Va.  Dr. D.J. Smith, wife and two
daughters, Ruth and Ada, Osceola, Neb.; Rev. D. N. Snodgrass and wife Harlow, Ky.; Mrs. Anna Snodgrass, 
Mrs. Edna Grooms, Miss Grace Snodgrass, Bellaire, Ohio; Miss Edith and Master Harold Snodgrass, 
Pittsburgh, Pa.; Mrs. W.R. Dennison, Mrs. M.R. Barr, Washington,
Pa.; Edgar Miller, wife and children, 
Elk Lick, Pa.; William Leach and wife, McMechen, W.Va.; Mrs. 
William Leach, Jr. and children, 
Wheeling; A.L. Snodgrass, wife and daughter, McMechen, W.Va.; A.C. McMillian, Pittsburgh, Pa.; 
Garfield Snodgrass, Miss Florence Snodgrass, Steubenville, Oh.; William Holmes, Wendell Holmes, 
John Holmes and wives, Washington, Pa. The family historians credit William Snodgrass of Irish 
immigration and Scotch progenitors, as being the founder of the 
family of America.
  He married Margaret Todd, of Scotch parentage, and native of Philadelphia, about 1797.
  He was born in 1764 and she in 1766.
  The Bible and The Confession of Faith formed their library.  Their son John was born April 
15,1798, in Chester county, Pa.
  It is not definitely known when they crossed the mountains, but in March, 1804, they bought 
from Barnet Johnston, 93 acres, 59 perches of land about $4 per acre, May 16, 1812, they bought 6 
acres, 80 perches adjoining, of Laurence Simons for $30.
  The farm, reduced by sales from 100 acres to 64 acres now belongs to John Holmes, a lineal descendent.
  This old Snodgrass homestead has a semicircular protecting it from northwest storms, slopes 
like an amphitheater.
  Mrs. Snodgrass brought with her apple and peach seeds and planted an orchard.
  Some of the tress are still growing.
  She was an adept at grafting.
  She had vines of grapes, a bed of white strawberries.
  The bees and sugar trees kept them in sweets.
  The flax and a few sheep furnished clothing. The descendents are founded in many states of 
the Union, engaged in various professional and business avocations and  trades, ministers, 
physicians, teachers, merchants, farmers, railroad work, etc.  They are found under the names of 
McMillian, Reilley, Rodgers, Stull, Ralston, Hunter, Hutchison, Miller, Kelly, Reaney, Freschcorn, 
Smith, Cornett, Sprowls, Essick, etc.
  One descendant has a 1100 acre farm in the west; another served in the Minnesota legislature; 
several were physicians, one of whom gave up his live in slavery life; two were ordained to the 
ministry, one served in the Union army, another was a U.S. Marine, many are active workers, in 
church represented in half a dozen different bodies.
  Few, if any, have brought discredit upon the family names.
End July 3, 1914.

FRIDAY, JULY 10, 1914.
  The trustees of the Presbyterian church are considering the matter of having the church lighted by 
electricity and having an electric chandelier put in.
  There are about 18 residents who have so far signed up for electric light or power at their 
homes, places of business.
  Further canvas to be made and there will no doubt be others listed soon.
  The People's bank building will be supplied by the same company.
  The West Penn Lighting Company.

JULY 17, 1914.
  Mrs. Kitty Golden and children of Washington City, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 
Thomas Durbin, at Wind Ridge.

FRIDAY, JULY 24, 1914
  Mr. and Mrs. W.E. McMillen went to Bellaire, O.
  Wednesday to attend the funeral of her step-mother Matilda Allum, widow of William B. 
Armstrong, who died at her home on Twenty-second street, about 2 o'clock, Tuesday morning, July 21, 
1914, of acute indigestion after an illness of two days, aged 76 years.
  She had been out Saturday and secured the provisions for Sunday. Her husband's death 
occurred June 23d, and her funeral took place Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock, just 
four weeks after her husband.
  Her pastor, Rev. Lawther, conducted the service, assisted by A.M. Flax, minister of the Christian 
church. Mrs. Armstrong was born and reared near Enon, daughter of Charles Allum, her mother 
being a Miss Gregory.
  She was married to Mr. Armstrong about 30 years ago by Squire Knight, of Wind Ridge.
  They have resided in Bellaire since their marriage.
  She united with Enon Baptist church in her girlhood, and later became a member of the First Presbyterian 
church of Bellaire. 
  She leaves one son and one daughter, Gibson Allum, of Muncie, Indiana, and Mrs. Walter Groathouse, 
of Bellaire; also by two brothers and two sisters, John A. Allum, of Bellaire; Attorney Park 
Allum, and Mrs. Thomas Wallace of Waynesburg, and Mrs. Alice Cummings, of Enon.
  There are four grandchildren.

FRIDAY, JULY 31, 1914.
   On Thursday the deal was completed of the sale of the country home of M.J. Flynn to N.H. McCullough, 
of Mole Hill, 20 miles below Sistersville, W.Va. there are 40 acres in the tract, sold without the 
coal, and the property is well improved with good dwelling house, on which improvements costing 
$700 were made last year: barn and other buildings, fruit etc.  The property is located on Taylorstown 
road, just half a mile from where it turns off Main street, and adjoines the northeastern 
border of the borough.
  The purchase price was $45,500.
  Possession will be given September 1st.
  Mr. Flynn will likely move his family to Washington.
  Mr. McCullough's family consists of himself, wife and 4 children, the eldest a daughter, aged 
17, and three boys, 13, 10, and 3.  Mr. McCullough looked at other farm properties for some of 
his West Virginia friends who would come here if they find suitable tracts.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 1914.
   Agnes, wife of George, died at her home near Mt. Hope, Independence township, about 8 
o'clock, Friday evening, August 14, 1914, from a nervous breakdown, aged 68 years.
  The funeral service was held at her late home at one o'clock, Sunday afternoon, conducted by 
her pastor, J.O. Patterson. Interment was at Zion cemetery. Mrs. Miller's maiden name was Miller.
  She was born and raised near Dunsfort.
  She was for two score years or more a member of Dutch Fork church. Beside her husband she 
leaves four sons and four daughters, Mrs. John Farrar, of Buffalo; Mrs. Cynthia Scott, of 
Prosperity; Mrs. Charles Jones, of Dunsfort; Miss Bess Miller, at home; Edward Miller of 
Crothers; Earl Miller, of Mt. Hope; and Willie and Ira Miller at home.
  She leaves three brothers and one sister; Calvin Miller of West Liberty; David and 
Shephard Miller, of Dunsfort and Miss Mary Miller of Coon Island.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1914.
   Louise, daughter of John and Jennie Carter Dinsmore, of Cameron, died at the home of 
her aunt, Mrs. Etta Alley, near Majorsville at 4 o'clock Tuesday, afternoon, August 25, 
1914, of typhoid fever and peritonitis, aged five years.
  Her mother died several years ago and the little girl made her home with her aunt.
  Besides her father she leaves one sister.
  Jane Dinsmore, who lives with Mrs. Martha Howard, in Washington.
  The funeral service  was held at 10 o'clock Thursday morning at the Alley home. Interment in 
Mt. View cemetery, Dallas.

   A cow on the John W. Frye farm, near here, gave birth during the week to a calf having six 
perfectly developed feet, each fore leg having two well formed hoofs.
  The freak lived several hours.

  The death of Joanna Frances Stillwagen, wife of John R. Blayney, occurred at their home on 
Main Street, at 11:30 o'clock Thursday night, August 27,1914, of enlargement of the liver, after 
an illness of more than two years, aged 56 years, one month, 23 days.
  The funeral service was held in the Church of Sacred Heart, at ten o'clock.
  Saturday forenoon, conducted by Rev. Father Sliwenski, who officiated in the absence of Rev. 
Father Hughes. There was a large attendance, there being many more than the seating capacity of 
the church present.
  Misses Coulinan, vocalists, and Miss Acheson, organist of Washington, assisted with the service.
  The Interment was in St. James cemetery, east of West Alexander. Mrs. Blayney was born 
in the Hutchinson section of West Finley township, July 4th, 1858, daughter (rest not here)

Friday, June 16, 1916
   W. C. Carson & wife have returned from their trip to Cleveland, O.
   Mrs. Charles Burns & children returned Saturday to their home at Brownsville, Pa.
   Rev. R. L. Erhard, of Donora was the guest of his daughter, Mrs. H. L.Gromo.
   Mr. & Mrs. F. P. Jones, of Wheeling, were guests of Mr. & Mrs. H. M. Craig, Tuesday.
   H. E. Dennison was a caller in Washington, this week.
   The first since his recent severe illness.
   Mr. & Mrs. George B. Sprowls left Monday evening for Detroit, Michigan, on a business & pleasure trip.
   Miss Martha Milligan has returned from a months visit with Mr. & Mrs. S. B. Galloway in 
Washington City.
   David Reed returned home last evening from State College, where he has been pursuing a course 
in modern agriculture.
   Don Campsey &  wife went to her former home at New Wilmington, the first, of the 
week, for a visit during commencement at Westminster College.
   S. H. Jackson, of Butler, Pa. spent Sunday at his home here, being accompanied hither by 
master William Craig & thither by his little grand-daughter, Mary Elizabeth Barclay.
   Drs. J. N. Sprowls, & C. C. Cracraft, & H. O. Campsey left Monday morning for Detroit, where 
the two doctors are attending the annual meeting of the American Medical Association.
   Miss Rosa Dunlap, Paul Rodgers & Glenn Burig have returned from Bethany college; Misses 
Susannah McKeown, Nina Martin, and Katherine Milliken & Harry Hutchison from Muskingum college.
Leonard & Foster
   The engagement of Miss Florence L. Foster to Harvey R. Leonard, both of Beaver Falls, Pa. 
was announced at a meeting of the Sigma Kai Nu Club at Miss Foster's home on Saturday. No date 
has been set for the wedding.
   The groom is a son of Mrs. O. P. Leonard, of this place and is connected with the Penn 
Bridge company's plant at Beaver Falls.
   S. O. Dague attended the Republican county committee meeting in Washington, Monday.

Emerson Showers Causes 
Bad Auto Accident
   An automobile driven by Emerson Showers, formerly of Claysville, ran into a parade of 
members of the Modern Woodmen of America, at Elm Grove, Sunday afternoon, as they were 
returning from a memorial service held at the Stone Church.
  The accident occurred in front of the First National Bank.
  Ten men and boys were injured including:
James, 2242 Eoff St., left shoulder blade and left leg broken.
Samuel Reynolds, Park View, slightly bruised and hip lacerated.
William Holmes, Elm Grove, bad cut on top of head and left ear badly injured.
Charles Kimmons and son, of Fulton, injured.
  Mr. Kimmons was badly bruised and is thought to have been injured internally.
R. E. Keyser, Elm Grove, left knee cap and leg cut and bruised, and right shoulder slightly injured.
Edward Reynolds, of Park View, badly cut over forehead.
William Sithern, 1053 Cherry St., cut on head, left ankle sprained and badly bruised.
John Neuhart, Elm Grove bruised about body.
H. E. Mathews, 2113 Eoff St., slightly cut and bruised.
Sowers had recently purchased the machine and was learning to drive it.
  As he was about to meet the parade he went to turn the car to the right side curb and 
evidently lost control.
  It is said he put his foot on the wrong lever, causing the machine to jump forward, instead 
of stopping.
  It ploughed into the front ranks of the line and ran over several men before it was stopped.
  Drs. A. F. Ruble, Leech K. Cracroft, and R. M. Pedicord were summoned and attended the 
injured men.

   Travel over the National Road between Claysville and the State Line is to be both comfortable 
and safer.
  The clouds of dust are to be kept down and a clear view afforded travelers by the application 
of a surfacing of gravel and oil.
  These materials are to be shipped here soon and used on the road. This is a needed improvement 
as no highway is safe for travel in which motor vehicles are hidden in clouds of dust so 
that the lights have to be turned on in broad daylight as a means of safety, as has 
been done.
  While according this safety and comfort the new surfacing will provide a greater lasting
quality to the road. 

Work on Buffalo Creek Railroad?
   It is reported that work has been commenced on the State Line railroad east of Wellsburg.
   Quite a force of men are at  work.
   The Buffalo Creek railroad may be a reality after all. 

High Tension Line Construction
   Construction of the West Penn Lighting Company's high tension electric line from Washington to 
Beach Bottom, W. Va, passing Claysville to the north and also West Alexander, will be commenced 
   Materials for the line are already being ordered.
   The construction will be in charge of Mr. Phillips, of Sewickley, who may reside in 
Claysville while superintending that work. The company has franchises in both Claysville 
and West Alexander, and residents of both have already signed up for patronage.
  Both towns may later be lighted by electricity.

   Dr. Henderson wishes to inform his friends and patrons, that he will continue to practice his 
profession (Dentistry) in Claysville, and has not established an office in Elm Grove even though 
that is his residence.

   S. N. Scott met with a serious accident on Tuesday while at work on the Isaac Hodgens 
No. 4 as pumper for the Washington County Oil.
   He was on the roof of the boiler house to fix the adjuster board, and as he was walking 
across the roof it gave way, precipitating him to the floor.
   He fell with his face toward one of the splintered ends of a board.
   One of the points struck him at the inner corner of the right eye, entering in a slant, a hole 
about three-quarters of an inch wide was cut. Harry Hodgens brought him to his home.
   Dr. Wolfe dressed the injury.
   He did not believe the sight is injured.
   Mr. Scott will be disabled for sometime.
   F. F. Mumper spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Carter, at Loraine, O.
   He reports Mrs. C. O. Smith doing well at her store.

   Mrs. Norma Ray of Akron, O., spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Udesta Reany and 
   Mr. and Mrs. John F. Reaney of Vinton, La., Ralph and Calvin Reaney here.
   Mr. and Mrs. Allen Semuel and family left Saturday for Harrisburg, Pa., after spending 
Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reed Trussell.
   Mrs. Undesta Reaney and daughter, Mrs. Norma Ray and Calvin Reaney and son Robert, spent 
Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Laird and family.
   Mr. and Mrs. Clair Eisenhart of York, Pa., left Sunday after spending Christmas with her 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Campsey and family.
   Miss Polly Buchanan, student at Muskingum college, spent the holidays with her parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. John Buchanan, Wayne street.
   Frank Kelly, student at Muskingum college, spent the holidays with his parents, Mr. and 
Mrs. Glenn Kelly, The Meadows.
   John Chess and family will move from Coon Island to the Mrs. A. J. Roney property, Church street.
   S/C Fred Cain is spending a leave with his mother, Mrs. Roy Cain, Wayne street, after a 
Mediterranean Cruise.
   Miss Mary Joan McNutt student nurse at Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa., is 
spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. McNutt, Main street.
   Miss Monalea Cooper, student nurse at Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa., is 
spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cooper, Mill Street.
   Mr. and Mrs. William F. White and son visited this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy 
Gatewood of Caledonia, Ohio.
   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woodruff and son visited at the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 
G. S. Montgomery.
   Mr. Woodruff has just completed are fresher course in accounting and has accepted 
a position as chief accountant at a new plant of the Goodrich Tire and Rubber Company, at 
Troy, Ohio.
Captain James Cook, British Navigator, discovered the Hawaiian Islands in 1778.

 January Jan. 4.
  Side of building at Stove Mill collapsed under weight of machinery.
  Claysville Cleaners opened business.
  G. A. Buchanan and Dr. Esther Montgomery married.
  Kirk Henry named Chief of West Alexander Fire Department.
  Miss Charlotte Kuhne died in Washington Hospital of burns.
Jan. 11.
  Mt. Hope United Presbyterian Church abandoned building to be raised.
  Dr. R. W. Wolfe, Taylorstown died.
  D. M. Campsey elected president of Borough Council.
  Glenn E. Gilmore elected president of Fire Department.
  R. E. Woodburn appointed Assistant Cashier of Peoples National Bank, Washington, Pa.
  Hertig Wheat Service Station destroyed by fire Christmas week.
Jan. 18.
  Gaylord Reynolds assumes management of Clover Farm store.
  Rev.H. M. Bruce accepts call to E. McKeesport church.
  Dr. O. T. McDonough 75, died in hospital.
  Preliminary survey made for site of news filtration plant.
  Miss Myrtle Taylor of West Alexander died of pneumonia.
Jan. 25.
  R. J. Kemp home, East Finley destroyed by fire.
  Report on sewage made top council by Chester Engineers.
  West Alexander Claysville Basket-ball game.
  Three cars involved in wreck at west end of town.
  T. J. Stevens, former council president, died of heart attack.
Feb. 1.  Dr. F. D. Large of Clairton, Pa., to practice here.
  Mrs. Florence Sprowls, R. D. 1, died in hospital.
  Road improvement in Morris township tobe made by State.
  Frank Reed, West Alexander, injured in fall from scaffold.
Feb. 8.  Charles Dalton, Taylorstown, reunited with his English bride, the first English girl to 
come to this section.
  Small fire at Frank McKeag home Sunday.
  Col. Chas. I. Feddis announces for Congress.
Feb. 15.
  C. E. Caithers, County Republican leader, died.
  Mrs. R. D. Scott died in Mercy Hospital.
  Gov. Martin announced candidacy for U. S. Senator
  J. E. Meyers house Coon Island, destroyed by fire.
  Mrs. Lizzie M. Brownlee died.
Feb. 8.
  W. L. Lingiam caught by rolling log, leg broken.
  Crozier McCleary, Miss Ann Bradbury marries.
Feb. 22.  H. M. Plants home, East Finley destroyed by fire.
Feb. 20.
  Strobe Building purchased by C. E. Grove.
  3-car accident at Sunset.
  Borough Council room enlarged.
  Show windows at Sprowls' Store remodel.
March 1.
  Mrs. T. W. Armstrong, former resident, died Feb. 25, at Hopewell, Va.
  Mrs. Dorsey Spragg died. 
Feb. 23.
  Miss Barbara Edgar has pictures in Pittsburgh Exhibit.
  New restaurant opened in West Alexander, by Mrs. Jeanne Ferris.
March 8.
  T. C. Noble, member of old family, died March 2.
  Mrs. Martha McPherson died March 4.
  C. L. Shaler elected to council vacancy due to resignation of R. E. Woodburn, W. E. Noble 1946 
Red Cross Chairman.
  R. E.Woodburn named execute Washington, Pa.
  Jas. C. Burns, West Alexander, died.
March 15.
  Mrs. G. O. Frye died Wednesday, March 13.
  Bill Whitehead bought T. J. Stevens Painting business.
  Council sponsored by High School.
  Scout Master Capers given farewell by troop.
March 22.
  Mrs. Orville Gordon died March 16.
  Geo. Y. Holmes, Ann Morosco engaged.
  Col Charles I. Feddis addresses Men's Brotherhood.
March 29.
  Dr. E. R. Knox and Dorothy Creason married in Kansas City, Mo.
  Mrs. Charlotte Dalton, Taylorstown, died March 28.
Apr 5.
  John T. "Daddy" Grimm died Thursday Mar. 28.
  Rev. K. C. Spaulding, new minister at Christian church.
  D. E. Tennant, died.
  Evergreens purchased for Honor Roll.
  Miss Jean White elected, Wash.'s May Queen.
April 12.
  Miss Barbara Edgar's pictures hung in Philadelphia exhibit.
  West Alex. Fair dates Sept. 11, 12, 13, 14.
  C. T. Efaw died April 8.
  Waynesburg Vet killed in accident Tuesday morning.
  David Danley breaks leg in fall.
April 19.
  Borough adopts Daylight's time.
  School art exhibit to be held.
  W. B. Sanders died April 16.
  Mrs. John L. Baldwin died April 14.
  James Conkey attempts suicide.
  Rural Baseball League to Open May 5.
  West Alexander Borough adopts Daylights time.
April 26.
  Charles C. Liggett, died April 19.
  Noah Price, former resident, died April 19.
  Fire discovered at Electric Shop, Thursday morning.
  Dr. Frank Fisher of Millsboro, 60 years in Ministry.
May 3.
  Home EC Dept. Style Show, May 3.
  W. &. J. to hold 147th commencement.
  Mrs. Frank B. Gaul, Sr. died.
May 10.
  $11,00 Borough Bond Issue sold to S. K. Cunningham & co., Pittsburgh, for new filtration plant.
  Borough tax set at 13 mills.
  Blue Ridge Bus Drivers strike in 6th day.
May 17.
  Miss Barbara Edgar wins scholarship in Philadelphia as prize for pictures.
  Hugh T. Young former resident died May 12.
  Primary election Tuesday.
May 24.
  Gov. Martin nominated senator.
  Jas. Duff nominated governor at Tuesday primary election.
  Mail delivered here by truck because of railroad strike.
  CHS commencement next week.
  Memorial day plans announced.
  C. H. Dunlap, West Alexander died.
(page five)
May 31.
  Memorial services attract large crowd.
  Jessie Craig died, May 30.
  Legion to sponsor Minstrel Show.
  Sen. Carter Gless of Va., died at 88.
June 7.
  Rev. W. R. Craig died, June 1, at Philadelphia.
  Jas. E. Smith.
June 14.
  Legion Post organized at Taylorstown.
  Geo. Calder Fish died in Calif.
  Bus strike in 6th week.
  Dr. and Mrs. H. S. Hutchison and Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Hutchison observe 25th wedding anniversary.
  Rev. H. C. Thompson new Taylorstown United Presbyterian minister.
June 21.
  Bus strike settled after 7 weeks.
  Mrs. Lina Newland died June 16.
  Sgt. L. Richard killed at Ft. Benning, Ga.
  D. M. Campsey new Lions president 250 attend WAHS Reunion.
June 28.
  Jas. W. Matthews died in Texas.
  A. W. Danley, West Finley died June 27.
  Mrs. O. F. Wise died June 28.
  Borough Dam opened for fishing.
  Miss Jean Sutherland named director on New England Camp.
  Plane landed on Carpenter farm near West Alexander, slightly injured.
July 5.
  CPO Ralph Church sailed for Bikin Atom Bomb test, Mt. Hope church building raised.
  Jean Lysle, John Burrow married in New York, June 28.
  Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Jackson observed 58th wedding anniversary.
  Dr. Fleming Brown, named Chemistry Professor at Bethany.
July 12.
  Boots Warrell injured at baseball game.
  Coon Island school closed after one hundred forty-five years service.
  Allundis pool room sold to Milliken and Stewart.
  Plans for new filtration plant to be completed Aug. 1.
  Mrs. Wray Guess wins grange spelling bee.
  Annual home coming at West Alexander Presbyterian church.
July 19.
  2 rooms added to school building using old gym.
  Mrs. Sydney George died July 16.
  David P. Berry died July 18.
  Robert Hilton takes position with Netherlands Airlines.
  W. A. Braider, Denver, Colo. sold famous T-Bone Ranch.
  Rev. A. H. Pearson accepts call to Taylorstown Christian church.

  Mr. and Mrs. John H. Miller entertained at a Christmas dinner the following:
  Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McClellan, Mr. and Mrs. Todd Scott, Mr. and Mrs. 
Clay Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller, George and Kathy Miller, and Mrs. Gaylord Miller.
  Mr. and Mrs. John Stanley and daughter, Susan, were dinner guests Monday evening, at the 
home of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Miller.
  Clifford McNutt left last week-end to spend some time with his mother, Mrs. Maude McNutt, in 
Bradenton, Fla.
Weir Warrell, of Steubenville, O., spent Christmas with his mother, Mrs. John Warrell and family, 
east of town.
  Mr. and Mrs. Clare Eisenhart and daughter, Gretchen of York, are spending the holidays 
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Campsey, Birch Street.
  Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clutter are enroute home from Honolulu P. L., to visit with his mother, 
Mrs. Margaret Clutter, Prosperity Road.
  Kenneth Grandstaff, of Zanesville, O., spent the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey 
Grandstaff and family. 
  Those from out of town attending the funeral of Arthur Cozad were:
  Mr. and Mrs. David Wotring, Mr. and Mrs. Parker Ayersman, Mrs. C. J. Hooton, Mrs. John Shaffer, 
Mrs. R. E. Dean, and children, Richard, John, Harry and Dean, all of Rowlesburg, W. Va., 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wotring and Mr. and Mrs. Luther Wotring, of Cumberland, Md., Dr. and Mrs. 
Eldon B. Tucker, Sr., of Morgantown, W. Va., Dr. Eldon Tucker, Jr., of Morgantown, W. 
Va., Mrs. James Lewis of Crafton, Pa., James Wotring of Kingwood, W. Va., and Mr. and Mrs.
John Griffith, of Uniontown, Pa.
  Miss Emma Milligan, of Washington, D. C., spent the Christman weekend with her mother, Mrs. Lulu 
Milligan and family.
  Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sprowls, of Baltimore, Md., spent the holidays with his parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. Wylie Sprowls, Church street.
  Bill Curtis, student at Bradley University in Indiana, is visiting with his parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. Paul Curtis, Elm Street.
  Mrs. Kathryn Smith, Mrs. Birdie Smith and son, David, of Mt. Lebanon and Mr. and Mrs. T. G. 
Miller of McDonald, spent Christmas with editor and Mrs. Melvin.
  Mrs. A. B. Cozad accompanied her daughter, Miss Florence Cozad, Wickenburg, Ariz., where 
she will spend the winter.
  They will be accompanied by Mrs. Margaret Sawhill. J. A. MacCartney and son, Stewart of 
Detroit, Mich., are spending the holidays with his father, J. C. MacCartney.
  Mrs. L. S. Lindsay spent the Christmas holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woodburn of Imperial, Pa.
  Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Egan of West Alexander, Pa., and Finley Ferrell, spent Christmas with 
Thomas Stillwagen and daughter, Elizabeth, The Meadows.
  Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller and family of Wolfdale, Pa., spent Christmas with his mother, Mrs. 
C.S. Miller and family, Bell Avenue.
  Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Griffith of Church street, spent Christmas with their daughter and husband, 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Welsh of Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Reaney and son Richard of Somerset, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morrow 
and son, Kenneth of Greensburg, Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Morrow of Meadow Lands, Pa., 
spent Christmas with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Morrow, Main street.
  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Brownlee and son, Richard of Piqua, O., spent Christmas with their 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Burig and Mr. and Mrs. F. L.Brownlee.
  Mr. and Mrs. George S. Montgomery and children of Troy, O., spent Christmas with his 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George S. Montgomery, Sr. 
  Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Adrian were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Adrian and son, 
Kenneth; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tush and children and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Locke and family of 
Stockport, O. 
  Mr. and Mrs. Russell Locke and family of Stockport, O., are spending a few days with Mr. and 
Mrs. John D. Adrian.
  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sprowls of Pittsburgh, spent Christmas with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. 
H. V. Sprowls and Mrs. Lillian Cain.
  W. A. Carroll, R. A. Brownlee and James R. Plants left Tuesday morning for a bird hunting 
trip to Georgia.
  Leslie Kerns is home on furlough from the army for the Christmas holidays.
  Pvt. Frank Smith spent a holiday furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Smith, 
Donegal Plan.
  Ray Chess has received his discharge from the Army and is now employed by Charles G. Roney.
  Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Pratt of West Union, spent Christmas in the home of their daughter and 
husband, Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Miller of Elm Street.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Church of Columbus, O., and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Clutter and son Bobby of 
Cleveland, O., spent Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Church and with his mother, 
Mrs. Anna Clutter.

Miss Joan Finnefrock and Louis Gardei 
Engaged Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Finnefrock, 210 East Sixth Street, Oil City, announce the 
engagement of their daughter, Joan to Louis Gardei, son of Mrs. Genevieve Gardei, Claysville.  
No date has been set for the wedding.
  Miss Finnefrock was graduated from Oil City High School in  1946. As a World War II 
Veteran, he spent two years in the United States Navy.
  Both young people are students at Edinboro State Teacher's College.
  Pneumonia Fatal To Duncan M. Haddow, Ill.
  Duncan Murdock Haddow, III, five-month-old son of Duncan Murdocck and Flora Montgomery 
Haddow, Jr., Washington, Pa. died at the Washington Hospital, Saturday, December 25, 1948, 
at 8 p.m. following an illness of pneumonia. He was born in Washington, PA., July 12, 
1948. Besides his parents he leaves a sister, Christina Fergudson. Funeral services were 
held in the Brownlee Funeral Home, Tuesday, December 28, 1948, at 2 p.m. Interment was in 
the Claysville cemetery.

Cora E. Mitchell 73
Died in Washington
  Miss Cora E. Mitchell, 73, died at her home 410 Wilson Avenue, Washington, Pa. Friday, December 
24, 1948, after a short illness. She was born in Claysville, September 25, 1875, a daughter 
of James M. and Mary Ellen Wolf Mitchell. For a number of years she was engaged as housekeeper 
for the late William Horn and Alonzo Clemens, near S. Bridge and following their deaths she 
moved to her late home in Washington, Pa. She is survived by the following nieces and nephews:  
Stella E. Craig, wife of J. L. Craig Washington, Pa., Paul R. Mitchell, Madeline McEvily,
Betty O. Mahoney and Jean Mitchell, all of Pittsburg, Pa., and Mildred Diehm of Peoria, Ill., 
also a sister-in-law, Mrs. Frank Mitchell, of Pittsburgh, Pa. Funeral services were held at 
the Deabout and Barnhill Funeral Home,Washington, Pa., Monday, December 27, 1948, at 3 p.m.  
Interment was in Claysville 

Additional Personals
  Mrs. C. B. Jackson was a dinner guest on Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. H. H.Brownlee.
  Mrs. Belle Morris, Prosperity Road, is ill of the flu.
  G. A. Buchanan is confined to his bed this week ill of the flu.
  Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Jones entertained at dinner last Sunday for Capt. and Mrs. W. E. Henderson 
of San Antonio, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Earnest A. Roberts and daughter, Peggy of Sewickley; 
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Jones and Miss Freda Jones.
  Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery and family of Lexington, O., spent Christmas with her parents, 
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Egan, Bell Avenue.
  Mrs. Lee Hedge was removed to the Washington Hospital, Wednesday for observation and 
  James A. Stewart, 69, died at his home, Petroleum Avenue at 6 p.m., Thursday, December 
30, 1948, following an illness of several years. He was born in Buffalo township, near Buffalo 
Mills, January 14, 1879, a son of the late William H. and Sarah Ann Alexander Stewart. When the
family moved to Claysville, he attended the local schools and following graduation, went into 
the milling business which his brothers, Andrew, Henry, Charles were operating after the 
death of their father. He was the last of the Stewart Brothers to operate the mill after 
the death of Henry and Andrew and the retirement of Charles.

1952 in REVIEW
   A Chronological Service of the Events of 1952 taken from the Files of the Recorder.
Jan 4.
  5 injured in New Year crash west of town;
  Mrs. R. A. Burns observed 85th birthday; 
  Dr. Chester Szmal will practice here; 
  3 injured in cattle truck upset west of town;
  CHS basketball team lost to Waynesburg, 65-47;
  increased postal rates effective Jan. 1; 
  Betty Hamilton, West Alexander, Robert Beatty wed. Jan. 11.
  S. D. White business leader died Jan. 4;
  D. M. Campsey re-elected council president;
  G. W. Strauss retires from West Penn after 21 years;
  Leona Burdett, Dale Richmond, wed;
  Helen Waiter, James L. Dixon, West Alexander, wed;
  Mr. and Mrs. J. P. McC ? observe 50th anniversary;
  West Alexander basketball team "makes" Sun-Tele.
Jan. 18.
  Wanda Carroll, Louis Scheffer, wed;
  Dr. W. E. Noble award star farmer degree;
  Ida May Cothran, Samuel Moore, wed;
  Helen Kelly, John Farrell, wed;
  CHS students attend state farm show; O. G. Masteller heads Ogelby Nature group;
  Louanna Rhoades, Robert Fleet, wed.
Jan. 25.
  Mrs Ellen Edgar, died Jan. 24;
  David C. Dailey, died Jan. 17;
  Boy Scout Charter presented;
  Aretas Ruth re-enlists in Navy Nurse Corps;
  Bus Wilson, Bill Amos enlisted in Air Crops;
  Auto driving learner's permits now $4;
  Mrs Carrie C. Hunt, died in Washington;
  West Alexander Fireman's Banquet; 
  B. & O. commemorative stamp to be issued.
Feb. 1.
  E. L. McCormick, Dunn Station, granted patent on sawmill machine;
  Mrs. Margaret Sprowls, West Finley, 75 yrs. C. E. member;
  Ruth Hoag, Robert McCullough engaged;
  George Palmer, Frank Smith meet in Korea;
  Catherine Noble Masick died in Cleveland, O.;
  Eliza Stricklin died Jan 24;
  Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Myers observes anniversary;
  West Alexander negotiating for Water supply;
  Dr. C. J. Szmal named West Liberty physician;
  Margaret E. Hodgens,Taylorstown, died;
  Claysville's big fire 30 years ago Jan. 31, 1922.
(new page)
Feb. 8.
  Carl Sandburg to speak at W. & J.;
  Scouts and Cubs observe anniversary;
  CHS Band concert;
  Rev. J. Lynn Howe died;
  West Alexander PA observe Founderd's Day;
  Master's degree presented to E. William Vensel, posthumously.
Feb. 15.
  Harry I. Knox, named ag. supervisor; Sacred Heart Catholic church renovated;
  Joseph Blair named Scoutmaster at West Alexander;
  R. J. Haberlen named to state school committee;
  Mrs. William Logsdon, Taylorstown died.
Feb. 22.
  Joe Fallow, the "Heart Fund" wheelbarrow man stopped here;
  CHS students win in Washington art exhibit;
  Lions Club basketball tournament announced;
  WPIAL tourney opens Monday;
  Sen. Martin announces for re-election;
  A. J. McGlumphy died;
  J. A. McCoy died;
  J. G. Hunter elected president of West Alexander Fair;
  Dr. Szmal opens office in West Alexander;
 Oretta Wright, Alvin Dillie engaged.
Feb. 29.
  Stewart Brothers to build motel;
  Revival service at Zion Church;
  E. A. Chamber bought G. S. Montgomery property;
  Claysville Juvenile Grange installation.
Mar. 7.
  Forest Allison died Mar. 2;
  Little League Baseball to be started here;
  Mrs. Susan Ealy died;
  Dr. W. E. Noble honored for 27 years service;
  Rev. H. M. Pape to Alaska;
  Recorder to print at 8 pages 425 out of West Alex. School due to illness;
  Frank B. Gould died;
  CHS and WAHS school employees take loyalty oath.
Mar. 14.
  Lions tourney attracting crowds;
  Charles E. Gunther dead;
  Barbara Sprowls dancing in N.Y.;
  Taft and Truman will be candidates;
  Lt. Andrew Hare wounded in Korea;
  2 injured in crash near West Alexander;
  Dr. L. F. Noble died in Boston.
Mar. 21.
  Arthur A. Morrow, Samoan chief justice;
  John L. Miller, West Finley, dead;
  Independents win Lions tourney;
  West Alexander students in Wheeling recital;
  Farewell party for Mrs. Gribben;
  Perry Polen, died.
Mar. 28.
  Pickets bomb truck at Hancher's in truck war;
  Mrs. J. E. Kilgore, died;
  Ed Sittler announces for congress;
  Okey E. Sprowls died;
  Cyrus F. Sprowls, dead;
  Berta Wright reports first daffodils;
  District streams being stocked;
  Karry Bly died Mar. 23;
  Suzanne Meglick, Wallace Henderson to wed;
  Miss Nettie Know, died.
April 4.
  WPIAL tourney pairings listed;
  CHS chorus to give Easter cantata;
  Marvin Hartzell injured;
  Mildred Glunt, Pete McNutt to wed;
  R. L. Reed gets honorary F F A degree;
  Albert T. Grandstaff died;
  John H. Hupp died in West Alexander, April 2;
  Mary L. Diana;
  Jessop Steel written up in Colliers;
  April 11, Edward M. Canan, died;
  Little League founded here, officers elected;
  Boro on Daylight time;
  Mrs. Nora Wright died;
  Farm show prizes received by students;
  Churches plan Easter services;
  West Alex. P. T. A., names officers;
  Districts S. S.  Convention at (page 8) West Alex. Apr. 20.
April 18.
  William Daugherty died April 15;
  Little League choose names;
  CHS Art Exhibit opens next week;
  T. E. Pattison died Apr. 13;
  Fred Tustin killed flying kite;
  F. M. Hutchison died in Huston, Tex.;
  WAHS Style Show was success;
  Katherine Milliken, Earl Bowman wed;
  Charles Yoders, 81, dead;
  WAHS seniors give play.
April 25.
  H.V. Sprowls, veteran auto dealer, died Apr 24;
  Tuesday's primary election brought out only half vote;
  5 injured in Route 40 crash;
  Mrs. Ida Sampson broke wrist in fall;
  Mrs. J. R. McNinch home from S. America;
  Sara Kaufman injured in school accident;
  Meglick-Henderson wedding;
  Regina Hartzell, H. B. Kimmel to wed;
  Carolyn Day Andrew, died;
  J. C. McCleery candidate for legislature.
May 2--
  Lou Rae Gunn, Mac McCrerey are King and Queen at CHS;
  Miss Maude Miller, died Apr. 26;
  James Milton to sing at Oglebay;
  Taylorstown U.P. calls student pastor;
  Little League Season announced;
  Farewell party for Nelan family;
  Organ dedicated to Dr. Frank Fish.
May 9--
  Tax levy set at 15 mills;
  Sue O'Brien, John Miller, wed;
  Jack Mounts pitched no-run no-hit game;
  Dr. O. P. Henderson died May 6;
  Clyde Warrell injured eye in accident;
  Claysville Fair dates set;
  Damage light in rainstorm;
  Andrew McPherson died May 8;
  Mrs. L. C. Gray broke hip in fall;
  Mrs. Albert Morrow died May 4,
  John Turk died May 5.
  West Alexander U.P. Church steeple struck by lightning.
May 16--
  Managers, Umpires named for Little League;
  W. D. Boder, Jr., new pastor at U.P. church, 
  Stephen B. Day died May 15, 
  Catherine Barbara, __died May 9;
  Mrs. Jane Moore, died May 14,
  W. S. Bebout, Camp Joy owner, died May 9.
  May 23--
  Memorial plans completed;
  Mrs. J. M. Burroughs died May 22;
  Mrs. Willis Livingood died May 19;
  Mrs. Nora Hindman died May 12;
  Mrs. Lina Sprowls died May 22;
  store, garage entered here;
  Dr. W. H. Crambett resigned at Bethany commencement activities scheduled;
  Mrs. S. O. Armstrong died May 17;
  Nelson Montgomery killed in mine accident;
  St. Martin Ely home from Germany.
May 30--
  60th CHS Commencement 55 graduate;
  Little League schedule announced;
  J. M. McKee died May 28;
  Mrs. William McKeag died May 27;
  Gene Sprowls, Flora Parasks wed;
  Shirley McCrery, Capt. H. Lawler to wed;
  Mrs. Grace Young died May 25;
  Judge Carson, West Alexander Memorial speaker;
  Rev. Meeder comes to West Alexander Presbyterian church.
June 6--
  B. & O. Freight house here dismantled;
  G. H. Field, veteran mail carrier, died June 1;
  Ed Tague veteran oil man, died May 30;
  John Anderson retired from bank;
  2 new teachers for CHS;
  Little League opened in Taylorstown;
  Daunice Varner died May 31,
  Miss Elizabeth Mehaffey died June 4;
  35 graduated from WAHS;
  Phoebe Archer, Robert Braddock wed, June 13;
  Jacob L. Sprowls died June 6,
  Forest W. Mumper died June 11;
  Patricia Mahoney injured in wreck;
  Little League season opened here;
  57th annual county SS convention;
  W. A. Boder, Jr., Bill Curtis, Bob McCullough received college degrees;
  Spencer A. Owen died June 22;
  Oscar H. Postlewait died June 6;
  Patricia Iams, Charles Kink to wed.
June 20--
  Mrs. Clark C. Sprowls died June 13;
  Mrs. W. H. Stickles died June 16;
  Mary Louise Carson, Rev. C. E. Hammett, wed;
  Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Boonewed 58 years;
  Romaine Jackson, John Radoswic wed;
  Baptist SS Class has 24th anniversary;
  New catalog for this year's West Alexander Fair, June 27;
  Mrs. Alice Jennings killed in accident;
  Ada McCleery, (incomplete)

Claysville, Pa, 
Thursday, May 16, 1974
Vol. 86 No. 7. 15 cents
 page one:
American Legion 
Memorial Services 
Start Sunday Night
Under the sponsorship 
of the James R. Hunt 
Post 639, American Legion, citizens of Claysville and surrounding areas are planning to 
commemorate the memory of the deceased war veterans with appropriate ceremonies 
beginning on May 19 and ending on Memorial Day, May 27. Commander Carl Maggi Jr., in 
announcing plans for the occasion, asked all the organizations and the individuals of the 
community to cooperate in making this year's program the most successful. Memorial services 
in the Legion Home at 8:00 p.m., followed by Post Everlast Services at 9:00 p.m. Sunday, 
May 19, will be initial services in a series of eight planned to pay honor to the men of the 
area who made the supreme sacrifice for their country. The Post Everlasting services will be 
in memory of the following men:
  Carl Archer, Carl Munce, Lester Clark, Henry Whitt, Leonard Zediker and Frank McClellan. 
Rev. Lewis Bedell will deliver the Memorial Message and Rev. G. M. Sayre will give the Benediction.  
Music will be by the Claysville Baptist Church.
Sunday afternoon, May 26, the Legion will conduct services at the West Finley Cemetery at 2:00 
o'clock the afternoon.
  On the following morning. Memorial Day, reveille will be sounded at the Legion Home in 
Claysville at 6:30 a.m.
  This will be followed by breakfast being served in the Legion Home at 7:00.
  At 9:30, services will be held at Purviance Cemetery. The Annual Memorial Day Parade 
will begin at 10:00 a.m. with the entourage gathering at the Claysville Cemetery.
  The Memorial Day ceremonies will be culminated with lunch being served at the Legion Home.
Three pictures:
  98 Years of Medical Service
Everyone Invited to Doc's Day
  Doc's Day Appreciation Dinner tickets are sold out, but there will be plenty of room at 
the McGuffey High School auditorium for those who wish to attend the community program 
honoring the three local doctors.
  The program, in which local residents and friends of the three physicians participate in, will 
take place following the dinner, Saturday night June 1 at 8:00 o'clock. The committee says there 
is a great amount of excitement about the upcoming event and from all expectations, there 
will be a large attendance for the program paying tribute to Dr. Harry S. Hutchison, Fred D. Large, 
and William A. Prideaux.
  This trio of outstanding professional men have contributed almost a century of dedicated 
service to the Claysville, West Alexander and surrounding communities.The program which 
is free to the public, will not only be entertaining, but will give the citizens of the 
area an opportunity to express their gratitude to these great men.
22 Couples Renew Wedding
Vows During Festival Ceremonies
  Twenty-two couples renewed their Marriage vows during the Sunday evening services of 
the Gretna Green Festival in conjunction with the National Pike Festival in West Alexander, 
May 5, 1974.
  Rev. R. Dawson Hopson, pastor of the United Methodist Church, and Rev. David A. Campbell of the 
United Presbyterian Church officiated. Couples signing the register and taking part 
in the wedding ceremony were:
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. McConn (Mary Hertig), October 18, 1940.
Mr. and Mrs. Telford W. Thomas (Philomena D'Vizio) December 11, 1965.
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gashel (Nancy Stout) January 12, 1951.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hays Stollar (Jean Fonner) December 14, 1954.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Elmer Martin (Mildred Sutherland) October 9, 1918.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reid (Marie Jenkins) April 26, 1923.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Colvin (Ester Verkleeren) November 25, 1933.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Marsh Dentzer (E. Mabel Coffield) June 11, 1938.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Reynolds (Lillian Ann Kunz) May 17, 1939.
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight R. Hunter (Rebecca Riggs) March 19, 1966.
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin N. Minor (Velma Myers) December 18, 1948.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Garrett Hunter (Adalyn Reed) May 16, 1936.
Mr. and Mrs. William Craig Reed (Evelyn Patricia Egan) February 27, 1954.
Mr. and Mrs. James Jenkins Reed (Mary Scherich) May 15, 1948.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Eugene Barthel (LaVerne Elizabeth Nusskern) June 30,1945.
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kinney (Josephine Harney) May 26, 1936.
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Campbell (Edith Miller) July 9, 1949.
Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Hopson (Esther Burkett) September 6, 1945.
Mr. and Mrs. John Morley (Mary Kathryn Reed).
Mr. and Mrs. James Deitt (Mildred).
  Fireman's Auxiliary to Meet May 20.
  The Ladies Auxiliary to the Claysville Volunteer Fire Department will hold its regular 
meeting one week earlier, on Monday, May 20, at 8:00 p.m. in the meeting room of the fire hall.
Members are asked to wear their old clothes in order to begin work on the Memorial Day float.
  The Social Committee for the meeting is Eloise Day, Hilda Danley, and Katherine Ealy.
The Drill Team of the James R. Hunt Post 639, American Legion will meet at the post home 
in Claysville, Friday evening, May 17, at 8:30 o'clock.  All members of the team are 
urged to attend this important meeting.
  Frank B. McClellan, life long resident of Claysville and former owner of the Claysville 
newsstand, died unexpectedly on Monday, May 6.
  Mr. McClellan was 65 at the time of his death in the Washington Hospital where he 
had been hospitalized for three days. He was born June 6, 1908 in Claysville, a son of 
Robert L. and Laura Gray McClellan. He was a member of the United Methodist Church of 
  He was a rural mail carrier out of Claysville for 28 years, retiring in 1960.
  Mr. McClellan was a veteran of World War II, serving with the U.S. Army. He was a member of 
the Claysville American Legion Post No. 639, McGuffey Senior Citizens, and the Claysville 
Cemetery Board. He was married February 9, 1947 to Nellie Allum who survives. Also surviving 
is a sister, Mrs. J.L. (Margaret) Derrow of Claysville.

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