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   James Mumpher is on the sick list.
   Miss Maude Blayney left Wednesday for Clinton, West Virginia to visit.

Coon Island
   Joel Blayney was a Washington visitor Tuesday.
   Charles Blayney, who has recently finished the medical course at Philadelphia.

   Hiram Chapman is paying his brothers and other friends the first visit in fourteen years.

   Mrs. Pearl Sprowls, of Waynesburg, visiting her parents, Sunday.

East Finley
   Jerry Mosier lost his fine shepherd dog recently by a large rail falling from a fence, striking the dog and breaking his neck.
   Dr. A.E. Sprowls, of West Alexander spent Monday with his parents.
   Miss Winona Sprowls visited friends in Washington, Saturday.
   Miss Nannie Ealy has returned from Zediker, where she had been for a few weeks.
   Reuben Stollar had a valuable horse to die on Tuesday.
   Mr. and Mrs. Mack Francis gave a birthday party in honor of their daughter, Miss Nellie, it being her 12th birthday, sixty-one guests sat down to a table laden with all sorts of good things. After dinner in a short address by Rev. L.B. Fosie, Miss Nellie was presented with many tokens of esteem by her numerous friends, who wish her many more happy birthdays.

Neighboring Notes
(From the West Alexander Call)
   Good Intent farmers are hauling coal from Bethany.
   Brice McCain began work on the foundation of W.P. Kimmons' new 6-room house last week.
   Henry Larimer had a deep gash cut in his head from being thrown from a load of hay.
   Miss Carrie Wetzel has returned from school at Cincinnati.
   H.O. Cronan, a member of an Ohio regiment that saw service in the battle of San Jaun, has been ordered for an examination before the pension board at Washington. He is employed on the B.B. Chaney farm.
   Mrs. Williams, of North Dakota visited West Alexander friends this week.
   James Chaney had his collar bone broken while scuffling with Bert Guess at Samuel Brownlee's Thursday afternoon last. They had been threshing and went to the barn for shelter from the storm. They were wrestling as a past-time while waiting for the storm to pass over.
   Grandma Carroll, of Beham, is visiting her son, James of near Burnsville. Mrs. Carroll is very sprightly for her 93 years.
   Joshua Ray has purchased 21 acres of ground from S.M. Trussell, of Dallas, and is putting up a new house.

Academy Students Reunion
   The committee who have in charge the arrangements for the reunion of the old Academy which is to be held on the old Academy grounds on Friday, August 24th, are working hard, and every thing indicated that the undertaking will be a success. The committee on invitation is: Mrs. Anna J. Craig, nee Ely, Mrs. J.F. Sutherland, nee Daugherty; and Mrs. W.B. Gilmore.
   Neat invitations have been printed and are being sent out by the committee. Persons who have names and addresses of any person or persons, male or female, who attended the Academy at any time will kindly send same to Mrs. Jennie Link, West Alexander, Pa., and a special invitation will be sent out to them.
   As the address of many of the students of the old academy is not known to the committee, papers copying the above will receive the thanks of the managers of the reunion.

   Miss Sue Campsey left last Friday to visit her school friend, Miss Mabel Thompson, out of St. Clairsville, O.
   Mrs. Simon White left Thursday morning for Mountain Lake Park.
   Dr. H.K. Chapman, of Cambridge, O., is visiting friends here and at Budaville.
   F.D. Martin of Duquesne, is expected home in a few days on a two weeks vacation.
   Marion Shaler has contracted to deliver 1,00 bushels of coal to the Independence township schools.
   G.W. Ferrell had quite a narrow escape for his life recently says the Wind Ridge correspondent of the Waynesburg Independent. He walked to the Bristor Rig, where he was attacked by a vicious sow, which he did not know was in the field. She threw him down and was upon him before he could escape. She tore his clothing and bit a piece about two inches square out of his leg. He got away from her after a desperate fight, but it was a close call. His leg has been giving him much pain, but is doing well at present. This makes the third or fourth person who has been attacked by the animal, but the others were more fortunate than Mr. Ferrell.
   The descendants of Abram and Nancy Montgomery held a reunion at the old homestead on Chatham street, West Liberty, July l9, this date being the 79th anniversary of their wedding. Abram Montgomery was born in Brownsville, in 1800, and his wife, Nancy Snelling, in Uniontown, in 1801. They were married in Steubenville, O., in 1821. Abram Montgomery died in 1881 and Nancy Montgomery in 1885.
   here union was blessed with four boys, three of whom are living--John H., old Wheeling; Joseph E., ex-mayor of Wellsburg; William E., of West Liberty; and six daughters, four of whom are living--Mrs. H.M. Curtis, of West Liberty; Mrs. A.E. Williams, of Sistersville; Mr. C.J. Keenan, of Claysville; and Mrs. Ollie Bottsford, of Wheeling. There are 54 grandchildren living and 10 dead, 60 great-grandchildren living and 10 dead, and 11 great-great-grandchildren living and two dead. There were present 72 when the call was given "Come to dinner." The tables were spread in the yard under the old apple trees and were loaded with all the substantials and delicacies of the season, and all brought good appetites to enjoy them. Before thanks were given, all joining in singing, the appropriate song, "Home Sweet Home." Fortunately all were through with dinner before the refreshing shower fell. After dinner most of the guests went to the cemetery to see the graves of the old folks who are now awaiting them on the other side. It is not often God in his goodness allows 60 years of married life. At their golden wedding anniversary every child but one was living and all were present but Mrs. Williams. An odd coincidence was a grandson and namesake. Abram Montgomery, of Wellsburg, and Amelia Combs were married July 19, 1898, just 67 years after the grandfather's wedding.

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