Thomas Hughes of Greene Co. Pa.

From pp. 205, "The Tenmile Country And Its Pioneer Families," by Howard L. Leckey:

"Thomas Hughes was born May 5, 1749, in Loudon County, Virginia, a son of Felix and Cynthia (Kaighn) Hughes, natives of Donegal, Ireland, who settled in Virginia about 1739. He was a grandson of Thomas and Briget (O'Neil) Hughes. Tradition says that Thomas Hughes took to the Wilderness at an early age and became a roving hunter. This may be true, or he may be confused with his uncle, Thomas Hughes, who was indeed a famous hunter. But it is evident that Thomas Hughes took acquired an early education in woodcraft, for his later experiences on the frontier, and his seeming disregard of danger from raiding Indians, could only have been the result of his early training. He had the advantage of a good education, which was later to aid him in business and politics. After settling at Jefferson, which he helped lay out on a part of his land, he entered a variety of interests, such as milling, distilling, farming, and tanning. He was one of the first to recognize the importance of the coal outcroppings in his locality, and put his slaves to work at mining this product. From them he demanded a certain amount of production, which when attained, was rewarded with freedom...When Thomas Hughes first came to the Tenmile Country, he settled at what is known as the "Old Town" at Carmichaels, but on July 24, 1780, he deeded this tract of land to James Carmichaels, who is reported to have lived at the site of Jefferson at the time. Sale of this land is reported in Washington County Deed Books, but no sale from Carmichaels to Hughes is on the record to confirm the tradition he obtained a warrant for 175 acres under the title of "Partridge Harbour," where on he was later to lay out a portion of a town which he called Jefferson. Then on September 4, 1790, he bought another tract across the Tenmile from his patented land, from Isaac and Hannah (Bowen) Heaton. The Heatons and Thomas Hughes were of different political beliefs, with Colonel John Heaton a strong supporter of Alexander Hamilton. Colonel Heaton became the owner of a tract of land next west of Thomas Hughes and he proceeded also to lay out a number of lots, calling his own town Hamilton. A bitter controversy raged between the two men which was not shared by the people, who had settled in the village which sprang up between the two plans, and they gave the name of Harmony to their section. This feud must have only extended to the political lives of the two men for the family intermarried in private life...On February 20, Thomas Hughes married Elizabeth Swan Go to, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Lucas) Swan, with whom the Hughes Family had made their journey to the Tenmile. She was born in Maryland on February 28, 1751, and died at Jefferson in 1825. Thomas Hughes died there February 4, 1823. They are buried in the old Presbyterian Cemetery, west of the stone house built by Thomas Hughes, and their markers are readable. A section of this old cemetery in a corner next to the church, was set aside by Thomas Hughes for the burial of his slaves, whose huts stood a little to the north of the cemetery...Much of the family history of Thomas Hughes is found in the well preserved Swan-Hughes Bible, which was passed down to his wife. We are indebted to M. Marie Perrin Lemley of Los Angeles, for locating the Swan-Hughes Bible at the home of Thomas Hughes of Palms, California. Mrs. Lemley, a direct descendant of Thomas Hughes, began a genealogy of the Hughes Family many years ago, and much of the record of the family is taken from her files. She graciously shared it with the writer. Mrs. Lemley now lived at Long Beach, California." I would very much like to make contact with any of her descendants, who might still be living. Please Contact Me at address listed below!

The Thomas Hughes Family as found on pp 207, of above mentioned book. More info on these family lines can be found in subsequent pages of the book:


5. Martha Hughes, born May 11, 1781, died October 31, 1857, married June 6, 1799, Barnet O'Neil, born April 23, 1776, died September 15, 1869. He was a son of Barnet O'Neil, Sr., who died about 1779, leaving sons Barnet and Henry and a daughter Sarah O'Neil.

Family of Barnet and Martha (Hughes) O'Neil
11. Remembrance O'Neil, born July 9, 1822; married (1), March 21, 1844, Eleanor Thomas, born 4-May.1824, {{daughter of Joshua and Catherine (Livengood) Thomas}}. (My Line)After her death he married, July 29, 1866, Mary Neff, born March 10, 1832. To see more on this Thomas Line Go to
The Children of Remembrance and Eleanor (Thomas) O'Neil:
(Is unkonwn if he and second wife had children.
6. Ellen O'Neil, born March 21, 1853; married, May 11, 1872, Spencer Blatchey Huffman, born September 26, 1847, died February 5, 1899, son of Joseph and Sarah (Hunt) Huffman.(My Line)

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